My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1-10

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1

“Mr. Edwards, your daughter is tan and thin. She even had an abortion in high school, and the whole school knew about it! It caused such a commotion that parents signed a petition to get her expelled from the school! With her terrible track record… Tsk, I can’t go above 50,000!”

“Those are fake information! It’s just rumors! Master Levine, please have a look at the affidavit! She just turned 18 years old, and so she’s definitely worth 200,000!”


“At least 80,000!”

“Fine. 80,000, if you insist. I’ll transfer the amount to you via Venmo.”

With that, Sophia Edwards’ biological father, Joe Edwards, sold her to Daniel Levine for 80,000. Despite never meeting her biological father from birth, Daniel reckoned that Joe’s business was on the verge of bankruptcy because Sophia had a challenging birth chart that overpowered the Edwards Family’s fate. It so happened that Daniel knew an old bachelor who could most probably overcome her bad luck, and so Daniel decided to be the matchmaker.

Daniel looked like a young gentleman, but among the high society of Bayside City, he had an outstanding status and prestige. In fact, he was known as Bayside City’s Grandmaster of Metaphysics. Therefore, no one would question him even if he were to make an absurd claim.

Sophia was holding onto an old suitcase, and she had on some old, shabby dress while standing in a corner with her head bowed. The expression on her tanned and thin face appeared as if she was in a daze. Her lackluster eyes seemed empty; they reflected desolation in them. She held tightly onto an affidavit, which proved her virginity, but she was just an empty and numb vessel at that moment.

It took me so much hard work to procure a seat in Riverdale High School by taking the exam. Not only would I not have to pay for my living expenses and accommodation, I could have received a full scholarship. If I managed to procure a seat in the country’s best university, Bayside University, I would completely change my fate. However, an unfounded rumor of my pregnancy and abortion cost me everything, including my education, my future, and my relationship…

Joe left in a hurry without even sparing Sophia a backward glance. He treated her like the plague, wanting to distance himself as far away from her as possible to prevent her from causing further damage toward his assets. After he left, Sophia kept her head bowed as she carried an old bag while dragging her suitcase to follow Daniel out of the café’s glass doors.

Just when she was so poor that she could hardly feed herself and was living on the streets, her father arrived like an angel descending from the heavens. He took her to the hospital for an examination and an affidavit. After that, he sent her to a hotel to wash up and have a change of clothes before sending her to Daniel. She hadn’t had anything to eat for the whole day, and so her stomach started growling in hunger.

It was an afternoon in the end of September, and the sun was shining brightly. Sophia stood under the scorching sun with her head bowed, and her skin was extremely tanned from the blistering sun. Daniel, in his smart suit and leather shoes, formed a stark contrast compared to Sophia’s appearance. He opened up a finicky black umbrella to shade himself while making a phone call.

“Hello? Old man, are you still on the way? I have your missus with me. I am giving you another ten minutes before sending your missus to another family if you can’t make it in time.”

Sophia, who had not spoken a word thus far, pricked up her ears when she heard that. Is he on the phone with my future husband? I heard that my husband has a tough birth chart, and so he caused the deaths of his family members. Anyone who gets involved with him would end up with bad fortune. It so happens that he compliments me, since I caused the death of my mother right after giving birth to me; I caused the death of my grandma when I was 10 years old, and I even caused my biological father to almost go bankrupt when I’m 18 years old despite never meeting him. Our union would result in us hurting each other, bringing harmony to society.

Sophia tried imagining her future husband’s appearance while feeling helpless. I suppose he is already balding, and has a flat nose and a pair of large protruding ears. He might even have the signature beer belly. Judging by his tone, he seems much older; my guess is 40 years old. Well, that’s too young; I think he is at least 50 years old.

After chatting for a short while, Daniel hung up on the phone call. Finally, he seemed to have recalled that Sophia was a living human being, and the first sentence he finally spoke to her was, “Although your husband is slightly older, he is blessed with good looks. Furthermore, he’s a virgin.” He paused. “Bear in mind to be obedient later. Take the initiative and address him as ‘hubby’.”

Sophia’s large but hollow eyes locked onto Daniel innocently. She had a bad feeling about this. My hubby might not merely have a beer belly. There’s the possibility that he is disabled and sexually impotent… I’d be fine as long as I am fed, but it’s best if I get to continue attending school. It doesn’t matter if he has a beer belly; in fact, it would be even better if he is impotent. Nevertheless, it’d be horrible if he turned out to be a psychopath due to his impotence!

Sophia was drenched in sweat due to the heat, but that thought sent a chill down her spine, and so she shuddered involuntarily. Right after she trembled at the thought, a sleek and shiny Maybach came speeding toward them at 200 miles per hour. Then, it came to a screeching halt at the parking lot right in front of them.

Daniel took a step forward while holding onto the umbrella. Sophia guessed that it must be her future hubby’s car, and so she held her chin up while approaching the car to have a look.

The sunlight felt like a golden halo descending from the sky while brightening up the world. The black Maybach had dark, tinted windows. She tried balancing on tiptoes, but she just couldn’t see the person in the car. The driver’s car door opened first, and a long and strong leg stretched out of the car. A pair of black and polished leather shoes stepped on the ground steadily, and a man clad in a suit got out of the car.

Sophia looked up along the long legs, and she saw a man in his early thirties. He had light-bronze skin and prominent facial features. There seemed to be a vague scar across his left eyebrow, but it accentuated his masculine appearance. Is this my… slightly older hubby? From where I stand, he simply looks amazing, handsome, and cool!

She couldn’t help but feel terrified upon looking at her hubby, who was almost perfect. He doesn’t have a beer belly, nor is he balding. In that case, there must be some particular reason for him not to be married; for example, he might be a psychopath, and an extremely abnormal one at that! The more handsome he is, the crazier he probably is!

Sophia was so terrified that her knees buckled underneath her. She felt like she had to be more obedient and proactive so as to not suffer in her hubby’s home. Hence, she plucked up her courage and took a couple of steps forward while taking the initiative to break the silence. “Hub—”

Before she could complete her greeting, her ‘hubby’ turned around coldly while opening the Maybach’s back passenger door respectfully. A leg, which was even longer and slender than her ‘hubby’s’, stepped out of the car in a pantsuit.

A man in a white shirt got out of the car. The thin material of the shirt couldn’t hide his perfectly-proportioned and sculpted body. He stood there, as though welcoming the breeze, and he had a model-like figure. His short hair seemed messy, but it was very stylish. He had several strands of stray hair on his forehead, which reflected the sunlight slightly. His handsome and prominent features appeared especially handsome, and even his sunglasses couldn’t conceal his good looks.

His back was against the sunlight, and so he appeared almost like a deity with a halo. Sophia was so in awe that she forgot to greet him; instead, she merely stared at the man unblinkingly. The man took his sunglasses off gradually, and his deep-set eyes stared into Sophia’s.

The man’s eyes scanned Sophia thoroughly while giving her several once-overs. He seemed slightly disgusted the first time he looked her up and down because he frowned slightly. When he glanced at her the second time, he looked as if he was trying to convince himself while suppressing his disgust forcefully. After that, he finally relaxed his scowl when he checked her out for the third time, and a trace of fondness flashed across his eyes. He strode toward Sophia, and he brought about a gust of chilly wind. His gaze was fixed on her, but his hand shot out suddenly to snatch Daniel’s black umbrella. The man held the umbrella over Sophia’s head to shade her from the sun, and she felt cool under the shade.

The man glanced coldly at Daniel, and he finally broke the silence. “You are exposing my missus under the hot sun!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 2

His voice was cold and mysterious, yet elegant and melodious. He sounded inexplicably tantalizing, and Sophia was soon reveling in his voice.

On the other side, the man in the suit, whom she initially thought was her hubby, was standing at the side respectfully now.

Does that mean that this man standing in front of me, who looks even better than a model in television shows, is actually my hubby?

So he isn’t bald, nor does he have a beer belly and a flat nose? Besides, he doesn’t even have large, floppy ears.

Sophia looked at the man in front of her in disbelief while flanking at Daniel in a panic.

Daniel was under the scorching sun now since he just had his umbrella snatched away. Nevertheless, he wiped his sweat away calmly while nodding at her. “Mm-hmm, this is your hubby. Quick, address him as your hubby.”

Sophia was still staring at the man in fear.

She thought that, in the best-case scenario, her hubby wouldn’t be handicapped or too old; she never expected him to be so perfect. He was so perfect that she felt like she was in a dream.

Sophia was tongue-tied, and she just couldn’t utter that simple word to greet him.

Her hubby, who looked like a prince, did not force her either; instead, he continued shading her with the umbrella while chatting with Daniel.

Sophia did not pay attention to what they were chatting about because she only had one thought in her mind—Something isn’t right! Something is utterly wrong! Why would such a perfect man not have a wife and is still a virgin?

He must have some sort of hidden disease; maybe he is impotent and psychotic. In fact, he’s most probably a super crazy psychopath!

Sophia was so scared that she started trembling uncontrollably.

She heard Daniel speaking, “This is your fate; I so happened to have her in hand, whereas you needed a woman as well. She has a simple background; she is the illegitimate daughter of a small business owner.”

Her prince-like hubby was still observing her when he nodded. “Mm-hmm.” It’s much better to marry such a non-threatening woman. At least she wouldn’t end up like the previous one, who almost died for no reason. She might be tanned and thin, but her facial features are prominent. I’m sure she’ll look good after some good maintenance and makeover.

Daniel was extremely pleased with himself. “Her horoscope complements yours, and that is one in a million. I’m confident she’ll emerge as a beauty after you take good care of her. Purchasing her for 10 million was definitely a steal!”

Sophia stared at him while looking dumbfounded.

The two men chatted some more, and soon, Sophia followed her hubby into the Maybach nervously and left the place.

