My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 11-20

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 11

Sophia had guessed it correctly—the people in the Lincoln Limousine were big shots whom one could not afford to offend. Her attempt to divert the attacks to them were successful.

The people in the limousine started retaliating.

There were two more Range Rovers yet to be taken down. They were both on Sophia’s flanks and were about to turn their steering wheels to crash into her, who was in between them. At such a critical moment, Sophia immediately slowed down as the tyres screeched on the road.

Both the Range Rovers knocked into each other in a loud bang. The collision sent sparks flying around. However, they soon separated and slowed down in an attempt to surround Sophia again.

She quickly slowed down to be at the same pace as the Lincoln Limousine.

The blondie stretched his head through the open window to greet Sophia. “Hey, hottie!”

She glanced at him through the corner of her eyes and deliberately lifted one hand off the handle and sent him a flying kiss, making him fall for her even more.

No one will care who this blond guy is after tonight, and my car plate is fake anyway, so he can’t find out who I am. Undaunted, Sophia had no idea that her legal husband was also in the car.

Sitting in the co-driver’s seat, Michael was so angry that his facial features were contorted. I’m the one who is putting in the effort to save her. Why is the idiot sitting behind receiving her kiss? Feeling dissatisfied, he also prepared to stick his head out of the window to get a flying kiss from her. Although he was already married, he felt righteous to get what others got too.

At this moment, the two Range Rovers caught up to them. As the Yamaha bike and the Lincoln Limousine were driving together, the attackers thought that they were close to Sophia, so the limousine had become their target as well.


The Range Rover had overestimated itself as it knocked into the Lincoln Limousine. The limousine vibrated, and Michael had a stern look in his face. He held the steering wheel personally and crashed into the Range Rover on his left.

Bang! Bang!

After a few collisions that produced some sparks, Daniel was trembling in fright in the limousine. “Mr. Fletcher, my good sir, I was wrong. I admit that I was wrong—I only spent 80,000 to buy your wife. Please stop the car—I’m about to throw up!”

The blond man was as excited as before. “Yes! Go ahead and knock them over!”

The limousine attacked again, knocking the Range Rover into a flowerbed nearby.

Daniel finally retched and threw up in the car.

After that, he looked slightly green as he covered his eyes. “Why on earth did I meet both of you?”

There was only one Range Rover left. Sophia looked in front of her while glancing at her sides occasionally as her dangerous situation was getting better.

The Lincoln Limousine was on her left, with the blond man sticking his head out. To her right was the Range Rover, with a fierce man sitting in the backseat. He even had a knife with him. He swung the knife forward, almost slashing Sophia.

She looked in her rearview mirror and glanced at both the vehicles next to her. Suddenly, she decreased her speed and disappeared between them.

“Where is she?” The man in the Range Rover had a golden necklace around his next with tattoos on his arms. He looked behind and saw the traffic easing up. Sophia was already around a hundred meters behind them. She turned around and drove into a green belt area, directly sneaking into the opposite traffic like an eel. Then, she disappeared in no time.

The blond man pulled his head back into the limousine and slapped his thigh. “Damn, I didn’t expect that I would meet such a hot girl once I returned to this country. Michael, forget the fact that you are already married, you should keep in mind that I laid my eyes on her first. Don’t you think of competing with me!”

Michael was unhappy to hear that. In fact, he didn’t care about the hot girl. He was annoyed by the fact that he was the one who had put in the effort, yet Harry, the blondie, was the one who received the flying kiss.

Seeing that the Range Rover was still driving on the road not far away, Michael pulled the steering wheels angrily and knocked into it until it overturned.

Even though the opponent’s car had already overturned, there was not much damage on the Lincoln Limousine. Full of scratches on its body, it drove past the Range Rover quickly.

Michael, who was sitting in the co-driver’s seat, thought the woman just now looked rather familiar, but he couldn’t pinpoint exactly where he had seen her before, so he asked Daniel, “Does the girl just now look familiar to you?”

Daniel, whose face had turned green, was still having serious bouts of motion sickness. “Familiar, your ass! Stop the car and let me out now!”

Harry chimed in, “She’s my girl! Of course you’ll feel that she looks familiar!”

Michael trusted his instinct. He was sure that he knew her, but he couldn’t recall at that moment.

“Gary, remember her number plate and look it up after we’re back.”

Gary passed the instructions to Hale and asked him to look it up.

Hale was on the way to look for Sophia when he received Gary’s call. Upon knowing that Michael wanted to look up the number plate, he asked incredulously, “Are you sure this is the license plate?”

Gary replied confidently, “It’s a Yamaha bike driven by a woman wearing a crop top. She was quite good-looking. I suppose Mr. Winston has eyes for her.”

Hale’s lips twitched as he thought, Isn’t that Sophia’s number plate? I was the one who put it up for her! I wonder why Michael suddenly wanted to look up the Yamaha bike. And how did Sophia get marked by Harry Winston, that horny man?

At this moment, Sophia called him, so Hale hung up the call with Gary and picked up her call.

Sophia had completely shaken off the four Range Rovers, and the Lincoln Limousine didn’t chase after her. After finally finding a safe spot to stop, she called Hale. As soon as the call was connected, she spoke eagerly, “Hale, look up a car plate for me—XXX88888.”

Hale was speechless upon hearing this.

So both of them ran into each other already? Why are they looking into each other’s backgrounds at the same time?

“What happened?” Hale asked in a serious tone.

Sophia recounted the incidents that had just happened.

After listening to that, Hale’s expression became even more solemn.

The victim that Sophia had simply found to block the attacks for her was actually Michael. Right after he had landed at the airport, he ran into her immediately.

There were billions of people in Cethos, yet both of them, who had just gotten married without knowing each other, were able to meet under such circumstances. This was definitely their fate, not pure coincidence.

Upon hearing silence from the other end, Sophia’s heart sank. She asked him timidly after a pause, “Who were the people in the Lincoln Limousine? Are they very powerful?”

Hale sighed. “They definitely are not ordinary people.”

Of course he is not ordinary—he is my boss!

After hearing the seriousness in Hale’s voice, a chill ran down Sophia’s spine.

If there was one thing that Bayside City was not lacking in, it was the wealthy and powerful. Sophia had not expected that she would get into trouble after simply finding a scapegoat on the streets, so she lamented her bad luck.

If Michael knew that she had offended someone he could not afford to offend, he would definitely chase her away.

She didn’t want to go back to Ducksburg to search for food in the trash again.

Hence, she plucked up her courage and asked Hale, “What should I do now? Are they someone even your Boss can’t even afford to offend?”

Hale decided not to scare her any further. “I have no idea, but Boss is going to be back soon. Why don’t you ask him yourself? If you manage to appease him and make him happy, perhaps he would settle this for you.”

Hearing Hale’s tone, she figured it might be difficult for Michael to settle this.

Michael Fletcher, the man who disappeared for an entire year half a day after marrying me. Is he really back now?

In the past year, they did not keep in touch with each other. She did not even know any of his contact numbers, and she had never heard him calling back home to ask about her. Now that he suddenly came back, Sophia was taken aback.

Thinking of Michael, Sophia’s muscles tensed as a chill ran down her spine. She had a feeling that she would be eaten alive tonight. No, I’m probably going to lose my virginity tonight.

Forget it. Since I’ve already gotten into trouble, and Hale can’t settle this, I have no other choice but to beg for Michael to help me.

When Sophia returned home on the bike, Maria was waiting for her obediently at the entrance.

After she parked the bike near the garden, Maria walked to her to take her bag and reminded her, “Madam, Boss is back.”

“I know.”

Sophia took a deep breath and opened the door. She had always been staying in Villa No. 8, but she would sometimes take a holiday in Villa No. 1, which was right next door. It was decorated in the styles of Western palaces. Next to the French windows were ruffle-edged lace curtains, and there wasn’t a speck of dust to be found on the thick carpet on the floor. All the furniture was made of Sapele wood. The entire villa looked like a place the royals would live in, with a spiral staircase connecting to the second floor in the main hall.

There was no one in the living room, but someone was moving on the second floor. It must be Michael.

Maria pointed upstairs, telling Sophia that Michael was there.

Sophia couldn’t do anything else except meeting him. While she was making her way upstairs, she thought about the phrases and words she would use later. After all, she had gotten into trouble, and she needed his help.

The time to test their love had arrived. But they had only known each other for half a day. It seemed that they were not true lovers.

She walked to the master bedroom that she usually slept in. Before she could knock, the door opened by itself. Light leaked from the room, but it was blocked by a tall figure.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 12

Michael opened the door and leaned on the door frame as he appraised the woman in front of him with interest.

She seemed like a completely different person from who she was during the day. The knot on her waist had disappeared as she wore her shirt obediently, hiding her slender waist. Meanwhile, the thigh-hugging jeans outlined her leg beautifully.

After she took off her sunglasses, her black, wavy hair landed on her shoulders casually. At this moment, she lowered her head obediently, not daring to speak. It was a completely different sight from the astounding impression she had made during the day where she resembled a wild cat.

