The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6637

The Strongest War God

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6637-James clicked his tongue. “Why do you look down on the beings from the Ying World so much?”

“Why, you ask?” The mysterious figure snorted. “They are simple-minded beings who are obsessed with the Marciais Power and fighting.

“They foolishly tried to master the Marciais Power after receiving some of Yianni’s knowledge. They simply can’t grow stronger. Yianni was an exceptional hero whose powers surpassed countless cultivators across different realms.

“However, his disciples and followers were just unremarkable. Isn’t that pathetic?”

“What about your people?” James snickered. “Are they that much stronger than the Ying World’s beings?”

“Of course!” The figure snapped, “If it weren’t because that strange power sealed US, the Historial Power would have become one of the Historial’s top vital energies.”

Upon hearing those words, James laughed scornfully.

“Why are you laughing?” The figure shone brighter with the purplish-gold light as his anger rose.

“I’ll tell you the truth.” James said haughtily, ‘The current cultivators of the Historial Power are much worse than those who cultivate the Marciais Power.

‘They’ve lost the knowledge to produce the Historial Power. So, they ended up creating a new, subpar power called the Genesis Power.

“Moreover, these people have become Tai Chi’s slaves.”

The mysterious figure bellowed furiously, “Lies! That can’t be true!”

The figure charged toward James again.

“Be careful. He’s not holding back this time.” Herodias transmitted her voice to James.

James stood there calmly despite the threatening amount of Historial Power coming at him.

He raised his hand and conjured the Yuraeceon Genesis Bell in the air. The bell quickly multiplied and formed thousands of bells.

As the bells chimed, gray clouds gathered above them. An immense amount of Qrohm and a dreamlike light were produced in that space.

At the same time, the figure halted in his tracks as a strange energy trapped him.

As the figure looked up, he saw a gigantic bell coming onto him. The figure was basked in a colorful divine light the next instant.

To his horror, the figure noticed his Historial Power was being sucked away rapidly.

“How… How is this possible?” The figure writhed in pain. ‘This can’t be! There’s no way my Historial Power will be sucked away!”

The dark figure raised his hands. Simultaneously, the purplish-gold light emanating from his body grew brighter.

The figure transformed into a tall, gigantic Golden Body and threw his fist at the Yuraeceon Genesis Bell above him.

Unfortunately, he missed as the bell shot upward just in time. The bell expanded and shone the colorful divine light onto the Golden Body, trapping its target instantly.

The Golden Body roared, “Ah! You are not from the Ying World or the Tai Chi World. What kind of demon are you?”

James smirked. “I happen to need the Historial Power at the moment. You don’t have to know who I am. I’m going to take away your powers anyway.”

Just then, Yegor and Herodias materialized on either side of James.

“James, I hope you can let this guy off this time.” Herodias said, “He is probably someone we know.” “Mhm.” Yegor sighed. “Can you consider that a favor from US?”

James raised his brows. “Oh? Do you know him?”

Yegor and Herodias focused their gazes on the Golden Body.

“If our guess were right, that person was once the leader of the Deyvreu Sect.

He was one of the Tai Chi World’s ten greatest cultivators, Sir Yared Floden?”

The Golden Body struggled to speak steadily as he was losing his Historial Power. “Who are you? How do you know me?”

It really is him.” Yegor smiled. “He’s just a fool obsessed with fighting.”

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