At that moment, her mind was blank because she had yet to recover from the initial shock of her 10 million net worth and the fact that her hubby was just like a prince.

She stole a glance at him in the car, just to make sure that he wasn’t the balding man with a large flat nose she had imagined.

Her hubby was seated beside her, and he spoke to Daniel through the car window, “Let’s have dinner at night after work.”

The car started, but it did not speed off. The partition panel between the driver’s and back passenger seat ascended slowly. The car windows were tinted, and so the two of them were left with a private and isolated space. The prince-like hubby, who seemed especially respectable earlier, started making a move on Sophia once he settled in the car.

His long, prominent, fair hand extended unexpectedly toward her collar. Joe had sent Sophia for a shower in the hotel before coming over, and so she had her best clothes on. The pink knee-length dress made her tanned skin appear even darker. The size did not fit her, and so it was loose around her waist. She spent 30 to purchase the used dress from her schoolmate, and it was a designer’s brand!

He ripped off her pink dress in disgust and exposed her white undergarment, which was so worn it had specks of lint. He stared at it in revulsion.

“What nonsense are you wearing?!”

Sophia curled up underneath him, and her shoulders were trembling uncontrollably. Her skin was fair as snow, but her face was tanned since she had been living on the streets. She was in shock and scared simultaneously because she was afraid that the man was a psychopath. Alarm bells were ringing in her mind, and so she shoved against his body that was pinning her down.

“When are we getting our marriage certificate? I brought along my household registry and ID card…”

She felt insecure, and so she figured she’d feel better after procuring a marriage certificate.

Her ‘prince’ did not answer her; instead, he spoke directly to the man in a black suit who was driving the car, “Hale, head to the Civil Affairs Bureau.”

The car changed its direction and sped toward the Civil Affairs Bureau.

The car ride was bumpy, but he continued his attack on Sophia by groping all over her body.

He caressed her tanned and petite face. There were dark shadows underneath her eyes, and her hair was as messy as a bird’s nest. Her skin was slightly sallow and malnourished, but her facial features were delicate and pretty. She had large eyes with double eyelids, a tiny pair of lips, and a pretty nose. Sophia’s eyelashes were thick and curly. Her heart-shaped face was set upon a body with fair and smooth skin; in fact, she was a natural beauty.

However, she looks like a shriveled chick right now!

I don’t believe in horoscopes, but it wouldn’t raise suspicions to have a girl without any background by my side. Besides, it’s quite fun.

The car soon came to a halt in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau. Sophia adjusted her clothes while following her hubby from behind. She checked to make sure that it was the Civil Affairs Bureau before going in.

She held onto her ID card and household registry carefully. Her mother came to the city twenty years ago to work for two years. Then, she returned to her village looking fabulous, and rumors had it that she became a mistress of a coal business owner in the city. Furthermore, her mother gave birth to her out of wedlock, and she passed away on the operation table.

Sophia’s uncle raised her until she was 15 before chasing her out of the house. Hence, her household registry was based on the address of her grandfather’s house. On the household registry, both her grandfather and grandmother had passed away, and so she was the only one left.

Her hubby appeared to be someone important. Hale had already evacuated the place before they entered the Civil Affairs Bureau. There were only staff members left in the bureau’s main hall, and they were ready to serve them enthusiastically.

They filled in the forms, took a photograph, and procured their marriage certificate. She obtained the marriage certificate in one go. Upon receiving the red certificate booklet, Sophia stole a glance at her hubby’s name—Michael Fletcher.

Michael Fletcher, 31 years old. He isn’t that old; in fact, he’s only 13 years older than I am, and I think it’s acceptable.

Sophia got married without a wedding ceremony or anyone’s blessings, and she didn’t have any friends and family around her. She held onto the red marriage certificate booklet fresh from the oven while scanning it several times. It was her name and photograph, indeed. Her hubby stood tall and elegant beside her, and he looked exceptionally handsome.

Sophia felt as if she might have had a fake marriage, and so she pinched her thigh hard. Ouch, that’s slightly painful.

Michael stated, “I have to keep this private for now because it’s not convenient for me to be married in my job.”

Sophia nodded. It’s good enough as long as I don’t starve, and it’s best if I can continue attending school. I don’t wish for anything else.

The two of them got back into the car, and there was a fresh box of condoms available in the car.

Michael started making a move on Sophia once the car doors were closed. She never expected her first time to happen in a car. Besides, there was another person at the driver’s side, and so she was stiff with tension.

It’s true that Michael Fletcher is a psychotic pervert!

Michael was dressed like a gentleman. He had had two former girlfriends in the past—one of them lost her memory, whereas the other almost died in a car crash, and so he was labelled as a wife-jinxer. Furthermore, his identity as a public figure meant that everything he did would be scrutinized under a magnifying glass. When his dog lost all its fur due to a skin disease, the media stubbornly claimed that he jinxed his dog…

I’m not particularly interested in sex and women, but it would be a waste not to bed the woman I’ve legally married. I can’t very well let this little girl live like a widow.

He slipped on the protection and held onto her slender ankle while speaking to her in a serious tone, “Chica, you should be mentally prepared because I’m not very experienced.”

Sophia wasn’t sure how the term ‘chica’ came about, but she was extremely nervous, and so her mind was blank.

Just when they were at the most critical moment, Daniel called. “Hello? Old man, I’m closing my shop now. Where are we having dinner? Is Harry coming?”

Michael, who was interrupted, cursed angrily, “I’m in the middle of doing something important! Get lost!”

Daniel burst out laughing. “I’ll be waiting for you at our old spot!”

After hanging up, Michael pulled his pants up and settled back onto his seat while looking calm and collected. Sophia’s stomach growled in hunger, and her body was soft and limp. I’m not even sure how long she has been starving. I can’t just go on; I’d have to feed her well first. After all, she can’t escape from sleeping with me.

The car drove into High Street, and they walked into a high-end gourmet chain restaurant.

In the restaurant’s private room, Sophia was gobbling food non-stop, whereas Daniel and Michael were chatting intimately.

Daniel patted Michael’s shoulder while commenting, “You old bachelor, I’ve finally married you off! I’d like to describe you with a phrase. Hmm… how about ‘getting married as an old fart’? Hahaha…”

Michael ignored Daniel’s teasing; instead, he continued puffing on his cigarette while caressing Sophia’s messy and chopped-up hair. He looked tenderly at her.

Suddenly, there was a phone call for him, and Michael was greeted with a stern, male voice, “Old man, there are some issues in Europe…”

Michael looked gloomy after hanging up on the call. Daniel stopped smiling playfully as well. “What happened?”

Michael answered him in a grave tone, “Some issues cropped up in Europe. I need to rush over straight away. Hale, get my private plane ready.”

Hale turned around to head out of the room to prepare the plane by making a phone call. However, he made a double take immediately to ask, “What about madam?”

Sophia felt nervous instantly. I should be starting my senior year soon. I wouldn’t even know when I might return if I’m all the way in Europe. I’m sure I wouldn’t make it to the orientation for Bayside University if so!

Michael thought that it was a pity as well. I haven’t gotten a taste of this little girl. It’s a pity to just leave now. However, I would be preoccupied even if I were to bring her along to Europe. Besides, it’s dangerous there.

“How long does it take to get to the airport now?” Michael felt that it wasn’t too late if he made use of whatever time he had left.

After checking the route, Hale answered seriously, “Traffic is smooth throughout the highway to the airport. It’ll take 20 minutes at most from here to the airport.”

After reporting to Michael, Hale added, “Is 20 minutes enough for you…?”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 3

Is 20 minutes enough… enough… enough…?

Sophia blushed as the words lingered by her ears.

Michael thought about it seriously. “20 minutes is too short.”

In the end, he still decided to deal with the matter first. They were married after all, and they could wait, but the incident in Europe couldn’t wait any longer. After he exhorted Daniel and Hale on some matters, he rubbed Sophia’s messy hair and left in a hurry, leaving her, who was holding a bowl dumbfoundedly, behind.

Hale sent Sophia to the top villa neighborhood of the Bayside City, The Imperial, after sending Michael away.

The Imperial was located in the city center, and the price of properties there was high. The Imperial was the best neighborhood around, and it only had ten villas. Each villa came with a huge garden, parking spaces, and even water fountains. The market value of those villas were hundreds of millions, and the owner of the neighborhood had an extraordinary background.

Sophia was astonished as she stood before the huge and gorgeous villa, which looked just like a European castle.

“The villas here were built by the boss’ company, and he kept two for himself. This is Villa No. 8, and if you don’t like it, you can stay in Villa No. 1, which is a courtyard house. It is opposite an ancient palace, where you can visit whenever you are free,” explained Hale. “This is the boss’ credit card, which is unlimited. This is another card, which has around 7 to 8 million in it. You shall spend all of it before he returns.”

Sophia didn’t know how else to react other than being dumbfounded. She could tell that her life would be completely different from now on…

A year later.

It was September, mid-autumn, and it was Bayside University’s Freshman orientation day.

Bayside University was the top university in Cethos, and it had nurtured countless elites across different industries in the world. Students who were enrolled into Bayside University were all intelligent, had top results, and were top students from each city across Cethos.

Getting into Bayside University was Sophia’s goal, and her life would change as long as she got into that university. That was the only way she could turn her life around.

However, she was expelled from school, and no school was willing to take her on her last highschool year despite the fact that she had excellent results and could get into Bayside University as long as someone provided her food and a bed in an 8-person dormitory…

The entrance of Bayside University was crowded on the first day, with luxurious cars coming in and out, causing a traffic jam. Shuttle buses were also traveling slowly from the entrance to different schools.

Suddenly, a Yamaha motorbike drove past the shuttle buses. The girl on the bike lowered her body and grabbed the handles firmly, just like an agile leopard. Her dark, curly hair fell on her waist, and she was wearing a crop top, showing her slender waist. Her abs were tempting, and her tight, leather trousers made her look thin, tall, and extremely wild.