“You’re back?”

Michael’s voice was melodious as usual. Apart from that, he even deliberately leaned closer to her and breathed on her face, making her blush.

She had completely given up as no matter what she did, she would have to sleep with him anyway. It was better to just give herself to him obediently.

Sophia nodded and spoke in a small voice, “I’m back.”

Michael continued to appraise her with interest. He noticed a great deal of difference in her compared to how she looked before. A year ago, she was like a sun-dried chick. However, she had finally developed a good figure, looking like an energetic wild cat.

And now, this wild cat had held her paws back as she stood in front of him obediently. She was almost at the verge of letting him stroke her belly.

He deliberately teased her, “Chica, why are you lowering your head? Have you done something wrong?”

Sophia smiled sheepishly. “I wouldn’t dare.”

Her smile was extremely forced.

Michael pinched her waist and was surprised to find that she had well-trained abs. After taking advantage of her, he stood aside to let her in. “Come in first.”

He had just taken a shower, and he only had a towel wrapped around his waist. His strong figure was like the perfect marble sculptures one would see in museums—it was simply perfect. There were some water beads glistening on his chest, making him look alluring.

Once she entered the room, Sophia noticed that the bedroom had undergone a complete makeover. The blanket that she usually slept on had become a flowery blanket that was bright red, and the hue of the entire room was changed to a creepy crimson. On the wall, the word ‘congratulations’ were printed out in quite a big font and painted in red. Apart from that, an intoxicating fragrance emitted from a lit candle, seemingly creating a pinkish fog in the room.

On the bed, the flowery blanket was decorated with rose petals, and two bottles of red wine were standing on top of a small table next to the bed.

This scene was blood-curdling.

While observing this creepy room, Sophia averted her gaze to the shelves on top of the bed.

She was dumbfounded to find an unopened box of condoms sitting there.

Did he order these in bulks? An entire box of condoms! How many times do we have to have sex to finish using them?

Michael deliberately sprawled his long figure horizontally on the bed and took a sip of the wine as he patted the box of condoms while wearing a mysterious smile. “Quick, take a shower now. Remember to clean yourself properly so that I can have a better taste of you later.”

Sophia’s vision turned black as she almost passed out. She supported herself into the bathroom while feeling shocked.

She took a shower slowly while thinking about how she should phrase the trouble she got herself into this afternoon. After all, she would have to tell him as this probably couldn’t be settled without his help.

She took a full hour to take a shower, and Michael did not ask her to be quicker as he knew that she could not escape this time around.

Finally, she dried her hair slowly and walked out of the bathroom wearing a bathrobe. Her neck was as fair as a swan’s as it shimmered when she walked into the room. Michael had already switched the lights off and lit two candles.

The atmosphere was romantic yet creepy at the same time.

Michael had already laid out the colorful boxes of condoms on the bed in an organized manner. He waved at her. “Come here, chica. Which color do you like?”

With a grim look on her face, Sophia simply chose a color.

Having no other options, she lay on the bed, looking enticing like a delicious dumpling. Michael rubbed his hands enthusiastically as he arranged the condoms into a straight line on bed.

He was actually quite eager to sleep with her, but he thought that since this was the first night they spent together after they got married, it was better to be ceremonial. Hence, he pretended to be decent as he poured two glasses of wine.

“Come, chica. Let’s drink this wine with our arms crossed.”

Sophia obliged and did that with him. Once the delicious wine slipped down her throat, a blush was quickly formed on her cheeks.

After taking a sip of the wine, Michael held it in his mouth and kissed Sophia’s lips as he slowly passed the wine into her mouth. After this, everytime she recalled her first kiss, Sophia would always remember the richness of the 1982 Lafite wine.

After the kiss, Sophia blushed and plucked up enough courage to tell him about the incident that happened today. Unexpectedly, after Michael finished listening to it, he merely smiled mysteriously. “It’s not a big deal after all. Call me ‘hubby’, and I’ll immediately settle it for you.”

Delighted to hear that, Sophia was abnormally obedient. “Hubby!”

“Once more?”


Michael kissed her in a drunken fashion and pushed her to the bed. Right when the highlight of the day was about to happen, unexpectedly…

“Boss, er… Mr. Winston and Master Levine are here. When are you meeting them?” Maria announced anxiously outside the door.

At this moment, Michael was putting on a condom, and he pulled a long face. “Ask them to wait for a while!”

Maria ran downstairs right after hearing that. However, in no time, she ran back upstairs with heavy footsteps. Right now, the pair of newly-weds in the room were at their most important juncture. Michael was teasing her as he was about to enter, and Sophia was prepared to shed some blood as she held his shoulders nervously.

“Boss, Mr. Winston said that it’s urgent! Very urgent! If you don’t go downstairs right now, they are coming up!” Maria knocked on the door relentlessly.

“Damn it!” Michael cursed and looked at Sophia in front of him. A few rose petals even fell on her fair figure, making her look extremely alluring. He suppressed his desire and put on a robe before going downstairs.

Laying on the bed, Sophia resembled a dead fish on the cutting board, looking like she had accepted her fate to be devoured by him.

Wrapping herself in the blanket, she rolled on the bed and saw the shocking box of condoms.

I have to move to the university dorm. I can’t stay here anymore. Once Michael is back, my parts would definitely be worn out by him quickly.

After rolling on the bed for a while, Maria ran upstairs again, with her heavy footsteps announcing her arrival. “Madam, Boss asked you to meet the guests downstairs.”

Sophia got up reluctantly and went to the wardrobe to choose her outfit. Most of her summer outfits were crop tops; she had no idea why she liked that style. However, when she opened her wardrobe today, all of her crop tops were gone. Everything was changed to proper one-piece dresses.

“Where have all my clothes gone?”

Maria replied weakly, “Right after he came back, Boss said that such outfits don’t suit a girl, so they are now used as kitchen cloth. The clothes in the wardrobe are new dresses that he bought you.”

Sophia rolled her eyes, knowing that her carefree days had come to an end.

However, she still consoled herself. No matter what, this is better than living in Ducksburg!

She simply chose a proper dress and put it on. Actually, she didn’t like dresses because she couldn’t walk in large strides when wearing them.

At this moment, there were three people in the living room—Michael Fletcher, Daniel Levine, and Harry Winston.

The blondie, Harry, laughed out loud in an exaggerated manner. “Hahaha! This is the first time in history that you’ve broken the curse of causing the demise of the women you love, Michael! Let me have a look at the amazing prehistoric dragoness who is able to tame you. Mind you, you are even capable of making a female dog go bald for being near you!”

Michael lit a cigarette and blew puffs of smoke with a cold, murderous intent in his eyes. Their so-called urgent matters are just to see my chica, whom I missed so much?

Michael glanced at Harry jubilantly. “I’ll show her to you later. Don’t get too jealous of me.”

Harry scoffed. “Hmph! I have no interest in your girl. I just want to know who the hot girl from yesterday is! She is wild and beautiful enough. I like women like her!”

Daniel still looked slightly ill at this moment as he had not recovered from his motion sickness. “Come on. She probably doesn’t even fancy you!”

Harry was unhappy upon hearing that. “How so? She even blew a flying kiss to me! A flying kiss, you know! Did you get any kisses from her?”

Upon hearing the mention of flying kisses, the veins on Michael’s forehead throbbed as he instructed Hale, who was next to him, “Order another box of condoms just in case.”

Hale nodded and silently prayed for Sophia’s fate later…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 13

Sophia, who had just walked out of her door, heard his words immediately. She was so shocked that her vision blacked out for a moment as she almost tripped and rolled down the stairs.

Fortunately, her psyche was strong enough to stabilize her weak body, so she walked down the stairs slowly. With each step, her heart seemed to jolt once.

Michael is a psychopath after all! How long would a box of condoms last? If he bulk orders a few boxes more, my body would be completely drained by him.

After Sophia walked down the stairs, her beige-colored sandals gently stepped on the ground, revealing her fair feet. She wore the dress Michael had bought for her—a graceful and elegant satin dress that was a limited-edition.

In fact, Michael did not simply choose the dresses for her—everything was well-calculated, so it fitted her waist very well, making her look slender. The dress with ruffle edges ended just underneath her fair knees, revealing a section of her smooth calves. With the contrast of the white dress, she looked even more exquisite and as fair as snow.

In fact, her skin was already quite fair. After taking good care of herself for a year, her skin looked as flawless as a cooked egg.

Indeed, her appearance had attracted the three men in the living room. Undeniably, they were all stunned by her. Based on their prestigious position in the city, they were already used to beautiful women in various business scenes, so they had a high eye for women. However, after seeing Sophia appearing in such an attire, they were still blown away by her beauty.

Daniel thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. A year ago, when he first brought Sophia here, she was so thin that her face looked gaunt, and she was very tanned and malnourished. In just a year, she seemed to have completely changed into a different person.

