About Us

Hello friend, my name is bhatraj nama, I am also the founder and author of bhqtech.com, this blog is a technology related Gadget related blog, here we give you information related to technology, apart from this, on this blog we also Pramod Affiliate Product. Apart from this, we also have a Youtube channel, named Bhq tech, where we talk about New Gadget Reviews and Features.

We completely analyze any information on any Gadget here on our blog and if this information is correct, then later in video format, then we pass that information to you through our blog article.

Now let’s talk about which affiliate program we promote, we promote the product of only trusted web site on this blog, but now we are promoting the product of amazon on our blog but in the coming few days we will be using our blog. But Google Adsense is also going to use ADS on this blog.

Talk about the author name of bhqtech.com The author of this blog is Viraj Nama i.e. I am a technology blogger, I am fond of reading and writing about technology since childhood, I believe that every person should be aware of technology, now let’s talk How long have we studied, what is the course of Computer Science Engineering, apart from this, we have experience of last 5 years about any gadget and its specification and feature.