People in the shuttle bus looked toward the girl riding the motorbike. Bayside University was the top university of Cethos. It was a serious and dignified place. The sudden appearance of a wild girl became a wow factor, and everyone started asking about the background of that student.

The motorbike then stopped at the parking booth outside the university’s hall. The girl came down from the motorbike, and she revealed her gorgeous, fair face.

Sophia locked her motorbike, took her sunglasses off, and walked toward the hall as she spun the keychain in her hand. All freshmen had to attend the freshmen orientation in the hall.

Too much happened in the past year, and she seemed to have changed completely. She was now cool, confident, and was no longer that nerd who did nothing other than studying. She also got into Bayside University, as she wished.

It’s finally time to meet some acquaintances. I wonder how those people who framed me are doing now. I’m actually quite eager to find out…

No one would have the courage to miss Bayside University’s Freshman Orientation Day. The hall was soon fully seated.

Thousands of students were enrolled, and they all came from across the country. Some of them were students from middle-class families, while some were well-dressed individuals from rich families. Other than top students, Bayside University also admitted a batch of noble students. Their results might not be as good as the others, but they could be enrolled as long as their family paid a school maintenance fee of six to seven digits.

Sophia simply found a seat and sat down. She was attracting attention with her revealing crop top and her gorgeous face with light makeup on.

She heard a commotion soon after she sat down.

“Richard is here!”

“The one from the Harper Family, who’s got a high score of 736 in the exam? Isn’t he in Year 2? Why is he attending the freshmen orientation?”

“Gosh, Richard is hot!”

A handsome man, who was in a black suit, walked into the hall slowly like Prince Charming with everyone’s attention on him. He was the eldest son of the Harper Family, the real estate tycoon in South Bayside City.

The full marks for the college entrance exam was 750, and Richard got 715. He was born rich, had outstanding abilities, and was handsome. Hence, he was immediately popular in the university.

He was also Sophia’s ex-boyfriend.

But it was a long time ago…

Sophia looked up at that man who was in the middle of the attention, and she smiled viciously.

Richard was walking over gentlemanly, enjoying people’s attention. He was calm and cool, almost perfect. Suddenly, he felt a familiar gaze among the crowd, but when he looked around, that gaze disappeared.

He thought he saw Sophia.

Sophia, his ex-girlfriend. They had a promise to get into Bayside University together and get engaged after they graduate, but he never expected her to betray him, get together with another man, and even get pregnant…

Richard looked down and removed Sophia from his mind. A girl that sacrificed her body in order to climb the social ladder didn’t deserve his love!

“Richard, you are here!” A melodious voice rang. A girl, who was in a knee-length skirt, ran toward him like a joyful fairy jumping into Prince Charming’s embrace. All the other girls gasped out of jealousy.

Richard’s eyes were filled with gentleness when he looked at the fairy-like girl. The girl was as pure as a fairy. She was born with a silver spoon and knew nothing about evil. She was kind, innocent, and was completely different from girls like Sophia, who would sacrifice their body to achieve their goals. Only girls like this suit me!

The girl was the precious daughter of the family who owned Huffs Technology, Xyla Huff—she was a perfect match for Richard Harper, and they were getting engaged soon.

Another girl, who looked classy, held Richard’s other arm happily as she spoke coquettishly, “Richard, you shan’t forget your sister after getting a girlfriend, you know!”

Richard looked at his sister, Kayla Harper, affectionately. “My two princesses invited me, so of course I would come!”

The combination of such handsome and gorgeous individuals attracted everyone’s attention. They sat down under others’ jealous gaze.

The boys were jealous of Richard’s background and ability. He was only in Year 2, yet he was already an important member in his family business. Meanwhile, the girls were jealous of the two girls standing next to Richard for having such a perfect boyfriend and brother, and they wished they could take their place.

The freshman orientation soon started. The chairman started speaking, and everyone started dozing off, but no one dared to leave. In fact, the vice chancellor was sitting in the first row.

Xyla and Kayla started whispering. They talked about jewelry and fashion. Just then, Xyla sighed pretentiously and asked, “Richard, do you think Sophia got into Bayside University too? Will we still see her? She is good at studying, and it should be easy for her to get into Bayside University.”

Richard looked disgusted. Before he could speak, Kayla scoffed, “Her pregnancy scandal was huge, and no school was willing to take her in after she was expelled. Would that poor girl be able to pay for the tuition fee anyway?”

The Harpers had always disliked Sophia and didn’t want Richard to be with such girls. There were too many girls like her, who wanted to marry rich. Kayla despised her, and her words were filled with disgust.

“Kayla, don’t say that. Sophia must have had her reasons! It might not be what we thought it was,” Xyla said enthusiastically.

Richard shook his head and rubbed Xyla’s nose lovingly. “You are always this kind!”

“Richard…” Xyla blushed like a shy deer. She looked pure and innocent, and it was what Richard liked the most about her.

Just then, they heard a clear voice from the speaker. “Let’s welcome our student representative, Sophia Edwards, from the School of Business Management and Economics.”

A tall, confident girl walked on stage and stood before the thousands of freshmen. Her revealing crop top made her stand out among the group of nerds and rich young ladies. It felt as if she was glowing when the spotlight hit her.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 4

There were quite a lot of Sophia’s old classmates sitting in the hall, and they were all surprised to see her.

Isn’t this Sophia, who was expelled from school because of her bad reputation after getting pregnant?

Sophia didn’t seem to have registered their shocked faces and just started giving her speech. “Good morning, I’m Sophia Edwards, first year student of Business Management and Economics Major…”

Kayla’s eyes widened. The Sophia from her memory was dark and ugly, yet the girl on stage was tall, fair, and was wearing the newest design of the limited-edition diamond-studded crop top that was recently showcased at Paris’ Fashion Week. Her skin was as smooth as silk, and she looked stunning with just light makeup on.

“How did she get into Bayside University?” Kayla gnashed her teeth.

Sophia was an orphan, and their highschool nurtured her to be a prospective student of Bayside University. They gave her full scholarship and even provided her free food and accommodation. She had nowhere to go after being expelled and had a bad reputation. Kayla thought no school wanted her, not to mention Bayside University.

Kayla couldn’t believe it. She took the list of the freshers out and found Sophia’s introduction. ‘Sophia Edwards, female, 19, graduated from South Bayside High School, scored 725 marks in her college entrance exam, and is currently studying in Bayside University’s School of Economics and Business Administration’s Economics Major.’

South Bayside High School, the best highschool in Bayside city!

Richard was stunned when he saw that tall, beautiful figure. His eyes lit up, and he couldn’t react for a while.

Is that really Sophia? Why does she look so different from what I remembered?

Xyla panicked a little when she saw his expression. She quickly held Richard’s arm and said coquettishly, “Sophia had other boyfriends when she was dating Richard. Her other boyfriends might have sponsored her.”

Xyla’s words sounded innocent, but it was poking Richard’s heart, reminding him that Sophia was the one who betrayed him first! She was a dirty woman!

Richard’s gaze turned cold. Xyla sighed in relief. She was afraid that he still had feelings for Sophia. “Richard, don’t be mad. Sophia was young and was fooled. Now that she got into Bayside University, we can hang out together again,” she comforted Richard hypocritically.

Richard was disgusted by her words. He wasn’t as innocent as Xyla and couldn’t forget about it. Betrayal was betrayal, after all!

Sophia was still speaking on stage as a student representative. She was calm, confident, and spoke clearly; she looked like a top student. The vice chancellor kept nodding and clapping.

However, being a popular girl in high school, everyone in Riverdale High School knew her. Her appearance was a great shock to her previous schoolmates, and everyone was gossiping about her.

Soon, the scandal about Sophia’s highschool pregnancy was spread among the freshmen.

“What? Sophia was expelled from high school because she got pregnant? And she didn’t even know who the dad was?”

“I knew she was messed up from the way she looks and dresses, but I didn’t expect this. Tsk-tsk.”

“Let’s ask for her price later. She is my cup of tea!”

“I have the video of her being expelled. She was even begging the principal shamelessly to take her before the gate. Tsk-tsk.”

Small groups of gossiping soon turned into a huge scale of discussion. Bayside University was always strict about student’s private life. Students would either be deducted marks or expelled if they were found to be messing around, so it was rare for Bayside University to have such scandals. Now that one came up, it instantly caught everyone’s attention.

By the time Sophia was done speaking, the gossips were already louder than the clappings. It caught the vice chancellor’s attention.

The vice chancellor was the person with the highest authority attending today, and he had the power to speak. He glared at those who were gossiping and scolded, “What’s so interesting? Why don’t you go on stage and share with us?”

The vice chancellor had a strong background and was strict. The gossip stopped after he spoke, but some fearless students kept on gossiping.

Kayla, who hated Sophia, stood up and shouted loudly on purpose, “Vice chancellor, I would like to make a report. Sophia’s private life is extremely messed up. She dated several men at the same time back in high school, got pregnant, and even aborted the baby. It brought shame on the high school, and she was expelled in the end after parents and students insisted. How can people like her attend Bayside University? It’s a great humiliation for our university, and I refuse to have her as my schoolmate!”

Meanwhile, Richard, Sophia’s ex, made no comments.

The hall was quiet, and Kayla’s voice was clearly heard by people around her. Those who couldn’t hear her soon heard it from people around too.

“Is that true?” the vice chancellor frowned and asked doubtingly.

Kayla nodded her head continuously. “If you don’t believe me, you can ask any student from Riverdale High School. Everyone knew about it. If you still don’t believe it, you can try searching the keywords ‘Sophia Edwards from Riverdale High School’ online. There were multiple news reports about it.”

Someone searched and soon found lots of information, such as ‘The nerd was actually a slut! Student got pregnant and didn’t know who the father was’, and more. Many media reported about it, and it caused a wave. They could find millions of results online. There were even clear photos and videos of Sophia—none of them cared to blur out her face.