Harry’s jaws also dropped. “This is your chica back home?”

But they said she looked haggard, malnourished, and underweight! In fact, she doesn’t look like a chick at all!

Looking at the stunning Sophia, Michael was beaming with pride. He patted his thigh as he said, “Chica, come sit here.”

Harry ruffled his blond hair with an incredulous look on his face. “She looks so different from the picture in your marriage certificate! How many plastic surgeries has she had?”

Obviously, he did not recognize Sophia as she looked completely different from her outfit in the day. At that moment, she was fearless and brave, like a nimble leopard. However, in front of Michael, the domineering tiger, a leopard would seem like a kitten no matter how fierce it was.

Even though Harry and Daniel did not recognize Sophia, she recognized them.

Harry’s blond hair, especially, left a deep impression in her. Just in the afternoon, she even blew a kiss at him.

She seemed to vaguely remember seeing Daniel, who was next to Harry, in the Lincoln Limousine.

There were four people in the car back then—their driver, Daniel, Harry, and another man. She tried to remember what the man looked like, and the more she recalled, the more she felt that man resembled Michael…

Sophia’s eyes met Michael’s, who was half-smiling as he looked at her. A sudden realization hit her as her mind turned blank. Then, goosebumps appeared on her arm.

I actually sent a flying kiss to another man in front of my husband!

It seems like Harry doesn’t know about this yet, but Michael already knows everything.

No wonder the atmosphere is so creepy tonight. That was the reason!

Sophia was so shocked that her legs felt weak.

Oh, no. The tiger is going to eat me alive tonight!

Seeing that she was still standing still without moving, Michael patted his thighs again, this time with a slightly more serious tone. “Come here.”

Sophia trembled and walked to him, feeling resigned. Her body fell into Michael’s arms stiffly as she pretended to be shy. In fact, she was actually scared to look at Daniel and Harry for fear that they would recognize her. The atmosphere would be awkward if that were to happen.

Michael looked at his ‘chica’ in satisfaction and placed his arms around her waist as he spoke in a gentler tone, “This blond man is Harry. He is a f*ckboy, so you’d better avoid him in the future.”

Sophia’s heart jolted upon hearing that. Just a second ago, Michael was quite cold to her, yet a second later, he suddenly became so gentle. His unpredictable mood swings proved to Sophia that he was definitely a crazy psychopath.

He’s a 31-year-old man who is still a virgin, even though he has good looks and lots of money. There are no other explanations apart from him being a psycho!

Sophia buried her head in Michael’s embrace and nodded obediently like a kitten. “Okay.”

Harry was still indignant. “Your chica is too soft and gentle. I don’t like girls like her. I just like my hot girl—the girl we met at Derenham Road during the day. She’s mine, and none of you can take her away from me!”

Upon hearing the words ‘hot girl’ and ‘Derenham Road’, Sophia trembled again. She knew she had gotten herself into trouble, but she wasn’t aware that the trouble was so huge.

She had flirted with her psychopathic husband’s best friend!

She still had not recovered from the great shock of this realization.

Sophia had long heard of Harry and Daniel’s names—they were important people to Michael, and they had helped him out a lot. Their importance to him definitely surpassed Sophia, whom Michael had only spent half a day with. There was a proverb which said women were like clothes one could easily dispose of, while friends were like limbs one could never abandon—she flirted with his best friend; she was sure he would throw her away.

Sophia’s entire body was trembling right now as she didn’t dare to look at any of them.

Hugging his wife, Michael looked at Harry as if he was looking at an idiot. Your hot girl has already slept in my bed! Surprise!

Seeing Sophia’s shocked look, Michael wanted to teach her a good lesson this time so she would not simply flirt with any men from now onward. Hence, he deliberately told Harry loudly, “You fiend! She might already have a husband. She was probably just playing around with you by sending you a kiss. Stop your wild imaginations!”

Yes, that’s right! Sophia nodded.

She just wanted to play around with him, and she definitely didn’t have other intentions. I’m an obedient and dutiful wife!

Dear husband, you should have a big heart to forgive me!

However, Harry did not get Michael’s hidden intentions at all and continued to scoff loudly, “Hmph! There aren’t any women whom I can’t lay my hands on. Even if she’s married—even if she has kids—I can even be their stepfather!”

Sophia hugged her husband tightly to prove her loyalty to him.

I have no intentions to cheat on Michael! Although he is a psycho, since he sorted out my high school education and successfully enrolled me in Bayside University, I swear that I will never cheat on him! I was really joking with Harry!

Hugging Sophia, who was sitting on his lap, Michael snorted coldly. “Hmph! Maybe her husband is more powerful than you.”

Harry replied confidently, “In the entire Bayside City, apart from you, no one else deserves my respect!”

A chill ran down Sophia’s heart.

A morose look slightly clouded Michael’s face as he looked at Harry with an enigmatic sneer. “What if that man is me?”

Perhaps they were too close to each other, so they could crack such jokes often. Without a second thought, Harry laughed out loud. “If that’s really the case, any woman who lands in your hands is doomed. I’ll have to save the damsel in distress! Hahaha!”

Sophia was shocked to hear that again.

It seems that my husband isn’t simply a psychopath!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 14

Harry, Daniel, and Michael had been best of friends for a long time. They were so close that they wouldn’t think twice when they spoke to each other.

Right after spurting nonsense, Harry suddenly realized that Michael was married, and even though his wife was very young, it was a formal marriage. Hence, he quickly explained, “Mrs. Fletcher, please don’t be mistaken. Michael is sometimes slightly psycho, but in general, he is a decent man.”

Sophia was so surprised that she was about to burst into tears. She was now absolutely sure that Michael was a psychopath. He is absolutely a super crazy psychopath!

Whoever stays with him is extremely unlucky!

Michael felt that this was enough to give Sophia a proper scare, and she wouldn’t simply flirt with other guys anymore. He felt she had finally seen his powerful side, so he stroked her silky hair and chased the rest out of the house. “It’s getting late. I have some business to attend to. Those of you who are not involved, get lost. Go, go, go!”

Daniel knew that Michael, the old virgin, was about to finally get lucky, so he got up and held his office bag. “I’m leaving so that I won’t interrupt your ‘business’.”

Harry, however, didn’t want to leave. “I’m not leaving. You are finally waving goodbye to your virginity after so long. We should celebrate such a historical moment. I’ve even prepared fireworks—”

“Get lost!”

Michael put Sophia down and chased them away personally. In fact, he was just sending them off.

Before Harry was chased out of the house, he managed to say loudly, “Mrs. Fletcher, you have to hang in there tonight! Don’t be like the previous two of them—”

“Shut up!”

Michael had a special background. It seemed like someone didn’t want him to become even more powerful by marrying someone of equal background—both of his ex-fiancées had met unfortunate accidents. One accidentally sustained an injury to her head and lost her memories after she woke up and forgot Michael.

The other was involved in an accident right after getting engaged to him, and she almost lost her life.

Because of these incidents, there were rumors that Michael was cursed with ill fate, and that whoever married him would suffer bad luck. Since then, he was notorious for being a wife-jinxer, so he only married when he was 31.

Harry had never believed in such superstitious rumors, so it became a joke among the three of them. Whenever Michael spoke to a woman, Harry would be waiting to see how long it would take for the bad luck to land on her.

Even if she was not unlucky, Harry would deliberately do something to them to fortify the rumor. It had become a joke for them, just like how K-pop groups would disband according to the 7-year jinx.

Without this joke, Harry felt his life would have lost a great deal of fun.

When he was joking about this, he had forgotten that Sophia had no idea how they would usually joke around. She only heard a few keywords—‘hang in there’, and ‘the previous two’.

Michael has played around with two women until they almost died.

Perhaps even more! Maybe ‘two’ is a rough value. Perhaps ‘two’ doesn’t just mean two, but a dozen women!

Sophia sat on the couch with a dead look on her face as a chill ran down her spine. She seemed to feel an eerie cloud of darkness engulfing this well-decorated villa. Perhaps they were ghosts of the women who felt aggrieved.

Oh, no. My good days have come to an end!

Sophia’s speculations run wild as she imagined a thousand ways she would die, each more devastating than the other. She was quite poor, so she did not know how the rich entertained themselves, and she had no idea about the psycho stuff that the elite circle would do in Bayside City. However, she knew that the richer one was, the more psychotic they would become, because ordinary stimulations couldn’t fulfil their needs anymore.

I haven’t taken revenge on the jerk; I still haven’t finished spending the 80 million in my bank card, and I just got into Bayside University. I don’t want to die yet!

Michael quickly sent Daniel and Harry away and returned to the living room to find Sophia still sitting on the couch. The wine just now had taken its effect as she looked quite cute with her flushed cheeks. She was still in a daze, looking like she was still repenting her mistakes.

