Lock You In My Heart

Lock You In My Heart


A fortuitous encounter united an enchanting lady and an aloof gentleman. Initially, it appeared that they were not well-suited for each other. Lyla and Joshua divorced shortly after their marriage.


After a span of three years, Lyla reappeared as a resilient and self-reliant individual, possessing a notable lineage and a deep affection for her twin children.


Joshua made multiple attempts to contact his former spouse, but all of his efforts were unsuccessful. While she was happily smiling and enjoying a glass of red wine, he suddenly appeared and forcefully pushed her against a pillar.


The unattainable star Lyla was formerly wedded to was now positioned before her akin to a valueless stone. He softly said in her ear, “At last, you have returned!”


Following a hard kiss, Lyla promptly pulled him aside and cast a stern gaze onto him.

“Joshua, have you gone insane?” Allow me to reiterate that we have been legally separated for a considerable period of time. Please maintain a distance from me!

Joshua was astonished as his mouth fell open in disbelief.

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