The girl in the video was kneeling before the school gate, and her luggage was thrown on the floor. She kept begging the principal, kowtowing again and again until her forehead was bleeding.

“I’m not! I’m not pregnant, and I don’t have a promiscuous lifestyle! You have to trust me! Please, don’t chase me away. I can guarantee you that I can get into Bayside University, and I can offer free tuition lessons to other students. I can also work part time to pay the tuition fee. I can do anything. Please don’t expel me! I can give up anything. I just want you to keep my student profile and allow me to take the college entrance exam! Please, I’m begging you!”

A group of parents, who were dressed up, stood before the gate and was a great contrast compared to the girl. They kept scolding the poor girl, “I don’t want my son to be schoolmates with a girl like her! You have to expel her, or I’ll transfer my son to another school!”

“You have to expel her. She is a vixen. What if she seduce my son?”

The girl in the video was as pitiful as a stray dog. Her dirty face was covered with blood and tears, but the current Sophia before their eyes was completely different. She was so confident that she was glowing.

The students kept pointing at her as they gossiped.

Kayla raised her voice. “Vice chancellor, did you see that? Sophia is just a slut. If you let her stay in this university, Bayside University’s name will be ruined by her!”

The vice chancellor looked at Sophia seriously. His expression was solemn.

Bayside University was once involved in a scandal. A female student gave up on herself and chose to serve men in a nightclub. She even used her identity as a Bayside University’s student to increase her price, and it had caused a great blow to the university’s reputation. The chancellor was so mad that he almost exploded.

If the rumors were true, Sophia could be the next person that would sell her body with a high price while using her identity as a Bayside University student.

Everyone’s gaze turned to Sophia instantly.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 5

Sophia had a calm and indifferent expression after her speech. She stood on the stage, clad in a crop top, but she didn’t seem frivolous as one would expect. On the contrary, she looked free and unrestrained, which made her stand out among the many students present.

She wasn’t about to step down, nor was she affected by the rumors. Sophia merely observed the crowd below the stage whispering among each other. Her lips curled up into a slight smile, as if she was waiting for some drama to unfold.

She allowed everyone to continue with their discussion, giving them all the time they needed to gossip.

The voices in the auditorium were getting louder, and they sounded even more distasteful now. In the end, the vice chancellor slammed the table and commanded angrily, “Silence!”

The middle-aged man’s booming voice reverberated around the hall. Finally, the racket in the auditorium died down.

The vice chancellor regarded Sophia with a stern expression, and he demanded in a grave tone, “Sophia Edwards, what do you have to say for yourself?”

Sophia nodded toward the vice chancellor and tapped against the microphone to check on the sound system before answering him, “That girl is my previous classmate from high school, indeed. However, I disagree with her statement regarding my pregnancy and promiscuous life. It’s true I had a boyfriend in high school, but we have never tasted the forbidden fruit. I did not get pregnant, nor did I have a promiscuous lifestyle.”

Kayla had always hated Sophia. The Harper Family was a well-known family, and so they could never allow a commoner, such as Sophia, to join the noble Harper Family. I couldn’t face anyone within the socialite network when Sophia was with Richard. There were people constantly mocking me, and so I had been thinking of ways to ruin their relationship. I was this close to celebrating their breakup with fireworks. I definitely have to add insult to injury right now.

Kayla deliberately announced loudly, “Mr. Vice Chancellor, she has no grounds to argue about this matter. The entire school is aware of her promiscuous life. It’s not guaranteed that she wouldn’t bring her horrible habits from high school to Bayside University. Therefore, I suggest expelling her!”

Right after Kayla’s speech, Sophia’s voice boomed through the amplifiers, drowning Kayla’s voice immediately, “Oh? Did you witness my promiscuous lifestyle in person since you sound so sure about it? Or did you see me getting pregnant and having an abortion?”

Kayla shook her head while retorting shrilly, “All your schoolmates knew about your scandal, and they saw it! There is no use denying it!”

Sophia was still smiling faintly when she spoke in a calm tone, “Miss, please don’t change the subject. I’m merely asking if you saw, with your own eyes, that I got pregnant, got an abortion, and led a promiscuous lifestyle with several men.”

Kayla was rendered speechless when she heard that. How would I know when Sophia was sinning? “I did not witness it myself, but—”

“Are you saying that you are accusing me without concrete proof?”

Sophia cut her off decisively while staring at her with a pair of large bright eyes that no longer looked dull like before. Her eyes were like dazzling lights, which illuminated every gaze thrown at her, as she scanned the students sitting in the auditorium with an intense look. Then, Sophia asked deliberately, “What about the rest of you? All the students who were caught up in an intense discussion earlier, where did you learn about my pregnancy and promiscuous lifestyle? Did you see it in person? Or did you see it on your Instagram stories?”

The crowd, who was in a heated discussion below the stage just a while ago, exchanged glances among themselves. Nobody spoke because they truly had no idea about the truth. They learned about the gossip via Instagram Stories and Twitter. Later on, the rumors got out of hand and spread like wildfire in the school. After learning about the news, many parents joined efforts by requesting the high school to expel Sophia to prevent her from being a bad influence to their children.

The principal had no choice but to get rid of Sophia due to the pressure, but she refused to leave. Security dragged her out while humiliating her in the process. After that, she cried and kicked up a fuss at the school entrance. She even kneeled in front of the entrance, begging the principal to allow her to attend school. Therefore, the whole school knew about this matter.

However, they merely witnessed the principal chasing Sophia out of school, and they saw her crying and causing a commotion at the school entrance. No one witnessed her having a promiscuous life. On the contrary, every morning, they saw her memorizing English glossaries on the field. Sophia was also always the last one to leave the school’s study room every day.

Once the crowd quietened down, she smiled faintly. “Since everybody here does not have concrete proof, you shouldn’t accuse others easily. The consequences of spreading rumors and slandering are severe!”

Kayla stared at Sophia, whom she felt was twisting the truth on stage. How dare she deny the truth after sinning! Therefore, Kayla scolded in anger, “Sophia, do you think that you can twist the truth just because you are in a new school where nobody knows about your background? Dr. Clayton, from the high school hospital, was the one who diagnosed your pregnancy at the time!”

The crowd erupted in shock. It turns out the school doctor diagnosed her! In that case, there’s no denying the truth anymore!

Sophia remained calm upon facing such a firm, ironclad accusation. Instead, she smiled faintly while shaking her head sincerely at Kayla before she addressed the vice chancellor and all the teachers, “I can swear in front of everyone here with a clear conscience that I was never pregnant in high school, nor did I lead a promiscuous life. I am taking legal action regarding this matter. I am filing a civil lawsuit against Dr. Clayton from Riverdale High School for defamation. Not only am I requesting for Dr. Clayton to restore my reputation, he is also to compensate me with a huge sum for damages in this civil lawsuit.”

Kayla was at a loss for words due to shock. Her lips parted as she tried to say something, but she was stumped upon listening to Sophia. “I hope my dear schoolmates present will refrain from discussing this matter. I will not hesitate to take legal action against those who contribute to these rumors, that will no doubt inflict further damage to myself!”

Everybody exchanged glances with each other. She’s taking this to court?

“How dare you—”

The color drained from Kayla’s face. In the end, she spat, “I’d like to see how you’d win the lawsuit!”

Does Sophia, the hobo, have the money to hire a lawyer? She is already beyond lucky to have gotten through the entrance exams for Bayside University. Is she even able to turn the tables?

Kayla sat down without commenting further temporarily. However, Sophia, who was still standing at the rostrum, spoke righteously suddenly, “As a member of the Bayside University, I know my actions and words represent the Bayside University. Therefore, I will maintain a clean reputation without ruining my alma mater’s prestige. I will hire the best defense attorney as my lawyer to fight this lawsuit well. I will not allow others to take advantage of this opportunity to discredit our university by blowing this rumor out of proportion.”

The vice chancellor, who had a grave look earlier, seemed slightly more relaxed now. His face was still void of emotions, but he nodded very slightly, as if satisfied with Sophia’s promise.

Her confidence represents what a Bayside University student should be like!

The students were still whispering at each other in the auditorium. Among the hushed discussions, Richard looked especially upset.

This girl seems different from before…

There is no doubt she has committed many humiliating things, but why is my feelings for her somehow lighted up and resurrected, burning deep down in my heart?

He did not notice the dark gleam in Xyla’s eyes while she sat silently beside him.

I’ve put in so much effort to finally snatch Richard away from that b*tch, Sophia. In fact, we are already planning to get married. I can’t allow her sudden appearance to affect our relationship!

Is she trying to turn the tables? Dream on!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 6

In the end, after her speech, Sophia returned to her seat under the crowd’s scrutiny.

Among the large group of goody-two-shoes university students, Sophia stood out with her pretty face and bold clothes. Her affairs spread like wildfire throughout the university after what happened just now.

The freshman orientation ended soon, and everyone got up to leave the auditorium.

Sophia took her time and walked out of the auditorium when there were less people. Nothing happened when classes started over the first few days in the university. Nevertheless, there were the freshman orientation, freshmen meeting, hostel distribution and the works.

My priority right now is to win the lawsuit to prove my innocence. Otherwise, Bayside University might expel me over this distasteful incident.

It was impossible for Sophia not to know who had set her up.

Dr. Clayton was the one who ruined my reputation. As long as I follow the clues and continue investigating him, I should be able to uncover interesting things, Sophia thought to herself while walking out of the auditorium. She walked along the boulevard to the parking booth to look for her motorbike. The freshman orientation had almost ended by then, and so students were leaving one after another. Most sophomores and juniors had yet to return to the university, and so there weren’t many people on the boulevard. There were the occasional students along the route, but those were rare.

Suddenly, Sophia came to a complete halt in her steps because there was a couple in front of her entangled in a make out session. She thought the back view seemed rather familiar. Isn’t that Richard and Xyla?

