Married At First Sight Chapter 3191

Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight Chapter 3191-Elora took Tatum’s information and read it carefully.

Tatum’s information was not complicated. It stated that he had two brothers in his family. Both parents were retired. The eldest brother was married, and the family was harmonious. Tatum started his own business and had achieved little success. He had loved cooking since he was a child. Even though he was a young boss, he still liked to cook.

Tatum’s information did not indicate that he was the sixth young master of the York family, and Elora’s secretary may not have been able to find it.

It was also possible that Zachary made some manipulations in Wiltspoon so that Elora’s people could only find basic information about Tatum, but not much.

Deliberately helping Tatum conceal the identity of the sixth young master of the York family, so that Elora would not be frightened by Tatum’s identity and would not want to admit Tatum,.

However, Tatum started his own business and had some small achievements. Zachary did not hide it from his younger brother. He always had some small skills to let Elora see, least Elora looked down on him because Tatum was too ” poor”.

He was also worried that the elders of the Ormond family would dislike Tatum for his incompetence. Not all wealthy families were like the elders of the York family, who only valued character and temperament.

Although the elders of the York family valued character and temperament, the old lady helped her grandchildren choose wives, but none of them had a poor background. All of the granddaughters-in-law had backgrounds, and they were a good match for the York family.

“How’s it going? Is Tatum’s character okay?” Tinsley asked Elora impatiently.

Elora didn’t answer but handed the piece of paper to Tinsley to see.

Tinsley took it and read it once, then put it down and, with a smile, said, “He has started his own business. He has opened several restaurants, and the business is not bad. Why does he decide to apply for a job as a chef? The salary offered by our family is not low. It should not be more than the money he earns.”

After a moment of silence, Elora said, “Maybe it’s because he heard that I have a picky mouth, so he came here to be a chef. It’s a challenge for him.”

Elora knew that Tatum had liked cooking since he was a child. Although he was young, he had been cooking for more than ten years. Elora believed that his cooking skills were not bad.

As for Tatum coming so far to take the exam, Elora guessed that it was because of her mouth; she was good at eating and had a picky mouth, so any chef she recognized was good enough.

Tatum regarded being a chef as a challenge.

Tinsley smiled and said, “It’s really possible.”

“He’s loved cooking since he was a kid, and he might be a little crazy when it comes to cooking.”

Tinsley said expectantly, “Sister, if Tatum passes the exam, tell Uncle Joly that I will eat at your house from now on.”

Elora said to her, “You want to eat, but when will it not be your share? It’s just that once you come to eat, you have to keep exercising to avoid getting fat again. I don’t have that much time to accompany you to lose weight.”

Tinsley said, “Forget it; I still go there for a meal once in a while. The days spent losing weight are terrible. After experiencing that kind of life once, I don’t want to try it a second time.”

When Tinsley thought about eating happily, she failed to control her weight and gradually became a ball.

Then Elora forced her to lose weight, control her diet, and exercise every day; she was exhausted.

It took Tinsley half a year to lose weight successfully. From the beginning, whenever she was greedy, Elora would remind her to keep her mouth shut and open her legs to avoid becoming a ball again.

Elora randomly stuffed Tatum’s information into the drawer and said to Tinsley, “Go back and do your work.”

“Well, eldest sister, I’ll go back and do some work first, and we’ll go home together later.”

Tinsley knew that Elora would not go home too early, so she went back to her office honestly.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, Evan ran to the York Corporation to wait for Zachary to get off work so that they could go to the Wiltspoon Hotel together.

In Zachary’s office, he saw Serenity and Sonny, who had arrived five minutes earlier than him.

“Sister-in-law.” Evan respectfully called sister-in-law.

Serenity hummed.

“Fourth uncle.” Sonny greeted sweetly.

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