The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6847-6848

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6847-6848-The void beyond the seal.

As the brand-new array rotated rapidly, Jiang Chen, who was at the top, opened his eyes suddenly.

At this moment, the array had already been destroyed beyond recognition by a series of counterattacks of unity, and the original grids had collapsed one after another under the bombardment of her creation light.

The Starfall Chessboard, which was the foundation, was also under her control, shrinking rapidly, so that the diagram array also shrank.

The wind spirits and fire spirits within it were severely damaged, and the countless prohibitions and formations that had been originally arranged by the Creation Chaos Pestle were also broken one after another.

As a killer feature, the nihilistic neon pen was dodged by it one by one, and finally returned in vain and had to be taken back by Jiang Chen.

If it weren’t for the True Yuan Asking Dao Diagram as the wall of the Diagram Array, under the crazy counterattack of Guiyi, I am afraid that the current Diagram Array would have completely collapsed.

“Without a spirit body with a true spiritual connection, it seems that it is impossible
for the diagram array to trap a creation god
Jiang Chen muttered to himself, and could only quickly urge the primordial spirit to repair all the lattices in the diagram array.

“Jiang Chen, if you have the ability, you can get out of here, what kind of ability is it to break the pattern array?”

“Are you afraid to show your face, or do you not have the guts to fight me head-on?”

“Aren’t you known as the invincible opponent in the acquired world, how can you be cowardly in the face of me, a creation god who only has fifty percent strength?”

In the array, there were constant shouts and insults from Guiyi, and she was so completely angry that she was like two people with her previous kind eyebrows.

Just as Jiang Chen was about to sink into the deity and fight directly, he saw that the main hall of the Mixed Yuan that was sealed in front of him suddenly shattered the seal with a loud bang.

Immediately after, at the top of the Mixed Yuan Main Hall, two Guardian Dao Envoys appeared again, and at the same time, both palms came out together, and countless vast Ten Thousand Dao Qi rushed straight into the diagram array and was quickly absorbed.

The array that had been replenished with energy again, under Jiang Chen’s urging, began to repair more quickly, and it was more stable and stronger in defense than before.

Feeling this scene, Jiang Chen nodded at the two guardian envoys to express his gratitude, and then his body moved, and the other deity was quickly separated.

“Son of Dao Xuan, what are you going to do?” Xuan Zheng hurriedly shouted.

“It’s better for you not to clone now, Xuan Ling also hurriedly shouted: “The other party is the second ranked one creation god of the nine great creation gods, and the strength is definitely not comparable
to the gods of the acquired world
Jiang Chen smiled at them, and the other deity derived from it gradually turned into reality, forming a righteous path deity that shone with black, white, purple and gold light all over his body.

With a loud bang, this righteous path deity immediately turned into a lightsaber and implanted it in the array.

In the next second, the entire array seemed to have the backbone in an instant, and immediately burst out with an incomparably dazzling divine light, and then the reduced volume also rapidly expanded to the extreme.

At this moment, Gui Yi, who was in the array, was still complacent about breaking Jiang Chen’s array.

But when she saw the crumbling lattices around her, quickly repaired at a speed visible to the naked eye, the anger in her heart rose to the extreme.

At this moment, away from where she didn’t want to, a flame and a blue storm wheal, wrapped in two black, white, purple and gold qi, slowly stood upright.

“Creator God, it’s not a big deal!”

With a coquettish shout, the flame erupted into a terrifying scorching purple-gold fire dragon, rushing straight to oneness at lightning speed.

Suddenly raising his hand, Guiyi immediately shot out the light of the Creation God, colliding with the purple-gold fire dragon.

With the roar of the dragon, the light of creation quickly devoured it.

At this moment, the blue wheal suddenly rushed out.

“Even if you are the God of Creation, you will definitely be defeated today!”

With another roar, the azure wheal immediately fused with the fire dragon, turning it from black and white to azure blue, purple and gold, and rushed out again, but it quickly devoured the light of creation that Gui Yi had struck.


With a catastrophic bang, Guiyi was immediately knocked out by the dragon that rushed violently.

Stabilizing his figure, he raised his head hideously: “It’s really two loyal and good minions, then I will clean you up first and then clean up your master
she spoke, she burst out with a dazzling and dazzling light, and her momentum instantly stretched to the extreme.

In an instant, the terrifying coercion quickly swept through this square, so that Zhong Ling and Feng Ling, who had just struck with all their strength, were immediately suppressed by an irresistible force.

Say, Jiang Chen is a despicable and shameless bastard, Gui Yi roared angrily.

The fire spirits and wind spirits who were suppressed by the powerful coercion were silently silent in pain in the rapid distortion.

“Then you

will be scattered Guiyi roared angrily, his hands immediately became grasped, and two black and white dragons that were extremely terrifying appeared.

At this moment, in the void on the left, a dazzling black-white-purple-gold lightsaber quickly rushed in, accompanied by a roar, and immediately pierced through Guiyi’s body.

Suddenly trembling all over, Guiyi let out a painful sigh, and the black and white double dragon that was just about to be sacrificed immediately collapsed in his hands.


A mouthful of blood spurted out, Guiyi’s eyes were blood-red, and his anger was extreme.

Looking at the lightsaber that pierced him, it appeared in front of the fire spirit and the wind spirit like lightning, turning into Jiang Chen’s righteous path deity wearing a white robe.

“Heaven and earth have righteousness, mixed manifolds, the lower is the river, and the upper is the sun and the star

As Jiang Chen slowly finished reading this sentence, a huge black and white purple gold ball of light suddenly condensed in his hands, full of terrifying intimidation.

Seeing such a scene, Gui Yi took the lead in making a move, and his palms came out together, and countless vast lights of the Creation God were sandwiched with the qi of nothingness, heading straight towards Jiang Chen.

At the same time, the huge black-and-white purple-gold ball of light in Jiang Chen’s hand also came out of his hand, manifesting into countless Dao characters, and slamming into the Creation Divine Light.


Under the violent and frantic explosion, the air wave quickly spread in all directions, so that the countless lattice walls that had just been repaired around were shattered again.

The roar of the strange beast immediately began to devour the light of creation and the void qi that Guiyi had struck, causing it to show panic for a moment.

“Jiang Chen, I want to see how
powerful you are As
he spoke, a pagoda overflowing with gilt light suddenly appeared above his head, and it immediately swelled the moment it flew towards Jiang Chen.

“Master be careful
When the
fire spirit and the wind spirit saw it, they took off one after another, quickly blocking the rapidly expanding giant tower with their own bodies.

At this moment, a radiant divine sword suddenly flew out of Jiang Chen’s body, heading straight for the giant tower.


There was another loud bang, and the giant tower suddenly collapsed under the impact of the Excalibur.

At the same time, Gui Yi trembled all over, and the creation light and void qi shot out of his hand were quickly shattered by Jiang Chen’s ball of light, and he was knocked out with her.


Another mouthful of blood spurted out, and Guiyi spread out his head, and raised his head again.

“You forced me, then don’t blame me for being unkind
As she
spoke, her whole body burst out with dazzling light again, so that the whole person swelled rapidly to the extreme, and appeared like a mountain.


A punch fell, and Jiang Chen soared into the air with the wind spirit and fire spirit.

Looking at their position just now, a huge black hole was smashed open by this giant fist.

In the next second, another giant hand attacked wildly, pinching Jiang Chen’s righteous path deity in the blink of an eye.

“Hahaha!” Gui Yi suddenly laughed out loud: “Jiang Chen, it seems that I am really moving, you can’t even catch a move.”

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