Feel the Way You Feel, My Love

Almost five years ago, a devastating divorce broke the once-happy marriage of Natalie Smith’s parents. Her nasty father abandoned his family and abandoned them to their own devices because he no longer loved them. Her dear brother is suddenly stricken with a potentially fatal heart condition, right when you think they’ve finally hit a patch. With nowhere else to turn, she resorts to dubious tactics to save her brother’s life. What is Natalie’s strategy? Entering a man’s chamber under the cover of darkness, pulling out the ultimate deceit, and then vanishing. With two infants in tow, she returns to her native country five years later, intent on reclaiming everything that was once hers. Fortunately, she crosses up with the area’s most influential guy, who is very curious about her children’s biological father. Is she going to continue doing this stunt or will she bolt once more?

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