The guy had a clean white shirt on, whereas the girl was wearing a crisp, white sundress. They looked like a prince and princess who had just walked out of a fairytale. In fact, they looked like a match made in heaven.

This scene looks familiar.

A year ago, I had the worst fight with Richard in our relationship over something similar to this scene. That day, I walked out of the high school library and witnessed a handsome couple making out passionately in the grove. I felt my world crumbling around me at that moment, and there was a ringing sound in my ears. I felt as if someone was stabbing my heart repeatedly.

I always knew that Xyla had a crush on Richard. I just didn’t expect them to end up together.

I was stupid enough to expose them on the spot. Richard and Xyla kept apologizing to me profusely. I lost it and slapped Xyla so hard that she got a nosebleed. In the end, Richard spat, “I didn’t expect you to be so unreasonable.” Then, he left with a weeping Xyla.

From then on, Richard and I couldn’t return to the way things were before, and we started a cold war.

I just entered senior year in high school, and schoolwork was getting even more demanding. I felt increasingly pressured with the cold war I had with Richard; coupled with the sudden change in weather, I came down with a cold. Hence, I was forced to get some medication from the high school hospital. Unexpectedly, Dr. Clayton diagnosed me as two-months pregnant after giving me a once-over when I was merely having a cold.

Furthermore, there were many students in the hospital that day. Rumors of my pregnancy spread because I was a well-known figure, who often represented the student body, and had received many awards along the way.

I was well aware of whether or not I was pregnant. I’d been together with Richard since sophomore year in high school. We did nothing apart from holding hands, and I’d never had other boyfriends before him.

I begged the principal on bent knees not to expel me. I kneeled in front of Richard to beg him to trust me, but in return, he stared at me with nothing but disgust.

Today, the familiar scene replayed in front of her once again. However, unlike the past, Sophia no longer felt any heartache. On the contrary, she felt the irony of the situation, as if the entire situation was taunting her.

The couple in front of her finally stopped making out, and they separated shortly. Xyla clung onto Richard’s arm affectionately while smiling sweetly at him in a docile manner. Her gaze was tender and loving while she stared at the man in front of her.

Sophia could see Xyla’s tender expression from her position. Xyla could see her too, but Richard couldn’t.

Triumph flashed through Xyla’s eyes when she saw Sophia. It was the exact same look she had a year ago.

Nevertheless, Sophia’s face maintained a blank expression; she just put on her pair of sunglasses and earphones calmly. She switched on her music and brushed shoulders with the two of them casually with a spring in her step.

Xyla felt slightly puzzled. Didn’t she see us?

She couldn’t possibly look like that if she saw us.

Previously, when Sophia was expelled, she went to the Harper Family continuously for several days to beg Richard for help. At that time, she acted like a lowly dog. I’m sure she’s overwhelmed deep down in her heart when she ran into the love of her life again!

Hence, Xyla deliberately called out for Sophia, who walked past them. “Sophia? Is that you, Sophia? What a coincidence!”

Richard snapped back to his senses, as if he had woken up from a dream. Something gleamed in his eyes, and he seemed as if he was about to say something. However, Sophia acted as though she did not see them, and she walked past them lightly and swiftly.

Xyla wouldn’t let it go, and so she chased after Sophia to tap her on her shoulder before greeting her with a friendly smile, “Sophia, Sophia!”

Sophia finally stopped walking to turn around to look at the couple. She took her sunglasses off, revealing her large and dark eyes. She looked up at them lazily. “What’s the matter?”

Xyla clung onto Richard, like a winner shower off her spoils of war. “Sophia, who would have thought we’d meet again in university! We are schoolmates again! Why don’t Richard and I take you out for Japanese today? Our treat! We can go to the restaurant you’ve always been reluctant to splurge on!”

Having Japanese food was just like any other meal for the couple, but for Sophia, it was once even more luxurious than a Christmas feast.

Sophia wore her earphones back on coldly. “I’m not free.”

She turned around to continue walking forward.

Xyla wouldn’t give up, and she chased after her. “Sophia, didn’t the school expel you previously? How did you end up in South Bayside High School? Did your new boyfriend send you there?”

New boyfriend!

Richard, who was nearby, clenched his fists tightly reflexively when he heard that term.

True enough, she has another man. If it weren’t for the help of another man, how could she have possibly entered Bayside University?

It seems like someone else has been keeping her on the side all along, whereas she has been lying to me all this while! She has been toying with my feelings all along!

Naturally, Sophia knew what stunt Xyla was trying to pull. She succeeded in snatching Richard away. What is the point of dragging me into the drama now?

Therefore, Sophie continued walking forward while ignoring Xyla. Xyla was about to say something to Sophia, but Richard dragged her back viciously while reprimanding her, “What is there to chat about with someone like her? Is it not humiliating enough for you?!”

Xyla’s adorable face scrunched up sadly. She held onto Richard’s hand innocently while swaying slightly to soothe him. “I have always had a good relationship with Sophia. Previously, I was the one who snatched you away from her, and I’ve always felt bad about it. Now that we are in the same university, it’ll be so awkward whenever we bump into each other. I’m just trying to resolve the misunderstanding between Sophia and me as soon as possible…”

Richard regarded the adorable girl in front of him, and he was once again impressed by her kindness. He couldn’t help himself and kissed her rosy cheek while speaking to her in a serious tone, “I have no feelings for Sophia at all. You are the only one in my heart, and you’re the only person I love.”

Xyla blushed, and she threw herself into Richard’s arms. She punched his chest playfully with her small fists. “Richard, you’re making me blush…”

Out of Richard’s sight, a trace of twisted triumph gleamed in those adorable and pretty eyes.

Even though she managed to enter the same university, Sophia can never snatch Richard away from me!

Previously, I ruined her reputation, and so I can very well achieve the same thing in this university!

Her time in Bayside University is limited!

At the same time, Sophia, who was already sitting on her Yamaha bike while fastening her helmet, sneezed. She had an odd feeling, as if someone was talking about her behind her back.

I said that I’m filing a lawsuit, and so I will go to court.

I’m not sure what Michael’s job is. The strange thing is that, despite his large family business and handsome face, I just couldn’t find anything online about him. There are countless ‘Michael Fletchers’ online, but none of them matches his description.

Apart from my marriage certificate, I just can’t seem to find a trace of him elsewhere.

However, I know that Michael is extremely influential and powerful. In fact, he has the ability not to play by the rules. Previously, I begged the principal on bent knees to not expel me, but he rejected me. On the other hand, Michael secured my education path and household registration within less than a day. He even got me into Bayside City’s best high school, South Bayside High School, without a hitch.

Michael’s right-hand man, Hale, already investigated everything on behalf of Sophia.

It was true that Dr. Clayton framed her. A school doctor like Dr. Clayton wouldn’t find trouble with a poor student for no reason. The only explanation was that he was paid to do that. At that time, Dr. Clayton had indeed received an unaccounted deposit of 200,000 in his bank account.

On the second day of the semester, Dr. Clayton of Riverdale High School received a subpoena from the court.

He had long forgotten about what happened six months ago. In fact, Sophia, who was chased out of the school in utter humiliation, was the last thing on his mind. Hence, he was in shock when he received the court subpoena. He panicked and broke into cold sweat.

Previously, when I received the money, she promised that there wouldn’t be any problems for me.

There haven’t been any issues over a year. Why am I receiving a court subpoena now all of a sudden?!

The person suing me is none other than the poor student from before, Sophia Edwards!

Dr. Clayton made a phone call in a hurry. After dialing the number, a female voice greeted him soon enough from the other end of the line. Dr. Clayton started scolding her over the phone, “Didn’t you promise me that there wouldn’t be any issues? I’ve received a court subpoena now! So what should I do now?!”

The person on the other end of the line sounded like a young girl. She started sobbing softly, as if she was extremely heartbroken. “Dr. Clayton, I’m so sorry. I was immature at the time, and I was just pulling a prank. I didn’t expect things to get out of hand, nor did I expect Sophia to be expelled. I least expected you to end up with a lawsuit; I honestly wasn’t expecting this!”

In reality, Dr. Clayton had no idea who she was. Previously, before Sophia dropped by the school hospital for a check-up, he received a phone call that instructed him to diagnose her as pregnant. He was promised 200,000 upon completion of the task. In fact, he received 100,000 on the spot in his bank account and another 100,000 after he completed the task.

Therefore, Dr. Clayton issued Sophia a pregnancy diagnosis report that destroyed her reputation in school. After that, he received 100,000 as promised.

Seeing as the girl on the other end of the line sounded young, he figured she was most probably a lawless rich kid. Dr. Clayton wanted nothing more than to shift the blame, and so he advised her softly, “You are still young, and so it’s natural to make mistakes. Everyone deserves a second chance as long as they are capable of change. They won’t do anything to you since you were still a minor at that time.”

The girl sobbed over the phone before replying to him in a determined tone, “Dr. Clayton, don’t worry. Once you’re in court, you just have to state that Kayla Harper, who was in high school senior year Alpha Class at the time, instructed you to do that. Explain that you had nothing to do with the incident and just blame everything on me, Kayla Harper!”

Dr. Clayton let out a sigh of relief, and he committed the name to memory. After hanging up on the call, he immediately showed up at court. He was extremely cooperative with the investigation. Kayla Harper did everything! I had nothing to do with it!

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The news of Sophia taking legal action became a huge issue. The past incident almost ruined her future. Furthermore, she was a student at Bayside University, and so her reputation was extremely important.

If she refused to go to court over this matter, it would directly affect her reputation at Bayside University. In fact, it would affect her enrollment in the university.

After the university understood the situation and its impact, Sophia was specifically given several days off to attend to this lawsuit.

At Harper’s mansion.

Xyla and Kayla were seated in the living room while chatting about a new movie.

