I Want a Lifetime with You

Even though her sister and fiancé have deceived her, she still has to deal with her parents’ unfair attitude. When she’s down and out, he shows up at the last possible moment. The metropolis can be flipped upside down by the mere stamp of his foot; he is the tyrannical guy. “We are happily married. I will ensure your utmost happiness!” Obviously, he is faithful after they are married. He hears rumors that her sister is up to her old tricks again. “Get her sister enrolled and have her work under her!” He hears that his grandpa has recently paid her so she’ll leave him, according to someone. “Did she pocket the cash?” The sum is accepted, but she feels it falls short of her expectations. Instead, send her extra money. Just a moment. My granddad has the cash! It has been said that she is unworthy of a man of his kind. It is! It is I who am unworthy of her! By the end, everyone figures out that he has a wife and will do anything to make her happy. He will shower her with affection and hold her in the highest regard forever.

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