After Michael knew that the woman who sent the flying kiss to Harry was his wife, he was furious. However, according to Hale’s report, Sophia was usually obedient, and she had never cheated on him. For the past year, she had been studying hard. On top of that, she worked out and learned etiquettes, makeup, and boxing. Nevertheless, that was an important incident. Since his wife was so beautiful, she would attract many men, so he had to do everything to avoid being cheated on.

First, he had to teach Sophia a good lesson to show her that he was furious with how she simply sent a flying kiss to other men.

Hence, Michael retracted his smile and pulled a long face deliberately. “Why are you still sitting here? Quickly go upstairs to wait for me!”

With a dead look on her face, Sophia dragged her feet upstairs.

Walking behind her, Michael suddenly remembered that it was a day fit for a celebration, so he would like to have his favorite dish, grilled eels.

In the past year that he had been abroad, he couldn’t taste the flavor of the food even though the raw materials were shipped from Cethos and made by proper Cethos chefs. It still tasted slightly off to him. No matter what, food back at Cethos was the best, especially his favorite—grilled eels.

Every time he returned from countries abroad, he would eat some exotic animals to satisfy his cravings, but eels would have to be kept in a tank for a few days first prior to cooking. Although the butler, Mr. Peter Morgan, was very familiar with Michael’s habits, Michael still asked him, “Peter, have you bought the eels?”

Mr. Morgan replied brightly, “Of course. I’ve already prepared them a few days in advance, knowing that you love them. They are in the pond, and they have grown to be very long and thick!”

Michael nodded in satisfaction, but he was still worried; he had to see them with his own eyes. “Let me have a look and choose the thickest ones…”

Sophia, who was still on the spiral staircase, heard the keywords—‘eels’, ‘thick’, ‘long’.

She almost couldn’t catch her breath and fainted.

She knew that Michael was a psycho, but she didn’t think that it would be until this extent.

He even wants to use eels! The rich guys in the elite circle in Bayside City actually practice such sick ways of love-making!

If he uses that on me, I would die!

Michael was probably off choosing the eels, so he took quite a while. While waiting, Sophia lay on the bed covered in rose petals, looking as if her soul had left her body.

Suddenly, she felt that everything in this room had morphed into some sort of sex toy.

The candles that haven’t finished burning, the candle holder… They can all become toys.

The wine glass looks like it can be a sex toy too…

The tables, the chairs, the photo frames, the feather duster…

She suddenly realized that this wedding room of theirs was a torture arena Michael had prepared for her.

After living a good life for a year, everything had finally come to an end.

Sophia closed her eyes resentfully as she fervently hoped that there were no psychos in heaven.

Finally, Michael returned with a fish tank with two eels in it. The eels were tender, thick, and long—just the way he liked them.

To him, the best food in the entire world was eels. If he could not eat eels, there would be no meaning to life anymore. Michael loved to keep eels around, as if they were goldfish. After taking care of them for a few days until he had taken a liking to them, he would eat them, and the taste would be so exquisite that he would feel as if he had died and gone to heaven…

Sophia, who was on the bed, heard Michael’s approaching footsteps. She seemed like a criminal who was about to be beheaded as she heard the footsteps of her executioner. Her heart tightened, but she didn’t even have the courage to open her eyes.

Nevertheless, she still opened them and immediately saw Michael and two of his eels, which were quite thick and long indeed. Sophia jolted and felt a warm fluid gushing out between her thighs, wetting her dress immediately.

I’m so nervous that I’ve lost control of my bladder…

Sophia thought that she was so frightened that she wetted herself. She was at the verge of tears as she thought, I can’t believe that I’m going to die in this manner.

However, Michael, who had a sharp nose, immediately smelled something weird. He quickly held Sophia’s dress up and saw a huge patch of blood underneath her.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 15
Her blood dyed the sheets that were already red, leaving a stain mark of dark red color.

“Why are you bleeding so much?” Michael was beyond shocked. He put down his fish tank and flipped Sophia’s dress before removing her lace panties. However, blood was still gushing out of her.

Sophia also raised her head to look at him. She knew that she was lying on a puddle of blood. Apart from that, warm fluid continued to gush out of her body uncontrollably.

She had no idea what was going on right now as well. Is it possible that the gears of my fate have started moving? Is the wife-jinxer, Michael Fletcher, using his power to jinx me to death?

Michael’s eyes also turned round as he widened them. However, his face suddenly darkened and turned morose. Without another word, he brought Sophia downstairs in his arms and asked Hale to prepare the car to go to the hospital.

Hale also had no idea what was going on, but he immediately got the car ready. Then, he saw Michael hugging a pale Sophia as they got into the car hastily, leaving a familiar smell of blood behind them. Hale was very sensitive to the smell of blood.

As soon he detected that, he frowned as he looked at Sophia’s pale face and silently wished her luck. Tsk, it’s only been a while, yet she is already bleeding. I didn’t expect Michael to really be a psycho!

A trail of bright-red blood was left from the floor of the master bedroom, spiral staircase, all the way to the hall. Mr. Morgan and a few other maids were also looking at Sophia pitifully. Alas, God’s will can’t be defied. Michael should just stay single for his entire life!

Meanwhile, Sophia was suffering from an even greater shock; she thought she had suffered a chronic disease, and that she was about to die. Michael—this psycho—has such a strong lifeforce. It’s just the first day, yet I’m already jinxed. It appears that my life force is not as strong as his. I’m afraid I can’t live a long and happy life anymore.

For the past year, she had been trying hard to live a good life and use the resources Michael left her to strengthen her skills. Apart from studying to get through the university entrance exam, she continued to improve herself by learning about stocks and real estate so she would be more well-equipped. Apart from that, she even went to the gym everyday, and she learned boxing and etiquettes. She had been giving her all to live a splendid life. However, her efforts were all defeated by the first night they spent together.

Goodbye, my lovely life! Goodbye, Bayside University! Sophia just wanted to die silently as she hoped that there were no psychos in heaven, and that she would be born into an ordinary family in her next life.

The black Cayenne sped past the roads in Bayside City like a spirit at night. In the car, Michael hugged Sophia without saying anything. Maria also joined them to take care of Sophia and managed to stop her bleeding with a towel between her legs.

Maria’s eyes were red as she had already gotten close to Sophia after spending time with her for a year. After all, Sophia was easy to get along with. However, she did not expect that Michael would jinx her to death on the first night he was back. In between sobs, Maria held her handkerchief to her face. “Madam, please don’t die!”

Lying in Michael’s arms, Sophia was waiting for her death, but she didn’t feel it coming after a long time. Instead, she felt as if her insides were grinding together, as if there was a hand mixing her internal organs together. After she groaned slightly, another wave of blood gushed out. Just let me die… Everything will be better then… With such thought in her mind, Sophia slowly closed her eyes while Michael’s heavy, flustered breathings and Maria’s sobs lingered by her ears.

Hale was behind the wheels as he skilfully overtook other cars and took shortcuts on the road. His hands that were maneuvering the steering wheel were damp with sweat while he constantly looked in the rearview mirror at Sophia, who was in Michael’s arms. He had never felt that the hospital was so far away.

They quickly arrived at the nearest hospital. Sophia had already fainted, so Maria and Gary carried her into the hospital, leaving the towel behind in the backseat of the car. The striking red color made Michael’s expression even more sullen. He didn’t follow them to the hospital. Instead, he smoked in the car, cigarette after cigarette. He asked Hale to stay behind, so both of them were in the black car. On top of that, he did not allow him to switch the lights on. The atmosphere was so tense that Hale thought Michael was about to make an important announcement.

Hale thought, Is he going to blame Sophia’s death on me? How is this my fault? He had no idea whether 30 or 40 minutes had passed, when Michael finally stubbed his cigarette out and looked at Hale morosely as he said coldly, “Hale, I’ve treated you well, haven’t I?”

Hale was shocked upon hearing this familiar line in a familiar atmosphere. Why do I feel like I’m in big trouble? He recalled the past thirty years of his life. When he was six, he was chosen among a group of orphans to be the disciple of a skilled master because of his strong build. When he was 15, he joined Michael’s bodyguard team as the latter’s 8th bodyguard.

Over the years, he had been living precariously, building Michael’s business empire with him while facing dangerous situations. He had always been the first to help him and take the blame for him. Apart from that, he also served him well and followed every order. He had always been the one to take the initiative in everything. Although Michael was quite psychotic at times, he treated people who worked for him very well. They had never lacked anything, be it money, properties, or women.

In a millisecond, Hale had recapped the past thirty years of his life, all the way back to the big bang and the origin of life. In the end, he replied in a low voice, “You’ve indeed treated me very well for the past decade, sir.”

Michael lit up another cigarette again, and the smoke spread around the entire car. After another long ten minutes, when Hale almost broke out in sweat, Michael finally asked solemnly, “You are the father of chica’s unborn baby, right?”

Hale looked at him in shock. What the hell?

Michael was feeling heavy and morose. After a pause, he said, “You’ve already been working for me for more than a decade now. It’s time for you to start your own family. Although I like chica very much, since you guys have reached this point, I can only give her to you even though I’d hate to make this decision…” At this moment, pain seemed to be leaking out of Michael’s soul.

