The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 19

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 19-There was unwavering confidence all over Frank’s face. “That’s not all, Mr.

Simmons. You would wake up every morning with sore muscles and enfeebled limbs.” Gerald inhaled deeply and looked solemnly at Frank. “How’d you know?” The brat had yet to examine him in any way–did Vicky tell him about his symptoms earlier?

“It’s all written on your face, Mr. Simmons,” Frank said flatly.

Geral snorted. “My face? Then tell me, what is my affliction?” “A coronary artery disease,” Frank said bluntly. “If it’s a serious case, I estimate that your condition will worsen in three days, so you should seek treatment as soon as possible.” The hall was left quiet for a moment by those words before everyone started laughing out loud.

Vicky narrowed her eyes in turn–did Frank make a mistake? That should not be!

Just then, the head of Riverton’s Skyblade Dojo beckoned at Frank and chuckled. “Vicky told you about Mr. Simmons‘ condition earlier, didn’t she? You have the symptoms right, but you never mentioned the cause.” Beside him, Gerald shook his head in disdain. “My kidney’s the problem, brat, and you’re saying that it’s my heart? You’re wrong by a country mile, so you really should go back to school!” Frank worked his mind furiously then–it was clearly a coronary artery disease caused by built–up fatigue. The kidney condition was merely a complication, and if his hunch was right, Gerald had been injured in the lungs before.

The one who had examined him merely checked the surface conditions, not the root cause.

“May I ask who diagnosed you?” Frank asked.

“I did.” Dan slowly stood up.

“In that case, you should re–examine Mr. Simmons here,” Frank said, showing him some degree of respect since they were fellow men of medicine.

“That’s enough!” Gerald barked, clearly upset now. “It’s not just Mr. Zimmer– Riverton General came up with the same conclusion. Or are you saying that you’re better?!” “Of course not–if you’re refusing to listen, I will just stop,” Frank replied, shaking his head exasperatedly.

Having said his part was already the most nicety he could afford.

Gerald wheeled on Vicky in turn. “Never call me again for something like this, Vicky.” He was exceedingly disappointed in Frank and was even more surprised that someone as smart as Vicky would be swindled by the likes of him.

As he turned to leave, the rest all got to their feet.

Vicky was left biting her lip. She suddenly said, “Mr. Simmons, I’d still suggest you stay in Riverton over the next three days, so that Frank can reach you in time if your condition deteriorates.” Frank was taken aback that Vicky would still defend him, whereas Gerald chuckled in disdain. “Oh, sure. I’ll be groveling for his help if I do get sick.” “You said it, not me.” Vicky shrugged. “Don’t say I never warned you.” “Hmph.” Gerald snorted and stormed off.

The rest filed out as well, leaving just Vicky and Frank in the hall.

It was only then that Vicky asked worriedly, “Frank, was what you said true?” “Of course,” he replied.

Vicky breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s good.” She offered to introduce Frank to other local bigwigs from Riverton, but Frank was uninterested and excused himself to return to his room.

Meanwhile, the banquet lasted until early morning.

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