Married At First Sight Chapter 3213

Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight Chapter 3213-Seeing Tinsley’s speechless look, Elora smiled and said, “Well, if you don’t like Tatum now, you can’t tell whether you will like him in the future. From now on, you come to my place for dinner every day, spend more time with him, and get to know him. If he is really good, stay as far away as possible. I think my second uncle and second aunt will reluctantly agree. Or let Tatum develop in our area and buy a house here.”

Tinsley: “…”

Elora said this, and she would not dare come to her place in the future to have a meal.

Lest Elora misunderstand that she likes Tatum.

Tatum didn’t know that his future wife misunderstood that his sister-in-law was interested in him.

He followed Uncle Joly back to the dormitory.

Uncle Joly smiled and congratulated him, and he said with a smile, “Tatum, we have become colleagues. I hope we can work together for a long time.”

In the manor, Ormond’s family lived in several rooms, each with its own small world.

The chefs in the main room changed often, and Uncle Joly hoped that someone could work for a year and a half without having to change people frequently.

Often, the chef left before he got acquainted with the chef.

Tatum also smiled and said, “Uncle Joly, I also hope that I can work with you for a longer time. In the future, I will have to study the recipes carefully to make the young lady like to eat my food and only the food I cook.”

Uncle Joly said, “If you can make the eldest lady only love your food, then you will be great. Participating in the cooking competition will undoubtedly earn you the title of God of Cooking.”

It’s not easy for a young lady’s stomach to be cooked.

Tatum smiled and said, “I don’t care if the chef is not a master of cooking. I just want to improve my cooking skills and make my guests satisfied.”

He will give some advice to the chefs he hires. Therefore, if he learns well, it means that his chef can learn well, and then his catering business will get better and better.

Of course, he needs to sign a multi-year contract with him before he can give him some pointers, lest the chefs learn the essence of his cooking and go cook for others or become his competitors, in which case he will lose more than he gains.

They don’t dare to teach others their essence, saying that they have taught their disciples and starved the master to death.

He always retains half of his skills to protect his catering business from his apprentices.

However, chefs who have received some guidance from him will change cities, even if they start their own business. They will not and dare not compete with him for business, probably because they are afraid of the York Corporation behind him.

The York Corporation is also involved in the catering industry and is managed by Kevin. It has become a leader among its peers.

Uncle Joly already knew that Tatum was the boss himself. He smiled and said, “Yes, you want to improve your cooking skills. You work here. If the eldest lady eats the dishes you cook, she will give you some advice. If she doesn’t make any comments, it means she is satisfied.

It’s just that you have no one to communicate with. The chefs in the second and third bedrooms are not as good as ours.”

The eldest lady was the most picky, so the chef was naturally the best in the eldest house.

“Everyone has their own specialties. When we learn from others, we learn from their strengths and correct our own shortcomings. However, most people will not easily teach others their skills.”

Uncle Joly smiled and said, “That’s it.”

The chefs who worked in the manor usually came and went, but when cooking, everyone’s job was different, so there was no communication and no cooking experience with their peers. No one wanted to be copied by others.

That was a job grab.

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