The Three Little Guardian Angels (Completed)

Ensnared in a merciless plot, Maisie Vanderbilt was deprived of her virtue and compelled to vacate her residence. After a span of six years, she came back to the nation accompanied by three young children, prepared to seek retribution. Surprisingly, her charming children proved to be significantly more resourceful than she was. They located their biological father, an influential someone capable of safeguarding her, and orchestrated his abduction. “Mother, we have abducted Father and brought him to our residence!” The man observed the three diminutive replicas of himself. Subsequently, he positioned her in a corner of the wall. He arched his eyebrow and then smirked abruptly. “Given that we already possess three, why not acquire an additional one?” Maisie responded sharply, saying, “Go to hell!”


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