I should have known that this would happen. Sophia and Hale were always together, and he has reached the appropriate age to marry. It would only be a matter of time until they fall in love with each other. But I didn’t expect that I would cause Sophia to suffer a miscarriage right after I came back. Michael trusted Hale’s character. After all, he had been working for him for more than a decade, and he had never stepped out of line even once. Now that he had done this, it proved that this was true love.

In the years Hale had spent with him, they lived under constant possibility of being attacked, but Hale had never fallen in love with anyone even though there was no shortage of women around them—it was clear that Hale wanted to be with Sophia since he had knocked her up this time. However, right on the first night of his return, Sophia had already suffered a miscarriage. Seems like I’m really a wife-jinxer. If Sophia stays by my side, she would die anyway. It’s better if I give her to Hale.

Hale seemed to have guessed Michael’s thoughts. Dumbfounded, he quickly tried to explain, “Boss, I’m innocent—”

Michael interrupted, “You don’t have to say anything else. I’ll divorce her tomorrow. If the child survives, she can go ahead and give birth to it. If not, I’ll give you a sum of money, and you can live a good life with her…”

At this moment, Gary and Maria returned with a sleepy Sophia. Michael was shocked to see that. “You guys are back so soon?” Didn’t she faint just now after losing too much blood due to her miscarriage? How can she walk now?

Maria smiled, looking as if she had escaped an ordeal. “Boss, it turns out that Madam’s period has started earlier because she suffered too much shock. She will be better after drinking some warm water.”

Michael paused before asking, “Didn’t she faint just now?”

Maria replied, “Madam was too tired, so she fell asleep.”

Both Michael and Hale were rendered speechless upon hearing that.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 16

“Sophia is suffering from an acute menstrual disorder due to excessive mental stress, which has caused her endocrine to be imbalanced. This is the reason behind her sudden menstruation and the huge volume,” the doctor said.

In short, Michael gave her such a fright that her menstruation came earlier! After listening to the doctor’s explanation, the corners of Michael’s lips twitched.

On the other hand, Hale was so embarrassed that he wanted to stick his head under the ground. It’s really tiring to have a drama king as a boss. Due to this embarrassment, the return journey home became more awkward as no one in the car spoke during the whole trip.

Hale focused on driving the car and Gary was dozing off on the passenger seat while Maria was also sleepy. Michael was too embarrassed to face Hale, so he simply closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep. In the meantime, Sophia leaned her head against the back cushion, thinking about her path forward.

I’m having my period tonight, so I’ve probably escaped him this time, but I’m afraid that this pervert won’t let me off the hook even during my period. The consummation of our marriage is inevitable, but I’m not prepared for that at all and I don’t want to die either.

I’ve tried so hard to keep myself alive, so how can I die like this? However, I’ve gotten my marriage certificate with him and I’ve even spent his money, so I’ll feel bad for not sleeping with him, but I don’t intend to die! There’s only one plan—I’ll drag this for as long as I can! We’ll see what happens if that doesn’t work!

It was already late into the night when they arrived at Villa No. 8 at The Imperial, so everyone went to sleep. Hale hurriedly parked the car and left The Imperial as he needed a night to calm himself down.

Meanwhile, Sophia returned to her room and drank a bowl of hot brown sugar water that Maria served before taking some medicine.

After washing herself, she changed her clothes and wore an oversized tampon before going to bed. Michael was already waiting for her on the bed and he even kept that box of scary tools.

I won’t be using these tonight anyway, so it’s better to put them all away to prevent me from becoming upset just by looking at them.

It was late at night and the two of them merely lay on the bed in silence. Sophia didn’t know what to say to her hubby whom she was with for only a day and Michael was in the same situation too. Today had been a weirdly tiresome day for Sophia.

First, she had been prepared to appear in court, which led to a thrilling and exciting experience. Then, she was frightened for a whole night before being admitted into the hospital. Right now, her mind was a complete mess as she slowly lowered her eyelids.

Suddenly, a huge hand grabbed her waist, which frightened her so much that her drowsiness faded away—followed by a deep voice from behind her. “Chica!”

She answered instinctively, “Yes!”

Michael remained quiet for a second before replying, “Come and chat with me.”

She was rendered speechless. “Alright.”

Then, another long silence followed… Sophia was starting to get goosebumps as her whole body froze and she didn’t dare to sleep. This atmosphere is so terrifying! Didn’t he want to chat with me? Why isn’t he talking?

She thought about her words carefully before coming up with a safe opening. “Hubby, what is your zodiac sign?” This is such a pointless topic. I guess he won’t be interested to talk about it.

However, after a mere five seconds, he answered, “I’m a Scorpio.” He actually answered her.

After a moment of silence, Sophia braced herself again to ask a second question. “How old are you?”

“I’m 32,” Michael replied.

Then, another awkward silence came. This atmosphere is too scary. She felt her soul being drained out of her body, but she still boldly asked him, “What do you like to eat?”

“Game meat,” he answered.

“What color do you like?”

“Army green.”

“What work do you do?”

“I work as an extra in crews.”

Just like that, both of them had a “chat” for the whole night until Sophia could no longer take it and ended the awkward conversation.

She thought that she could escape Michael due to her menses, but she never expected him to interpret it in a different way. He thought to himself, Sophia is still young and doesn’t know me well, so she must have felt pressured to have sex after just meeting me.

We won’t be doing anything tonight anyway, so maybe I can try to have a chat with her and improve our relationship. However, this conversation isn’t going as well as I thought because my chica is still defensive toward me. Why is this so? I’m obviously trying really hard to be more amiable.

Sophia had a nightmare in the middle of the night—she dreamed that Michael turned into an eel and chased her around fiercely. When she woke up on the second day, her stomach was in an immense pain that she couldn’t breathe and her face looked exhausted with two dark circles under her eyes. Her appearance made her look unnaturally old.

When she woke up from bed, Michael was already running in the gym next door. With half-closed eyes, she went into the bathroom to wash herself before sitting in front of the dressing table and used her dusting powder to hide the dark circles around her eyes.

I can’t allow Michael to see my haggard appearance. Otherwise, he will be disgusted and kick me out afterward. However, her heart also wished that he would really kick her out of the house so that she would have her freedom, but she wasn’t strong enough to be on her own yet. She had a dispute with the Harpers and would be destroyed by them in no time without Michael’s protection.

Under all of her pain and struggles, she still cautiously applied her makeup. My priority is to hold onto Michael, so I must be pretty at all times! In the past year, she showed an extreme love toward things that she once despised, such as stocks, real estate, and makeup. She had a closet and makeup room all to herself and it did not matter whether she liked it or not.

Mr. Morgan would stock up the room every month with new boxes of makeup. If it was a new shade of makeup that an international brand was launching, she would receive the entire collection the next day. If it was clothes that were worn by the models from Paris Fashion Week the day before, she would also receive a set of it the next day.

At that moment, Michael had already exited the gym and went into the bathroom while being topless. After three minutes of being under the hot water, he came out while rubbing his wet hair with a towel, but Sophia still wasn’t done with her makeup.

While she was still applying eyeshadow, he swung his wet hair aside and was still topless when he walked toward the messy bed. Without uttering a single word, he leaned over to grab the quilt on all corners before giving it a shake to ensure that the blanket was spread evenly.

After he smoothened the blanket, he folded and corrected its position a couple of times before it was folded into a dimensional cube shape in the end. Once that was done, he tidied the bed. The bed had no wrinkles afterward—and it was so tidy that even a fly would slip on it.

Michael exited the door with satisfaction before he turned his head. “Chica, I’ll give you ten minutes to come down and have your breakfast. I’ll send you to school afterward.”

Sophia quickly nodded. “Okay.” As soon as she was done with her makeup, she chose a skirt from the closet to change into, but the room was gigantic for her.

She usually never went into the room because she had always asked Maria to keep the clothes that she usually wore in the master bedroom’s wardrobe. Now that Michael was back, she no longer had the same type of freedom as before, so she wore a lady’s skirt properly. There isn’t really any freedom in this!

Before she exited the room, she glanced at the tidy bed. Why does Michael fold the blanket like a soldier? Could it be that he was a soldier before?

In the past year, she had done her research on the high society of Bayside City. The city was filled with the rich and powerful, but among these groups, there were four great families that dominated them—the Edwards, the Winstons, the Fletchers, and the Mitchells.

Among them, the Fletchers were the number one military family in Bayside City as they had produced countless military officers and many generals. Is Michael one of the Fletchers then? But I’ve never heard Hale mentioning it before.

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Sophia had done a lot of research on these four great families and Hale had also previously made it clear to her to stay away from people with these four family names to avoid any unnecessary troubles.

The Four Great Families were incredible as they had their own strengths—the Edwards had the riches of the world, the Winstons had immense power, the Fletchers were the number one military family, and the Mitchells were well-connected with people around the world. All of them were the top elites of Bayside City.

