Married At First Sight Chapter 3212

Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight Chapter 3212-Elora continued, “With such a career, if you really like him, the second uncle and second aunt will not object. “Even if he is from Wiltspoon and too far away from us, the second uncle and second aunt may be reluctant to let you marry far away.”

“Sister!” Tinsley said helplessly, “How many times have I said it? I really don’t mean that. On the contrary, I think he and you are a good match. We have seven sisters, and you are the eldest. You must marry first. I will not surpass you.”

Tinsley was unsure if it was an illusion or if she really saw it, but Tatum looked at Elora in a different light.

Tatum also came here for Elora.

Oh, he came here for Elora’s delicious mouth. If he can satisfy Elora, his customers will surely be satisfied.

She thought that there were few people as picky as Elora.

Elora stretched out her hand and pinched Tinsley’s face, saying with a smile, “We are not much different in age, and we are just cousins.” Even if you get married before me, it will be fine. I’m not considering marriage at the moment. Even if I were to consider it, it would be local people. Think about it: Alonzo is only a few years old. When he grows up and can take over, he will have to wait at least twenty years. We, the sisters, will continue to support the company for the next twenty years. If we marry far away, who will support the company? Let’s see if the third and fourth sisters possess such abilities.”

The third and fourth young ladies have also grown up and started to get involved in business matters. At present, it cannot support a huge family business.

Therefore, Elora did not consider marrying far away. She was marrying in this city so that she could manage her family’s company after getting married. She planned to gradually transfer the business affairs to her younger brother once he reached adulthood.

Tinsley: “Sister, are there any young talents in our city that you like?”

There were quite a lot of wealthy young men from wealthy families in this city, and some of them were quite good, but they were all married fathers.

If they are younger than them, they will definitely not consider it.

Those whose family conditions were not suitable for their Ormond family would not be considered.

Alonzo, the younger brother, would inherit the family business in the future, but the sisters, who were also wealthy, would establish their own private businesses. However, the conditions were not as good as theirs. They were always worried that the other party was here for money and wasn’t sincere.

When they walked into the business world, what kind of people had they not seen?

Both sisters were very sober and had no love brains.

“No.” Elora said, “You followed me just to talk about these things?”

Tinsley said, “Hehe, no, that’s right. I just asked you what I thought about the battle selection. What I said is correct. He is so good-looking. He is the most handsome boy I have ever seen. He also looks well-educated.”

Elora reached out again and tapped Tinsley’s forehead.

Elora said, “You also said that fighting Tatum is not interesting. Look at you!”Since you first saw Tatum, the topic of conversation between you and me has never left Tatum.”

Tinsley: “…”

Elora said, “Tatum is good-looking, and good-looking men are not easy to guard. When we marry, we must first look at his character and then his family. There is no way around it. Even if we don’t dislike a family like ours, parents will also dislike the other person’s poor family conditions. It is better to find someone on the same level from the beginning, rather than enduring parental beatings.

I got Tatum’s information and showed it to you. So far, he is quite good. But whether his character is good or not, we need to spend a long time observing to know what his character is like.

Also, he is just the chef in my family now. You’re the second young lady in front of him. He will not, and dare not, treat you badly. As a result, we cannot see his true character. Some people can hide it for several years without showing it at all.”

Tinsley: “…”

Tinsley said that she was far from falling in love with Tatum at first sight and had no thoughts about men or women. Elora probably didn’t listen.

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  1. It’s painful to wait for the whole day and just get 2 chapters. This novel is well written. Congratulations to the author.

    1. Zama, you have know idea! I’ve been reading this “novel” for over a year. Not only did I pay over $100 just to read the first hundred “chapters/pages” on Good Novel which said they had ended the story, but yet it continues creating new stories and characters.
      I’m now choosing to read after two weeks at a time. Waiting on the original characters like Serenity, could have had two children by now. lol

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