The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 74

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 74-Bella was not easy to mess with.

“Listen up. From now on, Rosalind and I are enemies! If I go back on my word, I’ll be smashed to pieces like this bracelet.” Bella gritted her teeth and slowly opened her palm.

Justin felt a little suffocated for a moment. He saw that her palms and the fragments of the jade bracelet were bloody.

He knew that Bella liked the bracelet.

That was why she kept holding onto it, even if it was broken. She probably did not even notice that her hand was injured.

Justin felt a fluctuation of emotions in his chest.

He stared deeply at Bella’s face, which was full of resentment. His eyes were gloomy, and a crack seemed to form in his heart.

“Ms. Brown! Your hands are bleeding!” Ryan shouted and rummaged through all his pockets, looking for a handkerchief or a tissue to help bandage her wound.

However, Ryan could not find any.

Justin had a handkerchief in his breast pocket. He closed his eyelids and clenched his fingers, but he found that he could not muster the courage to take it out and give it to her.

At this time, a faint fragrance floated by when a graceful figure in a dark green dress that was made of a luxurious material passed by.

Bella was stunned. At this moment, Mila had walked up to Bella, picked up the broken jade pieces in Bella’s palm, and put them into Bella’s suit pocket. She then carefully bandaged Bella’s wounds with a white handkerchief.

‘Aunt Mila…’ There were tears in Bella’s eyes. Bella almost called out Mila’s name, but she bit her lip and held back.

“It’s a pity that such a beautiful hand is wounded.” Mila remained calm, but she was in fact so furious that she wanted to rip the Salvador family apart.

“Long time no see, Mrs. Thompson. You’re getting more beautiful with time!” Shannon’s expression changed instantly. She hurriedly greeted Mila and pretended to be familiar with her.

“How are you, Mrs. Thompson?” Jean also greeted Mila with a smile and had a flattering attitude.

After all, after Wyatt Thompson’s first wife passed away, the outside world believed that Mila, as Wyatt’s second mistress, became his legitimate wife. Thus, most people tried to curry favor with her.

Moreover, Mila was the youngest daughter of the Larson family. Even if she cut off ties with her family to be with Wyatt, she was still a wealthy lady of noble birth. Jean and Shannon could not hold a candle to her.

“Mrs. Salvador.” Mila did not want to talk to anyone at first. But she had to show a bit of respect to Gregory Salvador’s wife to avoid conflict.

Mila treated Jean as an invisible person and did not greet her.

Jean’s expression froze in embarrassment because Mila did not acknowledge her.

“Mrs. Thompson, do you know Ms. Brown? Ms. Brown came to the auction in place of Mr. Thompson. She spent an impressive amount of money too, so I’m sure you noticed her.” Shannon saw that Mila was particularly concerned about Bella, so she had some doubts in her heart. She did not know the depth of their relationship and decided to test Mila’s reaction.

“Of course, I know her. Asher invited her here.’ ]}

Mila knew that Shannon had bad intentions. So she gave an ambiguous answer to see how Shannon would react.

“Then you must not know Ms. Brown well enough, right?” “Do I need to understand her well?” Mila’s smile did not reach her “I think it’s necessary.” eyes.

Shannon smiled and said, “Ms. Brown will soon become the wife of KS Group’s CEO. She’ll be your family then.” “Oh? Is Ms. Brown Asher’s girlfriend?” Mila raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah. When Ms. Brown and Justin got divorced, she left the house in Mr. Thompson’s car. Sigh… I was worried about her at the time. After all, she’s just a country girl who doesn’t have any family in Richworth. What would happen to her if she left Justin? But I felt relieved when I saw that Mr. Thompson would take care of her.” Shannon looked at Bella with a smile.

Mila narrowed her clear eyes, and the air around her turned colder.

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