About Us

Hello friend, my name is Bhatraj Nama, and I am also the founder and author of BHQTech.com, this blog is related to technology and gadgets, here we give you information related to technology, also, on this blog we share some affiliate products We also promote and we also have a Youtube channel named Bhq tech, where we talk about New Gadget Review and some special Gadget.

Only after reviewing and fully testing any gadget on our blog, we suggest you the best Gadget through the best blog post with complete information, apart from this, we also provide information through some How to type of blog articles on our blog. We also give some information in video format as well.

Now let’s talk about which affiliate product we promote, we promote only a reliable website’s product on this blog, but now we are promoting Amazon’s product on our blog, in the coming few days we will promote multiple affiliate products on your blog. Apart from this, Google Adsense’s ADS are also being shown on this blog.

Talk about the name of the author of BHQTech.com, the author of this blog is Bhatraj Nama, that is, I am a technology blogger, I am very fond of reading and writing about technology since childhood, I believe that every person should know about technology. There should be information, now let’s talk about where we have studied, let us tell you that what is the course of Computer Science and Engineering, apart from this, we have experience of the last 5 years about any gadget and its specification and features.