Sophia’s stingy father, Joe, was also a member of the Edwards Family, which was one of the Four Great Families. However, he was a b*stard and that resulted in him being distant from the Edwards Family of Bayside City. He had long been excluded from the main forces of the Edwards Family with no chance for him to have any connections with them.

He might have been an outcast b*stard, but he was still a member of that prestigious family in Bayside City. Having Edwards as his family name made everything different for him.

Sophia graduated from South Bayside High School and was now continuing her studies at Bayside University. However, she did not have the chance to meet anyone from the Four Great Families because they were of an even higher society—even though all of her classmates were from wealthy families.

The Four Great Families were already out of reach for the normal rich people of the city, which meant that one needed an insane amount of luck to meet someone from that society.

Michael has an insane amount of wealth and power. Could he really be someone from the Fletcher Family? She couldn’t wrap her mind around the world of the rich.

During breakfast, she pretended to be shy as she lowered her head to eat silently. She disguised herself as a lady by chewing slowly and softly drank her congee. However, the man sitting on the other side was able to finish his meal in just five minutes.

As soon as he was finished with his meal, he immediately stood up and ordered her. “Chica, I’m giving you five minutes to quickly finish your meal. I’ll wait for you in the car.”

With that, he turned and left.

Sophia waited until he was out of the door before she returned to her animalistic side and shoved two buns into her mouth before gobbling up everything.

She even scolded him while eating. Pervert!

After eating two buns and having two mouthfuls of porridge, she hurriedly grabbed her bag and walked out the door in her 8cm high heels.

The sudden change from canvas shoes to high heels caused her to feel awkward when she wore them. She wore a white skirt that covered her knees, making her look like a lonely white lotus in this chaotic world while the shiny diamond necklace weighed on her neck. Even though she didn’t like any of these accessories, Michael liked it.

When she wobbled her way to the car, he was already waiting for her on the passenger seat. As soon as he saw her, he furrowed his brows and glanced at his wristwatch before reaching out for her snowy white thigh with his five fingers.

“It has been 8 minutes, so you are 3 minutes late, but considering that you are new here, I won’t punish you. There won’t be a next time.”

Sophia was furious with him. I can’t even wear my lipstick within 5 minutes. However, Michael was the one calling the shots, so she could only follow his instructions. Immediately, she forced herself to be timid and answered in a sweet voice.

“Hubby, I fell down earlier. I promise there won’t be a next time.” Then, she lowered her head and showed an aggrieved expression. “I’m also having my period and my stomach is killing me. You don’t care for me at all, hubby.” I need to pretend to be fragile so that I can protect myself. Men are usually quite protective toward weaker girls. He will definitely feel sorry for torturing me after seeing me this way.

After listening to her words, he also had a gloomy face as she looked at him innocently with her attractive eyes.

A minute of weird silence later, he slapped his palm on her thigh. “Why are you talking like this? You’re so disgusting! Speak properly!”

Sophia pretended to be furious at Michael’s ignorance, so she pursed her lips and remained silent.

Finally, he withdrew his hand before releasing the clutch to start the car and drive in the direction of Bayside University. As he drove, he thought, I need to teach this chica a lesson; otherwise, she is going to go over my head. Even though she is acting like a gentle person on the outside, no one knows what she is thinking in her mind.

He continued to think to himself, I took time out of my busy schedule to send her to school personally, so the little relationship between us must have improved somehow. According to this progress, our consummation is not far away.

Just as he was feeling good about himself, he would never know the number of times Sophia called him a pervert in her heart along the way.

Soon after, the car was approaching Bayside University, so she quickly said, “Hubby, let’s stop the car here. You can just drop me here!”

The people in school loved to gossip because rich people were usually sensitive toward other people’s materialistic possessions. If someone changed the car that they drove to school, news about it would immediately spread through the whole school like wildfire.

Then, the other students would speculate the person’s wealth according to the price and quality of the car, so that they could determine whether there was value in making friends with the said person.

Even the shade of your best friend’s lipstick would be enough to judge her company’s recent financial status in an instant.

Sophia thought, Michael’s car, if I’m not mistaken, is the latest Bugatti Veyron Convertible and there’s only 10 of it in the world. The only people in Bayside City who can afford to drive such an expensive car are either from the Four Great Families or a president of a company.

If I alight from a car like this, my identity will be exposed and I might even expose Michael’s identity too. Then, I’ll be on the front page of the news for everybody to criticize.

Michael listened to her and stopped the car, but he didn’t realize that his car would draw a lot of attention. If I actually drive into Bayside University in this car, I’m afraid that I’ll bring lots of unnecessary trouble to this chica.

Just as she was about to alight from the car, he grabbed her arms with a lustful face. “Aren’t you going to kiss me goodbye?”

She pretended to be timid and slapped away his hand. “Hubby, you’re so bad!”

Just like that, she quickly ran off in her 8cm high heels the moment she got down from the car, as if she was being chased after by some demons…

Michael’s lips twitched as he mumbled, “Am I that scary?”

After she was gone, he made a few phone calls.

“What? A press conference for a new movie? Isn’t that movie no longer being released in cinemas? What new movie is this?”

There was a moment of silence.

“Oh, I’ve been in many movies, so I’ve forgotten about it. Postpone it for an hour. Since they want to say that I’m being a diva, I’ll show them what a diva looks like.”

“Hale, remember to pick up Chica from Bayside University at 6PM.”

“Gemma, keep an eye on her.”

After running away from Michael’s line of vision. Sophia breathed a huge sigh of relief. His aura is so terrifying!

Therefore, she hid in a corner near the university gate and chewed on a piece of gum to calm herself down.

Bayside University was one of the scenic areas in Bayside City because the rich children of the city came here for their studies. Most of these people weren’t married, so lots of people hoped to fall in love with one of them at the university gate.

Therefore, many people would gather at the gates of Bayside University because they wanted to marry into a wealthy family. However, Sophia thought these people were only fantasizing because she had never seen a wealthy student exiting the gates and all of them traveled in luxurious cars without entering the campus by foot.

Besides, the school had a strict access control, so outsiders were completely forbidden from entering the university. Even so, the gates of Bayside University were still as lively as ever.

Sophia spat out her gum and hid in a public toilet. When she reappeared, her appearance had completely changed.

Her white long skirt became an extremely short summer pants that showed off her fair thighs and her pair of high heels were swapped with a pair of black sneakers. She tied her lady-like curly hair into a bun and hid it under a baseball cap. Then, she chewed some gum and listened to music while strolling into school.

However, what she didn’t know was that the process of her chewing the gum and changing her clothes became a high definition live broadcast that was connected directly to Michael’s phone.

When he saw her fair, long legs, he let out a vague sigh. “Tsk!”

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As soon as Michael was gone, Sophia needed to restrain herself. Fortunately, she had another identity—a student of Bayside University. Bayside University was the top university in Cethos and they emphasized on nurturing students, so they wouldn’t simply allow their students to skip classes like other universities.

The university also had a very strict credit system and school rules, so any violation of those rules would lead to a deduction in credit. It didn’t matter who you were because those who looked down on the school, had disciplinary problems, or even earned bad grades would be expelled from the school immediately.

No matter how rich and powerful the people were, once they were expelled from the university, there was no coming back.

Sophia felt more secure with her identity as a student of Bayside University. Michael can’t force me to drop out of school and go home to be with him. If he really tortures me to death, he will be responsible for everything when the school investigates about it.

Every student in the university was carefully chosen, especially civilians like us who were admitted solely based on our academics. Therefore, everyone in the university is a high-achieving scholar.

Daytime was Sophia’s free time and she could decide the number of hours she wanted to stay in school. Therefore, she signed up with a few clubs at once and she even chose three elective courses that were carried out during the evening. She also filled up her schedule with personal training courses in the gym.

Seeing her schedule that was filled with classes and gym courses from 7AM to 9PM, she felt that she could finally stay at school in the open for the whole day without returning home. I can even directly apply to stay in school through Michael.

After all, it takes half an hour to reach here from home, and Bayside City is globally renowned for its traffic, so sometimes, we may not even reach home within an hour. Let’s just see how long I can drag this.

Sophia was content with herself—even though her Yamaha bike was confiscated, she still could shuttle around the school ground on her skateboard.

She felt like a happy little bird and Michael was an old, wrinkly woman who always tried to keep her in a bird cage.

Holding onto the class schedule that she had just filled, she made her way toward her next class but seemed to feel that someone was watching her from the back. When she turned her head, there wasn’t anything strange behind her.

From the moment she entered school today, she felt goosebumps all over her body, as if a pair of eyes secretly watched her every move. Could it be someone from the Harper Family?

But they won’t dare to lay their hands on me on the university campus. Maybe it’s because that pervert is back, so I’m starting to hallucinate due to stress. Sophia thought about it in that way, so it didn’t concern her.

However, right at that moment, her fully-packed schedule fell into Michael’s line of vision. He stopped at the right moment and enlarged her timetable to see the elective courses she chose.

