Her Billionaire Husband

Get naked right now! Harrison reassured Katherina, “You’re my wife anyway,” as she sat nervously on the chair. He was unmistakably different from the man she had cared for till he regained his memories. At this point, he was highly possessive of her and aggressive. You are Katherina, my wife, and I am yours. Totally, you’re all mine! Harrison slammed the flower vase down with an ear-piercing roar. Not Harrison. Neither am I nor have I ever been your wife. With a whispered plea, Katherina begged Harrison to “leave me alone” while she cried out in pain. She had clearly had enough of the theatrics by this point. In her presence, Harrison collapsed to his knees. As he hastily patted her hair, he enveloped her in a tender embrace. Rina, I am deeply sorry for causing you pain, for making you weep, and for everything in between. Do not abandon me; instead, give me another opportunity. “Rina, I love you so much,” he lamented into her ear. “Swear by my name Rina, tell me you only love me and not my brother.” Harrison sobbed as he tightly gripped her body. As he spoke those words with such venom, he was undoubtedly in agony.

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