A Spoonful of Sugar: Don’t Beg for Love

She experienced severe hemorrhage while giving birth, and her life was in danger. Outside the delivery room, her mother-in-law created quite a scene. “May my beloved grandchild be preserved!” As she beheld her husband’s icy expression, she heard him scream out to the doctor, “Save the baby.” At that particular moment, she was devastated and vowed to herself that she would obtain a divorce if she could survive this!Hesper had legions of fans and suitors trailing behind her after the divorce. Anxiety swept over Rickard.From among her many admirers, he rescued the woman and nailed her to the wall. A trace of remorse marred his breathtakingly beautiful face. Listen to me and do your best. How about we tie the knot once more tomorrow?Hesper besmirched. My love for you has faded, Mr. Duval. Show some dignity, please!

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