Food nutrition, social etiquette and English as well as sex and health education… She even signed up for three clubs—culinary culture club, drama club and the night marathon club. Her timetable is fully-stacked.

Elective courses start in the evenings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and her club activities are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Night marathons were scheduled for every weekend. Her whole day is almost filled with classes and she even enrolled in a personal training course at the gym. Is she planning not to come back and see me even during the weekends?

“Tsk!” He exclaimed once again. Am I that terrifying? What makes her so disgusted of me?

He chewed on a piece of gum, revealing a profound smile on his lips. Gary, who drove the car, saw his sweet smile in the rearview mirror and instantly knew that he might be up to something no good.

Sophia had a busy day at school today. When she left the university’s gate, it was already 6.30PM. However, her elective courses hadn’t started yet because it was the beginning of an academic year, so she didn’t have any other classes to attend in the evening.

Therefore, she planned to change her clothes and have a meal before playing games in a cybercafe until 10PM when it was time to return home.

Just as she had everything planned out for the night, she received a phone call from Hale. “Madam, Boss has asked me to pick you up. He has already booked a table tonight at the Pearl Couples Restaurant.”

After she ended the call, she wandered out in low spirits, but she didn’t notice that someone followed her closely from behind.

When she came to a corner and prepared to look for a washroom to change her clothes, someone suddenly grabbed hold of her shoulders.

“Sophia.” The gentle and warm voice of a man was heard from behind.

She stopped in her steps and turned to see Richard standing behind her.

As the eldest son of the real estate tycoon in Riverdale, the Harper Family, he was the same as other students in Bayside University. He was born with a silver spoon, so his soul had traces of nobility and elegance.

He used to be the love of her life and she was also aware of the gap between them, but she did not believe in fate. She had worked hard to become the woman that was worthy to be by his side.

However, the cold reality had given her a ruthless slap on her face—a medical report and an expulsion letter almost ruined her life, but the man she loved the most merely sat there watching with another girl in his arms!

Richard had been learning how to run his family’s business since high school, so he was now already capable of supporting half of the Harper Family’s enterprise.

However, at school, he was merely a student. He wore a snowy white shirt, resembling a prince in every young girl’s dream. He was full of warmth and vitality without any contamination from society.

However, Sophia was already indifferent toward him since she wouldn’t look at him. “If you have something to say, say it quickly. Please don’t talk about the lawsuit.”

Richard smiled bitterly. Sophia is now like a hedgehog that raises her quills upright whenever I come close to her. She is so defensive and vigilant toward me while no longer being the same innocent Sophia as before.

“It’s fine, I’m just here to see you. I heard that you’ve signed up for loads of elective courses. Actually, you don’t need to work so hard because it will be easy for you to earn those credits with your academic results.” His voice was still as gentle as before, like a whisper to a lover’s ear.

However, Sophia was emotionless after hearing him. “So, what does that have to do with you?”

Richard was rendered speechless, but in the end, he lowered his lashes to illustrate his melancholy and grief. “I know you still hate me, but you can’t take your anger out on Kayla. You know clearly that she wouldn’t do something like this…”

“I’m sorry. I don’t hate you. I’m just taking back what was once mine.” She interrupted him impatiently.

Richard’s face was full of sadness as he looked at the girl in front of him. She was completely different from the person he remembered in his mind. Not only was her appearance different, her heart was also different. “You’ve changed.”

Sophia was being stubborn. “I’ve installed braces.”

He was rendered speechless again. He loosened his tight fists as he finally revealed the reason why he came to her. “Can’t you just direct everything toward me?

Kayla and Xyla are innocent. I’m the one who wronged you. Don’t project your hatred for me on others!” He took two steps forward and grabbed her shoulders while his emotions boiled up. “Tell me now, what should I do to make you withdraw the lawsuit?”

Sophia laid out her conditions. “Ask your sister to apologize publicly and I need 5 million as compensation.”

Looks like he couldn’t find a way out with Mr. Fields, so he came to me to find a breakthrough.

Richard rejected her conditions immediately. “Sophia, you know clearly that we are a prestigious family of Bayside City, so it’s impossible for us to apologize for this sort of thing. If you withdraw the lawsuit, I will give you ten million and you can even return to me.

Can’t we just treat this as a mere misunderstanding? I don’t care about your past and I’ll treat you well for the rest of your life. I know that you can’t have kids after your abortion, but we can adopt lots of kids together in the future. You know that I’ve always loved you.”

I can’t have kids because of my abortion? Is this the latest story that Xyla made up? Sophia was emotionless inside and she even wanted to laugh—laugh at herself for falling in love with a scumbag like him.

She lifted her chin and slowly wore her sunglasses, showing her cold elegance. “I’m sorry, but I’m already married to an old, ugly, and perverted man who has the whole city in his hands. If you love me, you can always speak with that old man. If you are able to return home alive, I’ll truly respect you as a man.”

“Tsk!” On the way to the Couples Restaurant, the person who was referred to as the old, ugly, and perverted man who had the whole city in his hands exclaimed while watching a live broadcast on his phone.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 19

How could a prestigious family like mine that value their own reputation more than their lives allow an infertile women who had an abortion to marry into their family? Isn’t that bringing shame to the family? How could they hope to fool others if they can’t even fool themselves?! After listening to Sophia’s words, Richard stared at her in disbelief, as if he did not dare to believe her. “Sophia, you—”

“It is really self-deprecating, isn’t it?” Sophia raised her head and gazed at him while her red lips spat out cold words. “Otherwise, how did you think I enrolled into Bayside University after your family ruined my future?

It’s easy for a woman like me to look for an old man to marry so that I can enter university. You are still not convinced? Fight me then!” His hypocritical face is so disgusting!

It was only after she married Michael that she discovered some details about the incident back then. For instance, the Harper Family had done something to her after she was expelled from high school. When she was being expelled, the principal gave her a few ten thousand from his wallet as compensation, but it was snatched from her the moment she left the school gate.

During that period, she was penniless with nowhere to go to. She couldn’t return to school even if she wanted to and no store was willing to accept her when she tried to find a job to support herself.

She had nowhere to go and no one to rely on, so in the end, she could only sleep in Duckburgs. However, she still lived in fear on a daily basis because she was constantly being harassed by hooligans while in Duckburgs, so she continued to walk and change places to stay.

At first, she thought that people with bad luck would never be able to change their fate, but looking back at it now, it was clear that someone wanted her dead.

Then, Hale’s call interrupted their conversation, so she reached out for her phone to answer it. However, Richard suddenly approached her and grabbed hold of her shoulders. “Sophia, you are lying to me, aren’t you? I know you still love me.

Let’s forget everything and return to what we used to be, alright? I shouldn’t have abandoned you. You can hate me all you want!”

He knew that she must have lied to him because if she actually married the old and ugly rich man that she mentioned, she wouldn’t have enrolled in Bayside University as a civilian.

She still loves me and is even waiting foolishly for me to accept her. She is now doing everything to get me back, but how could she just marry another man? Now, she is totally different than the Sophia I knew before. She is more charming and gorgeous. Ever since she showed up, my eyes have never left her.

At that moment, he had an insane idea—he was still willing to accept her. She is now a student of Bayside University. Once she graduates from here, I’ll arrange a position for her in Harper Group so that she can be my assistant.

After I’ve succeeded in gaining full power of the Harper Family, there will be no one to stop us from getting together since her identity is now worthy of me.

However, Sophia was rendered speechless. I’ve made my words clear and he still thinks that I’m mad at him?

Quite a few people were watching the live broadcast of this scene—including Hale.

He was in a car that was parked in a corner not far away. He switched off the surveillance video on his phone and watched the live broadcast straight away.

On another corner, a pretty girl was also watching Richard and Sophia. Both her hands were already clenched into fists as her fingernails dug deep into her palms to the point where blood was oozing out, but she was unaware of it.

Xyla really wanted to rush over and kill Sophia. She has already exited our world, so why is she returning to seduce Richard? Is she worthy of Richard? That’s just wishful thinking! Richard can only be mine! I’m his true girlfriend!

However, if she approached them and questioned him now as his girlfriend, it would only make him dislike her more.

Therefore, she restrained the gloominess in her eyes and took a deep breath before kicking a bottle next to her foot.

Crack! The bottle fell and made a huge sound that drew Richard and Sophia’s attention. As Richard turned his head, he immediately saw a panicked Xyla crying. For a moment, his mind exploded into nothingness.

Xyla didn’t say a word as she turned and ran away sadly. Without hesitation, he chased after her. “Xyla, listen to me!”

“I don’t want to hear it! I don’t want to hear it!” she yelled.

He grabbed her, pulling her into his arms. “Xyla, you need to listen to me. It’s not what you think it is.”

Tears were running down her face. “Richard, if you still miss Sophia, I’m willing to give up. It’s true, you don’t need to consider my feelings since I’m the mistress. It’s all my fault!”

