Married At First Sight Chapter 3192

Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight Chapter 3192-Sonny rarely saw Evan and was not familiar with Evan, so he called him “fourth uncle”. He did not happily rush towards Evan for a hug like he did when he saw him and the others.

Evan smiled and opened his arms to Sonny. “Sonny, come here; let your fourth uncle hug you.”

Sonny looked at Serenity and saw Serenity nodding. He then walked towards Evan, and Evan hugged him.

Sonny: “Fourth uncle.”

Evan: “Yeah. Sonny, I haven’t seen you for a long time. You’re a bit heavy. You need to eat more so that you can grow up quickly.”

Sonny: “Fourth uncle, I am a little heavy. I just need to eat more and grow up, and I will be heavier.”

Evan smiled and said, “Yes. Does Sonny miss your fourth uncle?”

Sonny: “I rarely see you. If you’re not familiar with me, I don’t want to.”

Evan said to Serenity, “Sonny is really honest and can’t even lie.”

“Kid, it’s better to be honest.”

Sonny also said, “The teacher said we should be honest children and not lie.”

Evan: “Yes, yes. It seems that the fourth uncle will have to meet Sonny more often in the future. In this way, Sonny and the fourth uncle will become familiar with each other and will miss the fourth uncle.”

Evan looked at Zachary, who was still busy, and decided not to disturb him.

He came here just to please Zachary and see if he could get some advice from him.

Serenity invited him to dinner for a specific reason.

Now that Serenity is here with Zachary, Evan should just ask Serenity directly.

Evan sat down on the sofa with Sonny in his arms and asked Serenity, “Hasn’t Sister Liberty come back?”

Serenity said, “My sister is very busy now and can only come back during the New Year. Last weekend, Brother Duncan took Sonny to spend the weekend with my sister.”

Evan hummed. He knew about Brother Duncan and Sister Liberty.

He put down Sonny, and Sonny took his schoolbag, took out a book from the small schoolbag that the kindergarten teacher sent back today, opened the book, and started reading to himself.

Evan asked, “Can Sonny know how to read?”

Serenity replied on behalf of Sonny: “Sonny can recognize a lot of words. The kindergarten books are for pictures, so he can understand them.”

Evan praised: “Sonny is so smart.”

When they were as old as Sonny, oh, they also knew a lot of words.

“Sister-in-law.” Evan hesitated for a moment, then asked, “Sister-in-law, brother, you said you invited me over for dinner, right?”

Serenity: “Yes, has your elder brother informed you in place?”

Evan nodded, and with a smile on his face, he asked carefully, “Sister-in-law, are you just going to invite me over for dinner? Have I done something bad?”

Probably not. The elders of the family were all here. Even if he did something bad, the elders would criticize and educate him. If not, the elder brother would still be there.

Although Serenity was like a mother, In fact, Serenity, the eldest sister-in-law, usually didn’t care about these brothers-in-law.

Serenity met Evan’s eyes and said with a smile, “What, why do you feel so scared when I invite you to dinner?”

“Sister-in-law, I’m not afraid. It’s just that suddenly you invited me to dinner, and I was worried that I had done something to offend you.”

“You did do something bad.” Serenity pretended to be serious.

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