The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6638

The Strongest War God

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6638-He looked at James. “Please spare him. He probably has more of the information that you’re looking for than I do.” James listened to the couple’s pleas and summoned the Yuraeceon Genesis Bell hovering above the mysterious man’s Golden Body back.

At the same time, the dark clouds overhead dispersed and disappeared. It was also quiet again as the bell chiming stopped.

The purplish-gold light radiating from the Golden Body shone brightly at that moment. A few seconds later, the mysterious person’s true form was revealed.

A middle-aged man who had grey hair and wore a white robe stood before them. He had a face that would make anyone feel like the man had been through a lot.

“Sir Yared, how have you been?” Herodias grinned.

The middle-aged man’s eyes bulged. “You’re… You’re Herodias?”

“You have an excellent memory.” Herodias’ grin widened. “I could still recall how you were close to achieving the Daelcon Rank when you came to the ThirtyThird Heaven to see my mother.

“How come your cultivation seems to have regressed now?”

Yared’s brows twitched. “You’re still so rudely straightforward, Herodias. Must you mention something so embarrassing when we’re meeting for the first time in such a long while?” Herodias chuckled. “You’ve done quite a few embarrassing things before. I’m sure this is nothing compared to those in the past.”

Yared snapped, “Why you…” “Greetings, Sir Yared.” Yegor bowed slightly to Yared.

The middle-aged cultivator paused and focused his gaze on Yegor. “You are…”

Yegor replied respectfully, “I am Casimir Sohle, a disciple of Sir Xannder Wallas from the Deyvreu Sect.”

“Casimir?” Yared pointed at Yegor. “The extraordinary child who achieved the peak of Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation in just one entrapoch?!”

Yegor smiled and nodded.

“You’re still alive, kid?” Yared was both surprised and amused. “However, why have you entered another sect and become a successor of the Tirta Power?” Yegor explained, “It’s because I have been reincarnated. It is inevitable since I have been given a new life.”

Yared fell silent for a moment. He sighed and nodded. “It seems things have changed a lot in the Tai Chi World. I guess not many would know about the great achievements of the cultivators from my generation now.”

Then, Yared shot a glare at James. “There is a sinister air about this young man. Who is he? Were the things he said earlier true?”

Yegor and Herodias exchanged a glance. Then, they smiled wryly and nodded.

“Ha!” Yared’s eyes widened. “It’s just as he said, my people couldn’t even master the Historial Power now?”

Herodias snickered. “It’s not that they can’t master it. They just tend to claim that they have reached the Quasi Daeclon Rank when they’ve only mastered fragments of the Historial Power.”

“Quasi Daeclon Rank?” Yared knitted his brows. “What the hell is that? I’ve never heard of something like that.”

Yared teleported and reappeared before James. “Who are you? How did you pick up Yianni’s two greatest signature skills? Are you a representative of the Marciais Power who is here to challenge US?”

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