“Sigh, Kayla, recently, there’s a newly premiered movie, which is particularly popular, called ‘Overlord’. There are two male protagonists in the movie. The male lead, Taylor Murray, is so handsome! His role as an actor in the movie makes him seem so feminine, but it’s not annoying at all! Ethan Winston, who is the other male lead, is exceptionally handsome too!” Xyla commented enthusiastically with a magazine in hand.

Kayla saw Taylor’s photograph across the front page under the headlines. Taylor Murray was currently the megastar in the entertainment industry because he had just received several awards recently. In fact, he secured the Best Actor Awards both locally and internationally, and so Kayla was intrigued. “The Harper Family invested a total of 200 million in the filming of the movie ‘Overlord’. It has only premiered in theater for fifteen days, but the movie is already a huge box office hit. It’s grossing at 1.8 billion now, and I’m sure the movie will emerge as the number one box office hit of the year!”

Xyla shook Kayla excitedly. “In that case, let’s catch the movie together!”

Just when they were chatting, Richard came walking down the spiral staircase slowly. He asked with a smile while observing them chatting eagerly, “What are you two chatting about?”

Xyla clung onto his arm playfully. “Richard, let’s catch a movie. I want to watch ‘Overlord’!”

“Sure, of course. Let’s catch the movie together.”

A maid entered suddenly. “Young Master, there’s a guest.”

A man, who was wearing a stern expression, stood behind the maid. He had a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on, and he was wearing a smart, formal suit.

Upon seeing him, Richard appeared extremely respectful. He welcomed the man politely. “Ah, I see you’re here, Mr. Fields! Please, have a seat!”

The man was a rather big deal. He was a bigshot lawyer, Calvin Fields. He had never lost a lawsuit in his career. Hence, Mr. Fields was extremely popular among the rich and famous, and it was difficult to hire him even if money wasn’t a problem!

I wonder why this bigshot lawyer is paying us a visit in Harper’s mansion. One usually wouldn’t get to see him without an appointment. Furthermore, I heard that his schedule is booked until next year.

Mr. Fields adjusted his gold wire-rimmed glasses, but he did not take a seat. Instead, he took out several documents from his briefcase. “I’m here today to see Kayla Harper, also known as Miss Harper. She was involved in spreading rumors and slandering my client. It has caused tremendous repercussions toward my client’s reputation. My client has entrusted me to handle this lawsuit. May I know who Kayla Harper is?”

“What?” Kayla stood up abruptly from the couch. “What do you mean that I spread rumors and slandered your client?! What is going on?”

Richard and Xyla exchanged confused looks, and Richard asked Mr. Fields hastily, “How could Kayla possibly get involved in a lawsuit?”

Mr. Fields glanced at Richard coldly while handing Kayla several documents. “Miss Harper, last year, on 15th September, you paid off Dr. Clayton from Riverdale High School with 200,000 to frame my client, Miss Edwards, by claiming that she was pregnant. It severely damaged her reputation while resulting in irreversible harm for the society. Currently, my client has filed a civil lawsuit against you and Dr. Clayton. These are the relevant documents for your perusal.”

Kayla stared at the documents in Mr. Fields’ hand in disbelief. She accepted them and flipped through the documents in a hurry. It was a case report about Kayla allegedly spreading rumors about Sophia.

Richard scanned through the documents as well, and he saw the key points. ‘Kayla Harper allegedly paid 200,000 to Dr. Clayton from Riverdale High School to forge Miss Edwards’ pregnancy report. This has severely impacted Miss Edwards’ life and education.

Currently, Miss Edwards has filed a civil lawsuit against Miss Harper, requesting Miss Harper for a public apology, and for her to restore Miss Edwards’ reputation through a publication in the newspaper. In addition to that, Miss Harper has been requested to pay 5 million to Miss Harper for civil damages…’

Furthermore, there was a confession from Dr. Clayton with an attached phone number. Dr. Clayton confirmed that he made the deal through this phone number, and the very same number was associated with the Venmo account that transferred 200,000 to Dr. Clayton while requesting him to forge a fake medical report.

This phone number and Venmo account both belonged to Kayla.

After reading through the information, Kayla shook her head in disbelief. She threw the documents onto the floor. “That’s impossible! I’ve never done any of those things! Someone framed me! Someone obviously framed me!”

Mr. Fields picked up the documents from the floor while maintaining a blank expression. “You will receive a court subpoena soon. You may state your stand in court. I am merely responsible for relaying the message.”

He kept the documents back in his briefcase, and he was still wearing a cold expression when he turned around to leave.

If it weren’t for the fact that Richard knew Mr. Fields and had dealt with him in the past, he wouldn’t have believed that the person standing in front of him was indeed Calvin Fields. Richard blocked Mr. Fields while asking him dubiously, “Is your client truly Sophia Edwards?”

Mr. Fields nodded. “Yes.”

He took his briefcase and left without another word.

Richard stared at the empty entrance uncertainly for a very long time after Mr. Fields left.

Mr. Fields is a bigshot in his profession. It would be impossible for commoners to hire him. How could Sophia have possibly had the money to hire him for her lawsuit?

Kayla was a young lady from a wealthy family, who had never experienced hardship. She would never admit to a crime she did not commit, nor would she allow herself to take the blame for no reason. She was so angry that her eyes gleamed menacingly.

I didn’t expect that Sophia had it in her to do such a thing!

She grabbed onto Richard. “Richard, look what’s happening now! This is all thanks to that b*tch, Sophia Edwards! It has been such a long time; don’t you see her for who she truly is?! How dare she frame me! I’ve never done such a thing before, nor do I know Dr. Clayton, whoever that is! How dare she commit such a shameless crime for money!”

I know Kayla’s character. She has always been stubborn and unreasonable ever since she was a child, but she would never commit such a heinous crime because it’s not her style at all.

Is Sophia putting the blame on Kayla in order to restore her reputation? Or is she doing this for money? 5 million is not a small sum, after all!

In the past, the Harper Family was against it when Richard dated Sophia. However, since he was still young and immature, no one stopped him. However, Kayla and Sophia always bumped into each other in school, and they didn’t have a good relationship with each other. Kayla had been unkind and hard toward Sophia during that time.

Therefore, nobody would find it suspicious if Sophia were to blame everything on Kayla.

Xyla’s face was flushed red with anger. She consoled Kayla while cursing, “I didn’t expect Sophia to be so evil. How dare she use such a heinous method in order to restore her reputation! I’ve truly misjudged her. Richard, you have to come up with something. You can’t just let Sophia frame Kayla!”

A series of complex emotions flashed across Richard’s face. Too many things don’t seem to fit in this matter. Shouldn’t Sophia start by taking it out on me if she wants revenge?

Where did she get the money to hire the lawyer? What happened to her after she was expelled?

Richard was still unconvinced that the obedient, timid Sophia would do such a thing. He turned around before stating, “I’ll make a phone call to clarify something.”

He took out his phone and dialed a number, which had not been saved on his phone, from memory. He had deleted this phone number when he erased Sophia from his life. Previously, after receiving the SIM card, Sophia excitedly installed the SIM card in the free Nokia phone that came with the card. The first number she dialed was Richard’s. She only had several numbers saved in that phone, and Richard’s was one of them.

However, the phone number was already not in use when he tried calling.

A cruel gleam flashed in Xyla’s eyes when she saw Richard bearing hope for Sophia. However, she merely urged him in a panic, “Richard, she is obviously trying to frame Kayla! You had better find a lawyer for Kayla immediately!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 8

After Sophia was chased out from her school, her phone crashed to the ground and broke. Since then, she never had the opportunity to buy a phone, and she had never used the number ever since.

He found some mutual classmates of his and Sophia’s, but none of them had her number. After all, she had very few high school friends to begin with.

Since she left Riverdale High School, no one knew what she had been up to and where she went. If she hadn’t suddenly appeared in front of everyone a year later, no one would have remembered her.

After Richard put down his phone, he remained silent while Xyla tugged on him anxiously. “Richard, stop calling her. She won’t pick up! She is determined to let Kayla be her scapegoat. I’ve never expected that she would be so malicious!

After having a promiscuous life that led to her getting pregnant, she even planned to slander Kayla to prove her innocence. We can’t let her get her way, Richard!”

Kayla chimed in anxiously, “Richard, are you still infatuated with that b*tch? She is now slandering me, yet you are still stubbornly doing nothing? Do you even regard me as your sister?”

Richard finally put down all his excuses for defending her as there were no other possibilities. The only explanation to this was that Sophia really wanted to use Kayla as her scapegoat.

After all, she had finally entered Bayside University, so she needed her reputation to be recovered as soon as possible. Otherwise, she could be expelled. Since she had gone through great lengths to enrol into Bayside University, she would not leave easily.

Richard’s face darkened as he contacted another lawyer to make preparations for the upcoming lawsuit.

It was not an abrupt decision when Sophia mentioned that she was going to sue them. In fact, she must have planned it out a long time ago since the moment she received the letter of acceptance from Bayside University.

The court session started after the new academic semester had begun. The plaintiff, the defendant, the attorneys, the witnesses, the jury, and the judge had arrived, with rows of students from Bayside University in the audience. Sophia even invited the principal and the alumni from her high school. In addition to that, some parents also joined the court session, so the seats were packed with people.

As this case involved the Harper Family, many of their family members were here as well. As the plaintiffs, Richard, Kayla, and their mother, Mrs. Harper, had to be present as well.

On the defendant’s side, Dr. Clayton, the doctor of Riverdale High School, was standing fearfully as he looked at the inquisitive glances of the crowd. He had no idea where to place his gaze, knowing that he could not get away from his offences no matter how everything would turn out today.

Initially, he also wanted to hire an attorney to defend himself, but as soon as the lawyers heard that they would be going against Calvin Fields, they immediately gave up.

Although Mr. Fields was young, he was an invincible presence in the legal field.

