Julians Stand-In Wife

Julians Stand-In Wife

After three years of marriage, Diana Winnington was able to fulfill her desire to become pregnant; her husband indulged her in a variety of ways. On the other hand, when she presented the man with the pregnancy test, all he did in response was declare her divorce.

With a sneer, Julian Fulcher declared, “I will never allow my child to be conceived by another woman!” Her confusion was palpable. “Why is that?” He responded to her in a manner that was resolute and unwavering. “I have never even loved you!” In the end, it was revealed that she was the lone fool in the entire globe! She was under the impression that this man had a profound love for her.

Her face, which was similar to the face of another woman, was the one thing that he loved about her. The divorce document was signed without delay and without any hesitation by her, and she pledged that she would never see him again! On the other hand, the man who asserted that he had never loved her and insisted that she go went completely insane. “Diana,” she said. He finally came to his senses as he stared at the grave of his cherished wife in the cemetery.

He did so after coming to the realization that they were inseparable and that she had been a part of his heart and soul for a considerable amount of time without his conscious awareness.

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