Twins In Her Womb: Sir President Please Be Gentle Chapter 3105

Twins in Her Womb: Sir President, Please be Gentle

Twins In Her Womb: Sir President Please Be Gentle Chapter 3105-After Marlon finished speaking, he quickly walked away.

At this moment, whoever was the last to leave would have to take care of Stan.

Marlon would not bother with something so strenuous when he did not even have the energy for it.

As Gerald watched Marlon leave, he could not help but secretly let out a sneer.

He ran faster than anyone else when it came to standing up for his own brother, but he bailed when there was no profit to be gained?

He turned around to look at Stan.

He had been groaning because of the pain and had not participated in their conversation.

Gerald felt impatient. He wanted to make a phone call, but Stan had lost his memory now. He could not make the call in front of him.

If Stan found out anything, he might betray Gerald to save himself. At the thought of this, Gerald said, “Uncle Stan, bear with me for a moment. I’ll go out and make a phone call.”

Stan continued tossing and turning on the ward bed, paying no attention to Gerald’s words because of the pain.

After leaving the hospital with Luca, Luke got into Gale’s car.

As Gale drove, he said, “Boss, when I led the police to check the surveillance just now, I checked your car. The trunk was forced open, and the windows were smashed. Your car needs to be sent back to the factory for major repairs.”

“Okay,” replied Luke nonchalantly.

He had many cars, so losing one or two did not bother him much.

Even though Luke cherished his cars, he decided to have Warren drive this time, given the potential for unexpected events in X City. The car’s price was high, but it was not a limited edition.

That was why he was not too upset about it being damaged.

“Also, I assume they’ll definitely report to the police. You won’t be able to leave tomorrow morning, even if you’d like to go back. You’ll have to wait until noon and give a statement to the local police before you can leave,” added Gale.

The police had already taken the statements of the two thieves from the Island of Despair. As for the matter involving Stan, Luke had to go personally to give a statement to the police.

Luke said, “I know. Gather some information about the other members of the Muller family tomorrow.”

“All of them, even the irrelevant ones?” Gale knew Gerald was from the Island of Despair, but the others should not have any connection to the organization.

After all, Abel was not the type to welcome just anyone with open arms. The Island of Despair definitely would not accept the elderly, weak, sick, or disabled.

“Yes, all of them,” replied Luke.

At first, he could have spared the other members of the Muller family. However, Marlon’s gaze was always on Luca earlier, which irritated him.

It would be best if Gale did not manage to find out much about Marlon.

Otherwise, Luke would make Marlon pay for his ugly thoughts.

“Okay, Boss.” Gale nodded. Digging into people’s backgrounds was something he did often, and the Muller family did not seem like good people anyway. He had no moral qualms about it.

When Luca noticed that they had finished discussing what needed to be said, she slowly spoke up. She told them both about what she had observed at the industry networking event today.

Gale was Luke’s subordinate, so Luca did not hold back anything. She even shared the information she had extracted from Gerald, including the fact that the Island of Despair had recruited a group of Caucasians for simple training before deploying them for tasks.

Gale chuckled and asked, “Dr. Craw, I have a question.”

“Go ahead.” Luca nodded.

“Why does it feel like the Island of Despair is short-staffed? Are they really lacking manpower? How could Abel casually train people and then send them out on missions?” asked Gale. He could not help but find it amusing at the thought of the two thieves from the Island of Despair.

Their skills…

Even with the infrared alarm on, Gale’s agility allowed him to effortlessly scale the wall without setting off the alarm.

Discovering the alarm was not activated was solely due to the clumsiness of one of his subordinates.

However, it was still a discovery.

Yet, here was Abel, sending his men with such clumsy skills that they could not even scale a wall without setting off the alarm. Was he joking?

This might easily lead Gale to underestimate the competence of those from the Island of Despair.

“Rather than saying the Island of Despair lacks manpower, it’s more accurate to say they lack manpower in A City. People with ethnic facial features stand out too much in A City. That’s why Abel resorted to this,” explained Luca.

After all, A City’s security was good, and cases of people going missing were less frequent compared to other countries or some impoverished nations.

Therefore, Abel’s plan to recruit a large number of youths in A City for training was just not feasible.

However, when there were many missions, sending out too many people with ethnic facial features would attract attention and suspicion. For operations in A City, it was best to have Caucasian operatives.

“You’re right about that. But the quality of these people is just too low. Even the greenest rookies under my command outshine them. I bet Abel will definitely reach out to you about this matter.

“Why not suggest he find individuals with better qualifications? It would save time and effort in training and yield better results. Frankly, even for menial tasks, I find them too dim-witted.” Gale’s words were sharp.

He even began to wonder if he had overestimated the Island of Despair.

The new Island of Despair seemed to be miles apart from the old one.

Luca chuckled. Even though she had been feeling a bit down, Gale’s words managed to lighten her mood. “You’ll definitely have the chance to meet him in the future. It would be better if you bring it up personally then.”

“By the time I can bring it up, he won’t have the opportunity to develop the Island of Despair anymore,” Gale stated the truth.

By the time they could discuss the Island of Despair face-to-face with Abel, it would likely be when they had eradicated the organization.

“That’s true,” Luca agreed.

They would not let the Island of Despair off the hook no matter what.

Gale drove them back to the old mansion.

After Luca and Luke got out of the car, Luca looked at the wall and suddenly asked, “Is the infrared alarm still on?”

“It’s still on. It hasn’t been turned off,” replied Luke.

Luca pointed at the wall and said, “I’d also like to give it a try to see if I can jump over the wall without triggering the alarm.”

Before Luke could say anything, Gale could not help but laugh when he heard Luca say that. “You’re really curious, aren’t you? Are you thinking about those two thieves who triggered the alarm, and that’s why you want to test your skills to see if you’ve still got it?”

“Sort of,” replied Luca. When she thought about those clumsy thieves, she wanted to see if she had the ability to jump over the wall without setting off the alarm.

Luke frowned, intending to say that it was too risky.

However, considering Luca’s skills and the fact that she had trained on the Island of Despair for three years, he gave in.

He was curious too, wondering if her skills were indeed formidable.

Luke relaxed his brows, nodded, and said, “Go ahead, but be careful. Don’t get hurt.”

“I won’t.” Luca smiled. She glanced at her slippers and remembered that she had not changed into proper shoes after she heard that Stan had fainted. She headed downstairs wearing these slippers.

When Stan was taken to the hospital, she had not bothered to change her shoes and had simply followed him into the ambulance.

Without further ado, Luca took off her slippers.

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