The Return of God of War Chapter 1210

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1210

It was a day of desolation and grief.

The time had finally come for Erudia’s God of War to be exiled.

Levi smirked. “Tell Winsor Campbell to watch his back. He’d better work hard to fulfill his duties to Erudia. If he proves to be unworthy of that seal, I’ll be back to pull him off his throne!”

Zar broke into laughter. “You? Of all people?”

“Look who’s blabbering. Nothing more than a mere loser defeated in the hands of my Master, just like every other opponent… Just hurry up and get your ass out of here!”

Zar thought what he had just heard must have been the world’s biggest joke ever.

You’re barely even a worthy opponent for Master even in your prime.

How dare you even speak of bringing him down now that you’re crippled?

That’s just impossible!

Levi retained his smile. He signaled for the fleet to carry on.

“Hold it right there!”

A loud voice hollered from above. A few jets were descending from the sky in an enormous roar.

Those private jets were recognizable. Just as they landed in a piercing screech, all the airstairs were pulled out in a simultaneous beat. A handful of men descended onto the ground in swift but almost unison steps.

One of them was seated in a wheelchair pushed by another man.

It was none other than Tyrone Garrison.

A few men followed closely behind as he approached closer and stopped in front of the troop escorting Levi.

“Levi Garrison! To think that this day would befall you! Where’s all that glamourous air of authority you once had?”

Tyrone bellowed with laughter.

“I’ll soon be able to stand on my feet, but look at you – bedridden for the rest of your life! Or should I say… You probably won’t even have much time to lay crippled in bed like this! The moment you land a foot outside the border, there’ll be people coming for you right away!”

The rest of the Garrison clan laughed along. “It’s retribution indeed!”

Tyrone saw the Lehman family’s elite fighters behind Levi. He beckoned to them. “You guys over there!”

“Aren’t you all from the Lehman family? Here to accompany him on this trip? Forget it, just go home!” He chided.

“No. We shall obey the orders of Ms. Lopez.” They answered.

“Not a very obedient bunch, are you? How about this… If you go back as I say, every single one of you gets ten million from me! Otherwise, each of your precious little family will fall into my hands once I return.”

He threatened and lured at the same time.

There were over 10 men from the Lehman family. They glanced at each other with a hint of hesitation. One by one, they began to retreat.


The Garrison clan burst into laughter.

The Lehman elites weren’t as steadfast and loyal as expected. Levi was seemingly left all alone…

Save for Hades who remained unshaken by his side.

“One more over there! Aren’t you going back with the rest? What’s the point of sticking together with a cripple who’s being banished from Erudia?” Tyrone looked at Hades in amusement.

“If you leave as well, I’ll reward you a hundred million!” He tempted.

No man should be able to resist a tenfold of what he offered earlier to those guys from the Lehmans.

Hades remained silent.

“One billion!” He offered again.

“Three billion!”

“Five billion!”

Tyrone was willing to offer any price just to force Levi into a dead corner.

Hades was unmoved.


Tyrone’s offers were answered by nothing but a rumble of the car engine.

Hades sped past the Garrison troupe. In the blink of an eye, the car disappeared into the horizon as it crossed over the borders of Erudia.

He had already vowed to protect Levi even at the cost of his life. At this point, a monetary reward meant nothing.

“Hahaha… This is interesting!”

Tyrone laughed out loud.

The Garrison clan joined in his laughter as they watched Levi’s defeat.

With danger lurking all around, they could only imagine how disastrous his journey would be with only one guard by his side.

“Levi Garrison… What a pity! Even a stray dog lives a better life than you on this day!”

Tyrone felt a gush of euphoria from the bottom of his heart.

This was the best day ever. It felt so much better than killing Levi Garrison himself.

Zar shook his head helplessly as he observed.

What a downfall for a hero who was once hailed as the God of War.

Levi laid quietly in the car as he looked out the window. The Erudian borders shrank further into the distance.

Lost in thoughts, he continued to stare without a blink.

“The God of War shouldn’t be worrying so much! I understand that feeling of not being able to return home.”

Hades chuckled bitterly as he drove on.

“It’s not that bad, you know… At least your family will be coming along. It’ll eventually get better once we’ve settled down.” He added, seeing how sober Levi remained the whole time.

He didn’t know what else to say that could possibly make the exiled God of War feel better.

“Settled down, you say?” Levi let out a mocking laugh. “Danger is literally all around us from here on out.”

Just as he finished speaking, Hades’ expression changed.

He sensed a presence ahead of them.

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