The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 75

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 75-Bella’s expression remained unchanged.

Bella knew how insidious and duplicitous Shannon could be. What Shannon was hinting at Mila was that Bella was a divorced and gold-digging country girl who liked to seduce rich men.

Jean, Shannon, and their daughters laughed sinisterly.

The Thompson family and the Salvador family were at odds with each other. As the eldest son of Wyatt Thompson, Asher had a high social status and could get any kind of woman he wanted. How could he take a fancy to Justin Salvador’s ex-wife?

It would only make Asher a laughingstock.

Justin frowned slightly. His dazzling eyes were filled with anger. “Aunt Shannon, this is my private matter. You have no right to comment on it.” “Justin, although this is your private matter, it’s also related to the reputation of the Salvador family and the Thompson family. I’m only telling Mrs. Thompson this so that she won’t be startled to find out that Anna is your ex-wife in the future. I’m just doing it for everyone’s good!” Shannon kept talking nonsense.

“The reputation of our families? Didn’t Ms. Brown divorce Mr. Salvador? Divorce means that she no longer has any relationship with your family. Mrs. Salvador, why do you still think that what Ms. Brown does will embarrass your family?” Mila smiled coldly. “Does it mean that she has signed her life to you before marrying into the Salvador family? Is she forever tied to your family? There is nothing shameful about Ms. Brown marrying Asher if they are fit for each other. Do you think the Thompson family won’t accept her just because she is divorced? What era are we in now? Mrs. Salvador, you should be more open-minded about these things.” As soon as Mila said this, Ryan applauded. It was such a relief to hear Mila diss Shannon.

Jean, Rosalind, and Bethany looked shocked as they stood there in embarrassment, not daring to say a word.

They all thought that Mila was being overprotective of Anna.

“Mrs. Thompson, you’re also from a wealthy family, so you must understand what I mean, right?” When Shannon saw that Mila did not fall for her trick, she was embarrassed and anxious. Her face turned red. “Ms. Brown got together with Mr. Thompson as soon as she divorced Justin. If word of this spreads, people will think that Ms. Brown had an illicit relationship with Mr. Thompson while still married to Justin. That’s embarrassing. Mrs. Thompson, now that you are the matriarch of the Thompson family, you should plan for your children’s future, don’t you think?” “That’s enough!” Mila frowned and raised her slender hand. She was more graceful than Shannon could ever be. “This is between the children. Although I am an elder, I am not Asher’s mother, so I have no right to interfere. Mrs. Salvador, you’re not Mr. Salvador’s birth mother, right? Don’t you think what you’re saying is disrespectful?” “I…” Shannon was rendered speechless.

“Also, Wyatt is my partner, but I am not the matriarch of the Thompson family. I don’t want to hear this from you again, Mrs. Salvador.” Mila’s stern words were so frightening that Shannon’s face turned as white as paper. Her expression was also stiff.

Bella bit her red lips and felt a soreness in her nose.

There would only be one matriarch in the Thompson family, and that was Bella’s mother.

Justin’s thin lips turned white, and his cold eyes flickered.

He did not like Anna and was married to her in name only. She even caused trouble for him and provoked him time and time again.

However, when Shannon ridiculed her harshly, he felt as if his dignity was being trampled on.

“Ms. Brown, are you going to see Asher? I’ll take you there.” Mila’s gentle eyes fell on Bella.

“Thank you, Mrs. Thompson. Sorry to trouble you.” Bella smiled tenderly, like a prim and proper lady.

“You’re such a polite and beautiful girl.” Mila took Bella’s hand and caressed it gently. She said loudly on purpose, “Asher has really good taste to choose you as his girlfriend.”

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