Sitting in the seats of the defendant was Sophia, who was finally not wearing an ostentatious crop top that showed off her slender waist and belly button. The fitting shirt that she wore had perfectly depicted her voluptuous figure, with her fair skin complementing her prominent facial features, making her look healthy and pretty. When she was broke, she had been through many hardships, and she looked skinny and tanned. Finally, she had the ability to doll herself up after she had become rich. After she changed from her worn-out school uniform into a set of branded clothes, her assertive side immediately showed itself. She looked like she had completely changed into a different person.

After experiencing a hellish journey that was almost like a rebirth, her body and soul had gone through tremendous change. She was no longer the old Sophia anymore.

She had an indifferent look as she sat still in the plaintiff’s seat, making one unable to make out her emotions. Looking at her from afar, Richard felt that his heart seemed to be gently tugged by a string.

Mrs. Harper had never imagined that they would be involved in such a lawsuit, and that her own daughter, Kayla, would be the one being sued. She immediately cursed in front of Richard, “I knew this little b*tch was up to no good! She seduced my son because she wants our family fortune!”

Such a lowly woman must be in it for our money to be involved with my son!

There’s no chance of her getting a penny no matter how she wants to blow this matter out of proportion!

The attorney that the Harper Family hired was also quite well-known in the industry. He was looking forward to crossing paths with Mr. Fields, and he promised the Harper Family that he would definitely win this lawsuit.

The Harper Family looked forward to the result of the lawsuit. Not only had they planned to win, they also wanted to sue Sophia for slandering them.

When the court session began, the plaintiff and their attorney presented their respective cases first. Sophia merely relaxed in her seat while Mr. Fields did all the talking.

He presented each piece of evidence clearly. When Sophia was found by her father, Joe, in Duckburgs, he even sent her to a hospital to verify that she was still a virgin. Apart from that, he also asked her to show her future husband the affidavit at that time. At this moment, this affidavit had come in handy for them.

Apart from that, Sophia had also done a full body-checkup that proved that she was never pregnant, so she had never had a abortion. Apart from that, she was still a virgin.

Both the affidavits had been verified to be real.

After a slight pause, Mr. Fields continued, “Dr. Clayton has also admitted that my client only suffered a slight cold at that moment. However, he illegally claimed that she was pregnant, inflicting a great negative impact to my client’s life and studies. This almost caused a tragedy that was unable to be saved.” Mr. Fields went on in a cold voice without any interest on his face. After all, the lawsuits that he was usually involved in were worth more than billions. Hence, he was completely uninterested in such a lawsuit that only involved 5 million. It was a complete overkill to hire him for this—it was a waste of talent.

However, his client was from such a prominent background that she could cut the queue and ignore everything else.

Dr. Clayton also pleaded guilty and proved that this was the truth, eliciting a shocked murmur from the crowd.

So Dr. Clayton actually gave a fake diagnosis!

Because of his fake affidavit, Sophia was labelled the pregnant girl in school. After some time, there were rumors on social media websites about her dating several guys simultaneously and that she had multiple abortions. This had inflicted a huge damage to Riverdale High School, compelling many parents to write to the school to expel Sophia.

Initially, the principal was very reluctant to let her go as she was the top of her year most of the time. However, after some time, he finally buckled under the huge pressure of the rumors and the parents, who were rich and powerful. After all, he was also forced to make such a decision.

Sitting in the audience seat, the principal sighed multiple times. He knew very well that Sophia’s future must have been ruined as soon as she left the school.

However, he was relieved to hear that she had managed to enter Bayside University, and she even had the ability to hire an attorney for herself.

The court session continued with Kayla’s lawyer pointing out several pieces of evidence to prove that she did not frame Sophia.

However, every evidence pointed to Kayla—the phone number and the Venmo account belonged to her. Even Dr. Clayton was sure that Kayla was the culprit. Even though he had never seen her, he could recognize her voice.

The person who bribed Dr. Clayton to frame Sophia was none other than Kayla!

The claims from the defendant’s attorney were denied by Mr. Fields relentlessly. Finally, the court had come to a decision—it was confirmed that Kayla had slandered Sophia. Kayla had to publicly apologize to Sophia and reinstate her reputation in the newspaper. Apart from that, she had to pay Sophia 5 million as compensation.

When the result was confirmed, everyone in the Harper Family was shocked to find that they had lost to a young woman with no background!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 9

After the court session ended, the Harper Family refused to apologize, and it was clear that they were not satisfied with the results. They even stated on the spot that they would appeal the court decision.

Although the court case was not completely won, from the speeches just now, it was clear that Mr. Field’s expertise was unrivaled. Even if they were to file an appeal, he would probably crush the opponent as well.

With this win, Sophia’s reputation had mostly been restored. After all, Dr. Clayton had apologized to her publicly during the court session and posted his apology in the newspaper so that Sophia would not be wronged anymore.

However, the Harpers could not accept such a result, and they mentioned that they would not give up in fighting the court case. It was exactly what Sophia had predicted—they would not give in easily.

After coming out from the courtroom, Sophia was surrounded by many people; one of them was the principal of her old high school.

“Sophia, I’ve let you down…”

Sophia merely smiled without saying much. “Since everything already happened, there’s nothing much we can say now. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have finished my junior year peacefully.”

After her entrance exam, Sophia was accepted by Riverdale High School as the student who got the best results in her school. Back then, she lived with her uncle, who did not allow her to study and wanted her to work instead. The principal of the school visited her personally to fetch her to school and provided her free accommodation and food, with all school fees waived. She even got a scholarship.

When this matter gained publicity, a group of parents with power and fame, including the Harpers, went to the principal’s office to protest. It was out of desperation that he expelled Sophia.

“You are always welcome to visit us.” He patted Sophia’s shoulders.

Mr. Fields also left in his car. To him, this court case was so boring that he almost fell asleep in the middle of it.

Sophia went to the parking lot and found her Yamaha bike. After she put on her helmet, she suddenly heard footsteps behind her. After turning around, she saw Richard, who was in a suit, Mrs. Harper, Kayla, and Xyla standing behind her.

Mrs. Harper immediately swore once she saw Sophia, “You little b*tch, weren’t you aiming for our money from the beginning when you were dating Richard? Let me make it clear to you—don’t even dream of taking a single cent!”

Sophia snorted coldly. Back then, the Harpers were the ones who protested the most vehemently as they blocked the entrance of the school to request for them to expel Sophia.

Xyla consoled Mrs. Harper in a hypocritical way, “Mrs. Harper, calm down. It’s not worth it to be angry over people like her.”

Looking at Sophia, Kayla was so furious that her facial features were contorted. She almost wanted to rush forward and slap her. “You b*tch! Do you think it’s that easy to take money from us? Just you wait—this court case will definitely continue!”

“It’s not that easy for anyone to take a cent from us Harpers!” Mrs. Harper also chimed in viciously.

With that, she walked away with Kayla and Xyla angrily.

Richard, however, did not leave with them. Instead, he appraised the Yamaha bike that Sophia was sitting on. She used to be a delivery girl for the fast food restaurant outside their high school, and she would ride away on a bike, delivering the orders. She got tanned and skinny from the job, and her dream was to earn enough to buy herself a Yamaha bike.

He wanted to buy her one as a gift, but she never wanted to receive anything from him, even if it was something she had always wanted.

With a sarcastic look on his face, he seemed to be half-smiling as he commented, “Seems like your new boyfriend is treating you well.”

Wasn’t she a person who lived strictly by the principles she held? Wasn’t she an arrogant person who refused to receive anything from me, apart from my love?

Now, she’s fallen to the fate of an ordinary woman, accepting gifts from men. She’s indeed a b*tch!

Of course, Sophia knew what he meant. In the past, she stood by her principles—she didn’t want anything apart from a man’s love; now, she had learned to be more thick-skinned and realistic. Since men had already given her gifts, she might as well utilize them and create value from them.

She sat on the seat and placed her foot on the pedal. The shape of her slender legs looked attractive in jeans. “Indeed, he treats me well. He bought me a garage of Yamahas, so I can ride a new one each day.”

Richard balled his fists tightly as he growled, “Sophia, Kayla has no grudges with you. Why did you collude with Dr. Clayton to frame her? Don’t you think that you are nasty enough?”

The evidence given by Mr. Field was perfect—the affidavit of Sophia’s virginity, her medical history that confirmed that she had never been pregnant, Kayla’s phone number, and her phone call history were all accurate. Everything that was needed was complete.

However, Richard knew that all of that evidence was fake. During the alleged time that Kayla called Dr. Clayton and asked him to make a fake medical report, Richard was studying with her at home because he had a fight with Sophia.

Kayla had been beside him all the time, so she would never have had the opportunity to call Dr. Clayton.

Him and the maids at home, along with Xyla, who was also revising at his house, could testify to that.

However, their testimony could hold no power in court, so they could only watch Sophia showing the fake evidence to frame Kayla.

He grabbed Sophia’s wrists agitatedly. “What do you want? After you have dealt with Kayla, are you going to do the same with Xyla and eventually me? Sophia, I’ve been so wrong about you. You are a—”

Without waiting for him to finish his sentence, Sophia had already started the engine. The Yamaha bike charged forward, so she didn’t hear the remainder of Richard’s sentence.

He seemed to have a share in her tragedy.

Back then, if he was willing to trust her slightly, even just a bit, she would not have ended up in that way.

It was not that he did not believe it; he subconsciously did not want to believe her. He knew that it was impossible for him and Sophia to be together.

He could not find other reasons to reject Xyla, who was of equal footing with him in terms of family wealth and status. On top of that, she had been in love with him for many years. If Sophia was sleeping around and got knocked up by other men, he was able to convince himself.

Amidst the traffic, the Yamaha bike rode in a straight line, like a horse charging forward.

