The Girl Come Back is Super (Completed)

The Girl Come Back is Super

The house had white walls and black tiles, giving it an old-fashioned look. Near the three-story building in the countryside stood a black off-road vehicle. As word got out that the troublesome Nikita was leaving, the villagers flocked to the little, deserted building to see her go. Word on the street was that her biological parents had shown there to whisk her away to the metropolis. The locals were relieved since they thought Nikita was a bad luck charm. Fearing for their safety, the locals scattered as Nikita stepped out of the home.

The scene was unsettling to Damon, who had been waiting outside nervously. A man with a bag approached him; he was Nikita. The man had a light blue pair of jeans and a white shirt. Damon discovered that, beneath her seemingly flawless exterior, she had a difficult history of fighting and class skipping, which had a negative impact on her academic achievement. Damon had his doubts about her brains and saw her beauty as her sole strength.

He mockingly suggested that her cumbersome rucksack was superfluous as he berated it. Looked into Damon’s eyes, though, and Nikita felt uneasy and detected an evil presence. He was so captivated by her presence that he stayed silent and begged her to go back to the car to be with Mrs. Swift. Unenthusiastic and emotionless, Nikita directed her gaze towards the closed window, appearing prepared to see her long-lost relatives without showing any signs of enthusiasm….

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