The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1023

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1023-“Your mission was highly confidential, and I know Justin has always been meticulous and careful. He wouldn’t leak any information. Even if Winston’s men informed him after you landed, the people who arrived should be his comrades.

Why would a military team with heavy firearms show up? It’s abnormal!” Bella analyzed.

“Yeah, I even think that the men sent by Maxwell were not here to fetch Winston. They came for me and Justin.” Asher recalled what Justin told her, and her breath hitched. “Justin told me that he’s 90% sure who sent those people from the military. However, we didn’t have time to say much in that critical situation.” Bella’s eyes narrowed. “Justin met Maxwell before? Why did he have contact with military personnel from Terranova?” Asher shook his head. “No, Justin said someone from Savrow contacted Maxwell secretly, attempting to use military strength to kill us.” From Savrow?!

Bella’s lips parted in surprise, and her mind spun.

Who could be so malicious and have the connections to get the military to act against them?

“I’ve sent some men to investigate Maxwell Hastings. Someone in the upper society in Savrow must have close connections to Terranova, and they will be included in my list of suspects.” Asher’s expression was gloomy and scary.

“When Justin wakes up, he can give us the answer. Didn’t he say he’s 90% sure who did it?” At this moment, Camilla’s brows were deeply furrowed, and her eyes grew darker.

“Camilla, you don’t look good. Are you sick?” Asher noticed her unusual expression and asked with concern.

“Bella, recently, are you…” Suddenly, the emergency room’s door flew open.

A nurse, whose surgical uniform was stained with blood, ran out while panting.

She shouted anxiously, “The patient lost too much blood. The hospital’s blood supply has run out. We need an emergency blood transfusion!” “I’ll do it!” Bella immediately stood up and rushed forward without hesitation.

However, she froze.

She remembered that when she brought a severely injured Justin back to their camp in the past and he needed blood, her blood type. was incompatible with his. She could not help him.

“Let me,” Asher offered.

“Me too!” Camilla raised her hand.

“We are here as well. With so many people, even if that brat is a vampire, he should have enough blood to drink!” Drew and Ryan walked over. As long as they could save Justin’s life, they were even willing to donate a kidney, let alone a blood transfusion.

“The patient has a Rh-negative blood type. Are all of you Rh- negative?!” The nurse was in a hurry to save a patient, so she did not have a nice tone.

Bella’s heart sank, and panic enveloped her.

Rh-negative was a rare blood type, and the hospital did not have many reserves. In this critical situation, where would they find time to get blood from other hospitals? Would other hospitals even have it?

“What? Justin is Rh-negative !? Why is this brat so good at causing trouble?!” Drew was shocked and blabbered without filtering his words.

“Drew, don’t say that. Saving Justin is our priority.” Asher sternly chastised his brother.

Just as they were at a loss for what to do, a clear and low voice sounded.

“Let me do it. I have Rh-negative blood. I’ll do a blood transfusion now.” “Edward?!” Camilla watched her husband approach her, looking tired after a long journey.

She covered her mouth in disbelief, almost unable to stop her tears from falling.

“Oh God, Edward…” Bella was also stunned and blinked hard.

Edward was a man of different status now. He was the powerful President of Sentania!

How reckless and dangerous was it for him to come over with just a few men to find Camilla?

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