In her bluetooth speaker, Hale spoke, “The Harper Family has already begun to use their connections. They even contacted Calvin Fields secretly, trying to attract him with a sum of eight figures.”

Sophia watched countless cars speed past her through her goggles. However, she could still hear Hale’s voice clearly and scoffed coldly. “They’re pretty quick.”

The Harpers did not care about money; they cared about their reputation. If the public knew that they had used such a despicable method to deal with a poor student, their reputation would be damaged for a while. For the elites, they cared most about their reputation.

Hale continued, “The phone call was not made by Kayla indeed. Someone replicated her number and used a voice changer to call Dr. Clayton, and the transactions were all fake. The person behind all this was skilled in computers.”

“Yeah? So you are telling me that you didn’t find out anything again?” Sophia snorted as she made a sharp turn, her bike slightly skidding on the road.

Hale, who was on the other end of the phone, silently cursed by just moving his lips.

She is just a young girl. If my boss hadn’t asked me to protect her, I would have shredded her into pieces.

However, Hale replied, “The perpetrator was very secretive, but our people are even more skilled. We have already found out that the IP address points to Huffs Technology.”

Sophia snorted coldly as this was well within her expectations.

Huffs Technology. Isn’t that Xyla Huff’s family business?

Back when Hale found the evidence that pointed to Kayla, Sophia did not believe him at all.

After all, she knew Kayla’s character. She was mean, but she was an open book. All her malicious thoughts were shown on her face as she always tried to suppress people who dared to challenge with her mean face.

She was not the type of person to frame others behind their backs. If she hated someone, she would take action against them directly.

After Hale did a thorough search, he had indeed found some traces and realized that behind everything, there was a skilled professional in computing who duplicated Kayla’s phone number and faked the transaction history. Everything seemed to have been done meticulously and perfectly, but nothing could escape Hale’s eyes as he was more skilled in this expertise.

Seems like I had every reason to lose back then, Sophia thought.

In the face of such a scheming person, I had no chances of winning, seeing that I had no background, and all I knew was to study.

She uttered again, “Now that the Harpers believe that I forged the evidence to frame Kayla, they won’t give up so easily. I seemed to have offended Riverdale’s most powerful family.”

Hale was speechless upon hearing that. Glad that you are aware of that!

However, he replied confidently, “They are only real estate dealers. They are considered nothing to me.”

Although Sophia was not sure with Hale and Michael’s background, she was sure that Michael was beyond powerful, and that the Harper Family posed no threat to him.

It was because of that that Sophia dared to do whatever she liked.

Upon hearing Hale’s words, she was relieved. However, his next sentence made her vigilance go up.

“Boss is going to return to this country soon.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 10

Sophia was secretly shocked to hear that. Michael is coming back? It seemed to finally hit her that she had a husband. Only half a day after their marriage, he had disappeared without a trace.

If it weren’t for his big mansion and his picture in the master bedroom, Sophia would have forgotten that she had gotten married. He had not been around for almost a year, so she could hardly remember his looks. She merely remembered that he was quite good-looking, and that his figure was quite good.

Just as Sophia was about to speak to Hale, she saw two Land Rovers following her furtively through her rearview mirror. In fact, there weren’t just two of them. A minimum of four cars were following behind her at equal speed. Something’s fishy!

Sophia immediately told Hale, “Hale, I’m at Derenham Road right now, and there are a few cars following behind me furtively. One of the car plates is xxxxxx. Can you help me find out who they are?”

Hale realized that something was up. “Don’t hang up. I’ll be there soon.” He immediately checked the car plate that Sophia told him just now. In no time, he found out that it was a car plate that was not used anymore. It’s a fake plate!

Hale finally realized the magnitude of this realization. Before the court case is settled, the Harpers are planning to start attacking us first? When he spoke to Sophia again, he did not hear any reply. Instead, he could only hear the wind blowing and Sophia’s pants.

Hale immediately drove from Villa No. 8 at The Imperial, but the maid, Maria, asked, “Hale, where are you going? The boss is on his way back.”

Hale stepped on the accelerator after replying, “Madam is in a pickle. I’ll explain to him after he’s back.”

At this moment, Sophia was being sandwiched between the four cars. As there was heavy traffic just now, they did not have any chances of attacking her. Now that the number of vehicles on the road had lessened, they striked immediately. First, they started with one of the cars speeding up and blocking her way in front. Then, two remaining cars were at her flanks, with another car behind her, blocking all escape routes. The two cars at her flanks slowly inched close to her. As soon as one of them slightly steered their steering wheel, both her and her Yamaha bike would be crushed immediately.

However, right before the cars could get into their formation, there was an opening between the car on her left and the one in front of her. Taking advantage of that, Sophia immediately sped up and escaped the besiege. With the speed of 100 miles per hour, the entire bike had reached its speed limit. One of the advantages of a bike was that it was nimble. Once she had escaped, it would be difficult to trap her again.

Sophia then drove into the heavy traffic in front of her, sneaking into empty spaces between cars, like an eel. However, the people in the four cars were dangerous people who had taken a hefty amount of money for this mission. All of them had killed at least ten people in their lives. Undeterred by their failure, they immediately took off to chase her amidst the heavy traffic. Along the way, there were loud bangs of collision and curses by the other drivers.

Sophia eyed her rearview mirror from time to time. The four cars behind her were still chasing after her, as if their lives depended on it. It seemed that they would not stop unless she was dead.

Vrooom! The Yamaha bike roared as it sped forward like a gust of wind, continuing to travel between cars.

She saw that in front of her was a Lincoln Limousine with the car plate, XXX88888. The people who were in the car were definitely rich or powerful. It was obvious that they weren’t easy to deal with. Looking at the four Range Rovers behind her, an idea bubbled up in Sophia’s mind as she followed closely behind the limousine.

The Lincoln Limousine’s well-polished body clearly reflected her looks right now like a mirror. Her long, wavy hair was flowing behind her. The formal shirt that she was wearing was now tied in a knot around her waist, revealing her slender waist. She laid her body close to her bike as she focused on the road ahead, looking like a crouching leopard who was about to pounce. She closely followed the Lincoln Limousine for a long stretch of road, so the people in the car had noticed her through the windows.

“Look, there’s a hot girl outside!”

There were three men in the limousine, who were drinking and chatting. One of them, who had blond hair, wore a gangster-like leather jacket with studs in his ears. He put down his wine glass and rolled down the windows enthusiastically while he kept his eyes on Sophia, who was not far from the window. The woman wearing sunglasses resembled a leopard that was waiting to pounce. He whistled at her eagerly. “Phew-it!”

Sophia heard the frivolous whistle amidst the rumbling engines, so she glared at him. However, her sunglasses hid her cold glare.

The blond man seemed to have gotten more excited as he whistled again and again, but Sophia did not look at him anymore. Through the rearview mirror, she saw that the four Range Rovers were not far from her. As she was sticking close to the Lincoln Limousine, they seemed to be wary of it, so they did not dare to rush forward.

Another head popped out from the limousine as Michael Fletcher looked outside. “Where’s the hot girl? Let me have a look too!” However, a huge hand slapped on his cheeks.

“Go away, you married old man! Leave my hot girl alone!” The blond man slapped Michael away and continued to eye Sophia interestedly. He almost stuck his head out of the window to greet her.

A hand that was bigger than his reached out to press forcefully on the blondie’s handsome face, which was so good looking that the rest would feel frustrated. It was as if he wanted to press the blond man into the cushion behind him.

“I still want to take a look!” Michael reached out his head to have a look, but unfortunately, he only saw the back of her head, which exuded a wild vibe.

Sophia suddenly sped up and drove in front of the Lincoln Limousine. The blondie was elated to see this. “She wants us to stop! Gary, stop the car now!”

After glancing at the rearview mirror, the driver, Gary, felt that something was wrong. Indeed, with a shake, one of the Range Rovers bumped hard into the Lincoln Limousine.

The three men in the car stumbled after receiving the impact. Michael steadied himself and realized that something was wrong. Then, he spoke to the exasperated Gary, who replied, “We seemed to have been implicated.”

The Yamaha bike was receiving attacks from the Range Rover, but it was avoiding the blows nimbly. As she was close to them, the Lincoln Limousine could not be exempted from the blows. The girl on the Yamaha bike seemed to have realized that the people in the Lincoln Limousine were powerful, so the Range Rovers did not dare to offend them. Hence, she dared to get close to the limousine.

Michael’s interest was suddenly ignited. “Knock into them!”

This car was specially strengthened. Forget a few average Range Rovers; it could even fight against an army tank. Gary steered as soon as he stepped on the accelerator. The limousine knocked into a Range Rover in front of them. Just with a bump, they had made themselves clear on their stand. The effect was instantaneous as the Range Rover dived into the railings on the side of the road, unable to catch up to them again.

Michael jumped to the co-driver seat and buckled his seatbelt. The Yamaha bike was still in front of them, being flanked by two cars, while the third Range Rover had plans to overtake the Lincoln Limousine to block the Yamaha bike from escaping. When the Range Rover almost drove past the limousine, Michael ordered decisively, “Run into them!”

With a loud bang, the Lincoln Limousine knocked mercilessly into the Range Rover, making one of its tyres burst. The Range Rover lost control and crashed into a streetlight nearby.

“Good one!” The blond guy clapped excitedly. “Gary, get lost. Let me save the damsel in distress!”

Michael slapped his b*tchy face and took part in steering to knock into the rest. Daniel Levine, who had not spoken a word until now, turned pale as he quickly fumbled around to buckle his seatbelt. “You guys are crazy!”

The blond man, however, was beyond excited. “This is exhilarating! Do it again! The last time I had this much fun was when I was shooting a racing scene in South Africa. But even then, I was filming—it’s nowhere as exciting as now!”

Michael’s interest in the girl on the Yamaha bike in front of them was growing. He wanted to have a glimpse of her when she turned around. Even though he was already married, he could still join in the fun as a bystander.

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