Triplets on Secret Mission

Molly May became pregnant six years ago, unaware of how it happened, even though she was single at the time. She ended herself in disgrace and her family forsook her because of it. She came back six years later with Claudia, Ben, and Alex, who were triplets. Sean Anderson was identified as the biological father of the intelligent triplets. Therefore, they secretly met with him without informing their mother. He had children, but the CEO would not acknowledge them. I have never had any kind of sexual interaction with a lady in my whole life. “DNA doesn’t lie, and that’s a fact,” said Alex, the oldest among them. “Once men put on pants, they’ll forget what they did,” the saying goes. As far as the middle child Ben could tell, it appeared to be real. Claudia, the youngest, reminded her brother that he should be thankful and pleased to have a lovely wife and three lovely children. Although Sean’s bond with the triplets deepened as he took on the role of father, he remained distant from his wife. Therefore, he learned how to approach ladies with confidence from his triplets, including how to steal kisses, propose, and make daring advances. Still, his actions disturbed Molly. “A skilled male escort would have such charming abilities.” “You are the ‘escort.’ Your entire family are ‘escorts!'” Sean shot back when his identity was eventually exposed.

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