The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6873-6874

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6873-6874-Phew!

With a burst of wind, the demon god who was just about to rush into the thick gray cloud was wrapped in the hidden dragon, and when he didn’t have time to dodge, he took the sword.

However, the sword light passed between the demon god’s legs, and immediately brought a splash of blood.

“You donkey day, you actually want Lao Tzu’s life, then Lao Tzu wants your life
demon god cursed, threw the hidden dragon in his hand into the thick gray cloud, turned his head and raised his gun and rushed straight to Qingxu to kill.

In an instant, the magic spear quickly pierced the air, and the entire array trembled violently, and the purple-red demonic qi pulled out the remnants of the Dao Dao in the void, and the buzzing sound of breaking the wind shook the soul.

“It’s up to you?”

Qing Xuan slashed out with a palm, and the vast void death condensed into a series of huge palm prints, heading straight towards the galloping demon god.

Bang! Bang!


The magic spear stabbed by the demon god was like chopsticks stabbing tofu, and all the illusory palm prints made by Qingxu were broken in one go.


There was another crisp sound, and the magic spear immediately pierced through the palm of Qingxu’s shot, bringing terrifying splashes of blood.

Ah screamed in pain, and Qingxu suddenly showed an incredible expression.

“To die or not to die?”

The demon god roared again.

Immediately afterwards, with another snort, the magic spear stabbed into Qingxu’s chest and pierced through.

In an instant, Qingxu burst out again with a vast and boundless void death qi in the heart-rending screams of pain.

“Taiyi, Taiyue, leave immediately, Lao Tzu is angry, so as not to hurt you by mistake!”

The demon god took this opportunity to push the magic spear and hit it out with Qingxu in pain.

At this moment, Taiyi and Taiyue Emperor, who had been hit hard, took off one after another, and the black and white air masses all over their bodies rolled rapidly.

They didn’t run, but were always paying attention to the confrontation between the demon god and Qingxu in front of them, because they had promised Jiang Chen that they would definitely drag Qingxu before Jiang Chen devoured the One Creation God.

“Xuannu, do you still remember our original Qi Movement?” Emperor Taiyue wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

“Of course I remember!” Tai Yi stared intently ahead: “What, are you willing to use it?”

“If you are willing to give it up, I will give it up!” Emperor Taiyue shouted coldly: “You and I, as the Great God of the Acquired World sent by the Lord God, have neither the strength to clarify the Acquired World and promote the Great Dao, but we can’t escape at the moment of crisis in the Acquired World, right

“What’s more, I really like this young man Jiang Chen, and if I hand over the acquired world to him, he should be more benevolent and virtuous
than Wuji!”
Hearing this, Taiyi turned his head to look at Emperor Taiyue, and was impressed for a while.

“Do you want to do it?” Emperor Taiyue asked impatiently: “I regret
it when it expires
Taiyi ignored her, but spread out his slender jade hand, and a ball of energy shining with dazzling light appeared in his hand.

Emperor Taiyue’s face suddenly turned cold: “Is there any sincerity, use your natal Taiyi Divine Bead
“My Divine Bead was given to Jiang Chen, and Taiyi said calmly.

Emperor Taiyue raised his forehead, but he didn’t ask much, but with a wave of his hand, a terrifying black and white sealing power quickly enveloped the stunned Zhenyi Dao Emperor.

With the light of the seal flashing, the True Billion Dao Emperor was caught off guard and suddenly petrified.

Seeing this scene, Tai Yi chuckled and said, “You also have times when you are soft-hearted?”

She shouldn’t have me to kill Emperor Taiyue and sighed lightly and said, “Because she is Jiang Chen’s calamity!”

As soon as her words fell, as the array shook violently, the demon god in front of her was suddenly bounced back by an extremely terrifying force.

Taiyi and Emperor Taiyue were taken aback, and shot at the same time, and the two vast innate qi enveloped the demon god before he could stabilize his body.

But at this moment, the demon god is also spitting blood from his mouth, his hair is scattered, and his whole body is entangled in nothingness and death.

“This donkey, sun/, is actually a freak
who can’t be killed
Taiyi frowned: “It’s not that he can’t be killed, but what peerless supernatural power
should he have cultivated Emperor
Taiyue said in a deep voice: “The three-body body is too void divine skill, as the name suggests, there should be a triple body, and there should be three lives
As soon as these
words came out, the demon god was surprised:” In other words, this thing still has two lives?”

“I’m afraid it’s more ferocious than the previous one, Tai Yi nodded.

Afraid of a ball demon god snorted coldly and shouted: “Lao Tzu will go and ask for his life again……”

“Demon God!” Emperor Taiyue stopped the Demon God: “Then leave it to us, Jiang Chen devoured the One Creation God, I’m afraid that at the critical moment, someone must protect the Dharma
for him
at this time” Yes, Taiyi also said in a deep voice: “At this time, it is time for our two innate gods to guard the acquired world to fulfill their obligations
Without waiting for the demon god to speak, Taiyi and Emperor Taiyue sacrificed two gilded Dao Dings at the same time, and with the reciting mantra in their mouths, the light immediately spread, sandwiching countless purple Dao characters, which were connected to each other into a huge purple-gold Dao character.

Every stroke and every painting of this Dao character is filled with an incomparably powerful innate qi, and it is also full of countless forbidden enchantments.

Feeling the power of this Dao word, the Demon God’s face also changed greatly.

“What are you going to do, two?”

In the next second, I saw that in the void in front of me, the void was wrapped in a black and white qi level that blended into gray, and a pair of teeth and claws suddenly appeared.

“Hahaha, Demon God, I really want to thank you, if it weren’t for your shot, I wouldn’t have known that this three-body too void magic skill would be so miraculously hidden

“Seeing my current strength and qi level, is it several times stronger than just now?”

“Now, it’s time for you to go and bury Jiang Chen, clean you up, I’m breaking his array and making him kneel in front of me and surrender!”

As he spoke, Qing Xu, who was dancing with his teeth and claws, suddenly grabbed his hands forward, and immediately shot out two terrifying gray qi levels.


Under the earth-shattering loud noise, the gray qi level hit the huge Dao characters condensed by Taiyi and Taiyue Emperor, and Shengsheng was isolated.

Qingxu frowned: “Heh, you dare to resist stubbornly!”

As he spoke, his whole person turned into a sword light, and he attacked fiercely towards the huge Dao character.

At this moment, Taiyi and Emperor Taiyue glanced at each other, and at the same time, they turned into a black and white air mass and went straight into the huge Dao character.

In an instant, the moment the Dao character collided with the Void Sword Light, the divine light immediately flourished, spreading rapidly, enveloping the entire array.


Immediately after, in the vast divine light, the voices of Taiyi and Emperor Taiyue came.

“The Light of the Void, the Nine Holy Firmament, the Power of Creation, the
Day After Tomorrow” The avenue returns to the truth, the void is quiet, the two innate Tai, the music
of qi
In the next second, within the rapidly spreading divine light, countless purple-gold Dao characters rushed towards the painful Qingxu, from the feet to the body, gradually imprisoning and sealing.

“No, no!!” Qingxu roared angrily in pain: “I am the Three-Body Void Divine Skill, I have the strength to shake the innate world, there is nothing to seal me, there is no ……”

In the roar, he struggled with all his might, but under the endless Dao words, it was in vain, and he could only watch himself being sealed step by step.

Outside the huge Dao word, when the demon god saw this scene, he immediately clamped his hips/body, so nervous that he almost exploded.

He never thought that this innate second wife would still have such strength, once he really fought hard, even the gods and demons would be afraid.

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