The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 18

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 18-There was a single table in the hall, with many men already seated around it.

Vicky smiled. “Let me introduce you, Frank. This is Gerald Simmons, Riverton’s Chief of General Affairs.” The middle–aged man with a square jaw nodded at Frank, and he nodded in turn. “Mr. Simmons.” At the same time, Vicky worked her way around the table, introducing the guests one after another, each of whom were rich and important Riverton individuals.

“Chief of Riverton’s commerce guild.” “Head of Riverton’s Skyblade Dojo.” “Owner of Flora Hall.” After Frank greeted each of them, Vicky finally introduced him. “This is Frank Lawrence, whom I mentioned earlier.” The Head of Riverton’s Skyblade Dojo said, “I see that you’re a seasoned martial artist.” “You flatter me,” Frank replied humbly. “I just know a thing or two.” Vicky had naturally left Frank’s improved version of the Boltsmacker unmentioned while telling Yara to keep it a secret.

After all, it would be a slap in the face to Yara’s father if he found out!

” 4 ” Gerald scoffed just then. “That’s the healer you spoke of, Vicky?” “Yes.” Vicky nodded. “You shouldn’t underestimate him because of his youth, Mr. Simmons. He’s a rare breed when it comes to medicine.” .

“Even compared to Mr. Zimmer?” The Chief of Riverton’s commerce guild glanced pointedly at Dan Zimmer, the head of Flora Hall, just then.

Vicky took a deep breath and said, “No offense, but I dare say that Frank is Mr.

Zimmer’s equal, if not superior.” There were gasps heard around the room–the men present more or less know Vicky’s temperament and that she would never trade barbs with anyone.

And yet, she would suck up to that brat even if it insulted Dan!

Was Frank really that gifted, or was Vicky pushing her luck?!

Dan simply chuckled. “I’m sure that he’s a dozen times better than I am. After all, I personally attempted to help you but failed, Ms. Turnbull, whereas that boy succeeded.” “Indeed.” Vicky smiled. “And since everyone’s here, why not test Mr. Lawrence’s abilities to see for yourself? He’s here personally, there’s no reason to doubt him before you test him.” “We’re not doubting him,” Gerald replied flatly. “But he’s no older than Mr.

Zurich’s granddaughter, is he? Also, I heard the Wesleys presented you with a 100–year–old panacea cap as a gift. Isn’t that the reason you’ve recovered instead?” Vicky sneered. “It’s a 50–year–old panacea cap, to be precise. And I gave it to Mr. Lawrence.‘ “And when did you become an authority in herbology?” Gerald asked. “Don’t tell me that the boy told you.” “Yes.” Gerald sighed in disappointment. “I guess people do make mistakes, Vicky. You used to believe in evidence, not words alone!” Vicky did a double take, but Gerald was right–she had grown to have complete faith in Frank’s words before she knew it.

Even so, it goes without question that Frank had cured her.

On the other hand, Frank understood what Gerald was saying.

Despite everything said, the men around the table were skeptical about him, convinced that he was a swindler who bewitched Vicky and tricked her for the panacea cap.

“Now reflect upon my words, Vicky,” Gerald added and rose to his feet, ready to leave.

The rest were shaking their heads and planning to leave as well.

That was when Frank suddenly clapped a hand on Gerald’s shoulder. “One moment please, Mr.

Simmons.” Gerald scowled right then. “What is it, boy? Do you want a fight?” Frank scowled, but said solemnly nonetheless, “No, Mr. Simmons. I would just like to ask–have you been experiencing symptoms such as losing sleep and concentration, as well as night sweats?” Gerald narrowed his eyes. “I have.” Beside them, Vicky was smiling.

She had noticed the serious look on Frank’s face and knew that he was getting serious!

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