The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1022

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 1022-However, the older generation of the Thompson family liked to hold grudges and bring up old scores.

When Drew thought of this, he wanted to tease Justin, completely forgetting that the latter was still fighting for his life.

“Because of his background, Justin was bullied by his classmates when he was a child. He hid his injuries every day to avoid worrying his mother, only ever telling her about the good things that happened.” “Fuck! I hate school bullying the most! Some kids aren’t raised by humans. They are demonic brats!” Drew angrily crushed the cigarette box in his hand, feeling his temper rise. “Is Justin so weak? Doesn’t he fight back?! How can a Salvador be bullied? Ram a Rolls-Royce into them!” “He could deal with one or two people, but what if you become the target one day and everyone picks on you?” Ryan asked, feeling a heartache.

Drew’s pupils shrank, and his fingers curled into a ball.

“Drew, you are Chairman Thompson’s legitimate son, born by the woman he loved most and raised in luxury and privilege. Even I grew up in a relatively simple family environment. My parents loved each other and doted on me, their only son. People like us have never experienced the pain brought by Justin’s awkward identity, nor have we experienced the pressure of tiptoeing and scheming around in a complicated family.” Drew fell into deep thought.

Indeed, Justin was not the legal wife’s son. He had another elder brother from the same father. Later, Gregory married the ruthless and cunning Shannon, who made Justin’s life in the Salvador family bitter.

“Therefore, Justin hasn’t had any friends besides me all these years. He was psychologically repulsed by making friends because he had closed himself off.

Moreover, he was used to loneliness. It doesn’t matter to him if nobody is friends with him.” Was there anyone who truly enjoyed being alone?

Most of the time, it was because they had no choice.

“I take back what I said,” Drew abruptly said.

“What?” “The Hoffman family’s upbringing is decent. At least you didn’t go along with the crowd at such a young age. You didn’t join in because everyone was picking on one person” Ryan suddenly thought of Zoe and the dirty things she did after coming back.

He thought of how vicious she looked when she bullied Carrie. It was so terrifying that he could not recognize his own sister.

He smiled bitterly. As Zoe’s eldest brother, he was like a father figure to her, but he had failed in that role, and his sister went down the wrong path.

“You may look dumb, but you have a righteous heart.” When Drew walked past Ryan, he patted his shoulder heavily. “From now on, you’re not that brat’s only friend.” Ryan’s heart skipped a beat, and he immediately turned around.

Drew left like a gust of wind, already walking far away.

On the other side, in the hallway outside the emergency room, Asher and Camilla accompanied Bella. They anxiously waited outside the emergency room for Arnold’s operation to end.

“Bella, such a large-scale operation might last until morning. Why don’t you find a room to rest first?” Camilla hugged Bella, whose body was cold and whose hands were trembling. She was afraid Bella would exhaust herself.

“I’m fine. I’ll wait here.” Bella’s eyelashes fluttered. “How could I sleep in this situation?” “Bella.” Asher walked over and sat beside her, asking seriously, “What do you think of that lieutenant colonel, Maxwell Hastings, that was mentioned by the police chief?” Camilla grudgingly said, “Asher, let Bella rest. Can’t you talk about it later? I will actively urge the government to investigate this case with Edward. We won’t let you be bullied in vain.” “It’s okay, Camilla. I wanted to talk about it too.” Bella patted Camilla’s arm and turned to look at Asher with a heavy gaze. “Ash, this attack on you and Justin isn’t so simple.”

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