Richard felt very guilty. Xyla is such a kind girl. How can I bear to hurt her?

He only came here today to negotiate with Sophia to withdraw the lawsuit, but for some reason, he had said those words.

Without hesitation, he spoke, “Xyla, it’s not what you think it is. Didn’t we promise each other that we’ll be together forever? Didn’t we agree to be engaged next month so that we can be married after graduation? How can my love for you change? You are my one and only.”

“Huh? Didn’t you just say that you want to abandon everything and return to the past with me?” Sophia’s cold voice was heard from behind as she crossed her arms in front of her and looked at them. She truly didn’t want to admit that a scumbag like him was her ex-boyfriend. My standard back then was so weird!

After hearing her voice, Richard was startled and he couldn’t find the words to refute her. His face immediately reddened as he lacked the courage to look at both Sophia and Xyla.

Sophia wanted to delay her meeting with Michael, so she purposely dragged her words. “Who was the one who just said that he wanted to start over with me? Have you forgotten about it so quickly? You just can’t listen to this man’s words!”

“I…” Richard opened his mouth, but he was unable to speak. At that moment, he had an urge to bring Sophia back to him, but at the same time, he wanted to keep Xyla by his side.

Suddenly, Xyla turned and wiped her tears as she ran off. She knew that if she continued to pester him, he might have a change in heart. Richard’s heart is still mostly with me. He will definitely run after me.

Sure enough, after seeing her running away, Richard immediately chased after her since most of his heart was still with her.

“Hmph! I still want to have more fun with them.” Sophia was a bit disappointed because she wanted to spend another minute since she would rather argue with the disgusting scumbag than to face Michael’s dashing yet perverted face.

After Xyla and Richard were gone, Sophia saw Hale waiting for her by the roadside.

Hale was a huge man with a meticulously tailored black suit and behaved like a moving coffin. He exuded an immense pressure on anyone who dared to approach him—just by standing there. “Boss is already on his way to the restaurant. He doesn’t like to wait.”

Sophia entered the car unwillingly. “I was just busy dissing a scumbag…”

Hale chuckled in his heart. She probably doesn’t know that Michael has sent Gemma to spy on her the entire day. He knows about her every movement in school.

Michael had a bodyguard team consisting of ten men—all of them were brilliant with their own special talent. Gary had insane driving skills and Hale was a good fighter while Gemma was agile and extremely good with disguises.

Hale initially thought that it was a waste of talent for Michael to send him to be her bodyguard, but he never expected that their Boss would assign a pervert like Gemma!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 20
Hale followed her into the car without uttering a word. Then, he started the car and made a beautiful drift before driving away. I can’t believe Michael is still relieved to keep Sophia by his side after last night’s embarrassment. Shouldn’t he be afraid of…

However, Hale didn’t fancy a loli like Sophia. Only a pervert like Michael will love a young schoolgirl like her. On the other hand, I prefer women with big breasts and rump. I’ll just leave the loli to that lolicon, Michael!

Meanwhile, Sophia pulled down the partition so that she could change her clothes and wear some makeup. When they arrived at the Pearl Couples Restaurant, she had already changed from a bright and wild young girl to a tall high-class lady.

When Hale saw her after opening the car door, he opened his mouth, as if he wanted to remind her to be more careful in school as Michael already had his eyes and ears all over Bayside University.

However, he shoved his words down his throat in the end. She can only hope for the best! It’s her fault if she ends up dead! However, Michael is still interested in her, so she will still be alive for the moment.

As soon as Sophia entered the restaurant, a highly trained waiter escorted her to her seat.

Michael booked a couple’s room with red pearl curtains hanging down that jingled whenever the door is opened. Pink candles were lit up in the room, making the whole space feel secretive and romantic as it was filled with a shadow of charming light. The aroma of food was mixed with the fragrance of roses—and the mixture of smells could instantly calm anyone down.

The man wore a chic black suit that complimented his dark-patterned tie, radiating his capabilities and maturity. Under the enchanting pink light, his dashing dimensional face was almost comparable to God.

However, from her point of view, the more handsome he looked, the more dangerous he was. She wouldn’t dare to forget the eels he reared in the tank at home.

She forced herself to lift her spirits up and put down her bag elegantly. For the past year, she had learned yoga and etiquettes that made her movements more elegant. She was no longer that ugly duckling she used to be. “Hubby, I’m here. Sorry that I’m late. There was traffic on the way here,” she spoke in a voice that was as sweet as honey.

Michael revealed a seducing yet gentle smile, as if he knew long ago that she would be stuck in traffic. “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Then, she sat down and they were separated by a small table. At first, they engaged in small talk, talking about her life in school and the interesting stories about her classmates. Occasionally, Michael’s deep chuckle and Sophia’s sweet laughter could be heard, but the atmosphere was so peaceful that it seemed as though it was staged.

As she continued to talk to him while eating her food, she thought about how she was going to inform him of her request.

Sophia was half-full after the meal, so she wiped her mouth and applied her masculine Dior lipstick. She pressed her fiery lips while looking through her mirror before rolling her eyes. Just as she was about to tactfully bring up that she wanted to stay in school, Michael unexpectedly took the initiative and spoke first.

“Dear, do you have a lot of classes lately in school?”

She quickly nodded her head and pretended to moan, “Bayside University is totally different from other universities. Almost everyday is filled with classes. I have classes from 7AM to 9PM and I even have to go to the gym after class. The school has also made it compulsory for us to sign up for clubs and elective courses to gain more credits. Hubby, I’m tired of running back and forth every day.”

Michael revealed a smile and said to her while cutting a piece of steak elegantly, “I’ve also graduated from Bayside University, so naturally, I can understand your struggles.”

Sophia wasn’t much surprised that he graduated from Bayside University, but she realized that she knew nothing about her husband. I need to check him out in the alumni list someday in the library.

Then, she took the chance to bring up her request. “Hubby, I’m so tired from running back and forth. Why don’t—”

“Why don’t I ask Toby to send you there by plane from tomorrow onward? His flying skills are insanely good!” He looked as though he knew everything while his eyes showed traces of mischievousness.

Sophia was left dumbfounded.

Michael was a millionaire with a personal helipad on top of the Villa No. 8 they lived in. Not only did he have a huge piece of real estate on the outskirts of the city, he even owned a private manor and a private airport.

She quickly pretended to be timid as she rejected his offer. “How is that appropriate? I want to remain low profile. I don’t want other students to see me flying in and out of school on a plane everyday! Why don’t I live in school so that I don’t have to go back and forth everyday?” Let’s see how he is going to deal with this!

Seeing that he was still silent, she quickly followed up on her words. “The school has assigned a dorm to me. Even though it’s not as good as home, I feel like it suits me. It’s also much more convenient for me to study if I live in school…”

Michael seemed to be hesitant as his eyes darkened. In the meantime, Sophia pretended to taste a glass of wine while glancing at him nervously, not knowing that he was watching her too.

A while later, he finally nodded his head. “Alright.”

She was delighted. After I move into the hostel, I will have at least five days of freedom. Michael is such a busy man, so he may be gone for days, months or even years. By then, he will probably forget about me and I’ll finally have my freedom!

Even though she enjoyed the resources and privileges he gave, she still shamelessly hoped that she wouldn’t need to sleep with him. Who knows whether he will suddenly bring out an eel when I’m sleeping…

However, she didn’t expect that what Michael was about to say would kill her thoughts like a bucket of cold water being splashed at her.

“I’ll move to a place near school to accompany you!”

He remained a gentleman as he used a white napkin to wipe his mouth elegantly before saying those words in an affectionate way.

Sophia almost choked on her wine after hearing him, so she quickly rejected the suggestion. “How is that appropriate? I will be staying in the girls’ dorm and they forbid boys from coming over. If the school finds out about this, they will deduct my credits.”

Michael took a sip of the red wine with elegance and charm. Every movement of his revealed a natural elegance that was rooted deep in his genes. He put down the glass and answered, “I own a few real estate near Bayside University.”

She was immediately stunned, never once expecting him to make such a move. The neighboring locations near Bayside University weren’t the best in the city, so the genuine dignitaries of the city generally wouldn’t choose to live there. I can’t believe that Michael would buy a house near the university.

He smiled. “What is it? Are you too happy to hear that I’m moving there to accompany you? There is a large piece of real estate directly opposite the university’s gate, which belongs to me. I can move there to live with you…”

Sophia’s lips twitched in an almost invisible arc, but deep in her heart, she was actually devastated. Michael is a super millionaire. No ordinary millionaire is capable of living in a villa near the city’s palace!

Michael took a sip of red wine, but he didn’t seem to notice that she was unhappy about his decision. “There are lots of good houses near the university and I own all of them. You can choose to live wherever you want!” Sophia had nothing to say, so he continued with his words. “I remember that I have a house next to Bayside University. It’s technically a wall away from the girls’ dormitory. Why don’t we move there?”

She was shocked and rendered speechless by the millionaire at the same time.

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