The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6871-6872

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6871-6872-With the Demon God, Taiyi, Taiyue Emperor and Qianlong attacking at the same time, besieging the Qingxu in the rage, immediately let the qi in the array fly sideways, the light swept wildly, and the spreading qi waves were endless, impacting the wall of the array all the time.

The four top powerhouses shot at the same time, and they could almost destroy the entire acquired world, even if they were as strong as Qingxu, they were almost collapsed by the continuous offensive while being entangled in countless Dao runes, and vomited blood again and again.

“He must be severely injured before the Dao Talisman disappears. “It’s too easy to suddenly spread the voice of the other three gods.

In the next second, the four top powerhouses occupied the four corners with the furious Qingxu as the center, and at the same time sacrificed their strongest supernatural powers to impact the Qingxu together.

The four terrifying powers came at the same time, and Qingxu raised his head again and let out a hysterical roar under the entanglement of countless Dao runes, and was quickly imprisoned.

“A bunch of tile dogs and ants, if it weren’t for this damn charm, you would all have to die. In the midst of the pain, Qingxu was still screaming and cursing wildly, twisting and struggling, like a trapped beast furious.

The four top powerhouses didn’t have time to quarrel with him, and since they were imprisoned, they increased their strength and qi levels one after another, and tried their best to control the situation.

In fact, all they can do is control the situation and delay time, because they all know very well that whether it is a single battle or a joint effort, it is impossible to kill Qingxu.

Because the difference in strength was too great, if it weren’t for Qingxu being trapped by the countless Dao talismans drawn by Jiang Chen with the Void Neon Pen, they would probably not even be able to get close.

Therefore, in this level of power confrontation, both sides have almost tried their best, and they are consuming all the cultivation powers of the other party.

It’s up to whoever can make it to the end and who is likely to be the real winner.

However, I don’t know how long it took, in the array, a dazzling purple gold light suddenly appeared, turning into a beautiful shadow, and it suddenly appeared on the edge of the confrontation between the four powerhouses and Qingxu.

She looked at the scene with a shocking look on her beautiful face.

“Zhenyi, come and help me. Qingxu spotted her first and shouted, “As long as you help me get rid of these damn Dao talismans on my body, I can kill these despicable ants.”

As soon as his words fell, Taiyi immediately spoke.

“Zhenyi Dao Emperor, we are Dao friends who live and die together, whether it is for Jiang Chen or the entire acquired world, you should be on our side.

“Fart. Qingxu roared angrily: “Zhenyi, don’t forget, I have the people you care about the most, if I die, you don’t want to see them again.”

“True Billion Dao Emperor, Qingxu is a despicable and shameless person. Qianlong shouted: “Do you believe his words too?”

Listening to the fact that both parties were pulling themselves together, the True Billion Dao Emperor at this moment twitched his beautiful cheeks, full of anxiety.

She was looking for Jiang Chen’s figure, but after investigating everything here, there was no news.

She doesn’t know how to choose now, the six gods have no master.

On one side is a like-minded friend who shares life and death, and on the other side, she is the most important person who controls her.

She didn’t want to betray her friends and Jiang Chen, nor did she want to lose her most important person, at this time, she was the real dilemma.

“Zhenyi, you have already betrayed Jiang Chen once. Qingxu roared angrily and shouted: “Do you think that with his personality of retribution, he will spare you?”

“If you dare to hesitate again, I will immediately use the Yuan Shen to kill the people you care about the most.

As soon as these words came out, Emperor Zhenyi Dao’s delicate body trembled, and he hurriedly waved his hand: “No, don’t ……”

“Kill them. Qingxu gritted his teeth and shouted: “They have tried their best to trap me now, and they can’t make any counterattack, you just need to give each of them a sword in the back, and they will …… immediately.”

“No, I don’t. Emperor Zhenyi Dao shook his head in pain: “They are my Taoist friends, my friends!!”

“Dog minions. Qingxu was furious: “Don’t forget your own identity, this emperor counts to three, if you dare to disobey, …… immediately”

“No, don’t. Emperor Zhenyi Dao yelled hysterically: “I’ll do it, I’ll do it right away.”

As she spoke, she soared into the air, revealing a glittering sword in the void.

“Emperor Zhenyidao. Emperor Taiyue shouted angrily: “Do you really want to listen to the demagogy of this shameless man?”

“Stupid goddess with no brains. The demon god snorted coldly and shouted: “You are a spirit of gasification, you have no parents above, no children below, except for my brother Jiang, what other person do you care about, and you are subject to him?”

“Emperor Zhenyi Dao, you have to think clearly. Qianlong also said anxiously: “We are all supporters of the Supreme Soul Emperor, you kill us, it is equivalent to killing the Supreme Soul Emperor, do you really want to see ……?”

“I don’t want to see it. Emperor Zhenyi Dao whimpered and shouted: “But I can’t help it, I have to save them, because they have suffered too much for me, without them, there would be no me now.” As he spoke, the True Billion Dao Emperor in the void cried loudly.

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry for you, I really can’t help it, so if you want to blame me, blame me for being ruthless and unjust, incorruptible and shameless.

As she spoke, she quickly turned into a ray of light, and first stabbed her sword into the back of the hidden dragon.

With a snort, the hidden dragon trembled, and suddenly a mouthful of blood spurted out, and even the black and white qi level that hit the void was instantly terminated.

“Hidden Dragon!” the Demon God immediately roared angrily.

Taiyi and Emperor Taiyue were also taken aback, but before they could speak, they saw that Qingxu, who lacked a force to confine him, suddenly spun rapidly, and his whole body burst out with an even more terrifying black and white light.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

Under the five crisp sounds, whether it was the four powerhouses or the True Billion Dao Emperor, they were all quickly shaken away by the black and white light spread by the Clear Void.

Spinning and soaring into the sky, the Dao talisman wrapped around Qingxu’s body was also shattered under the impact of the rapidly spreading black and white light.

“Hahahahaha. Under the wild laughter, Qingxu was like a trapped dragon going out to sea, swinging a few black and white sword lights in the void, and quickly swept around.

In the muffled sound of puff, the four powerhouses who had just been shocked to the ground each had a few more black and white shining divine swords, which went straight into their flesh.

Whether it was Tai Yi or Emperor Taiyue, or Qianlong, they all showed a look of extreme despair at this moment.

They originally thought that they would be able to hold on until Jiang Chen devoured the One Creation God, but they never thought that the appearance of the True Billion Dao Emperor would become a huge variable.

“Ants, it’s time to finish. Qingxu roared in wild laughter: “Since you want to accompany Jiang Chen to die, then go to the road of death first to explore the way for him.”

As he spoke, he flipped his hands, and several huge palm prints fell with a bang.

“No, don’t. Emperor Zhenyi Dao cried and pounced on Taiyi and Emperor Taiyue.

And at this moment, the demon god grabbed the hidden dragon and rushed straight into the thick gray cloud of the void.

“If you want to run, there is no way. Qingxu let out a loud shout, and shot a lightsaber again, heading straight for the demon god who was flying into the air.

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