The Return of God of War Chapter 1208

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1208

This is obviously a set-up! A conspiracy with the sole purpose of driving Levi out of Erudia so he would be vulnerable to assassinations!

Zoey smiled wryly at the thought of that.

“My husband is a magnanimous man who has dedicated his life to the protection of the country and its people, and yet this is how they repay his deeds? Destroying his reputation with a false accusation and banishing him from the very country he protected? What a joke! Hahahaha…”

Zoey burst out into a sad and bitter laughter.

So this is how it will end for the God of War, huh? How tragic…

Zar sneered. “How is it a false accusation if we have solid evidence to prove it? The Blood King Palace is the most powerful criminal organization in the world guilty of practically every heinous crime in history! Anyone caught working with them is to be executed, and Levi is no exception! You should be thankful that Winsor took pity in him and decided to only banish him instead!”

Winsor was actually aware of the dangers Levi would face if he left Erudia, but he didn’t find Levi worthy of his concern.

“I’m not here to seek your opinion on the matter, Levi. I’m simply here to inform you of the decision that’s been made! Now, where’s the seal?” Zar asked coldly.

“Give him the seal, Zoey.”

Zoey did as told and handed Zar the Paragon Seal of Honor.

“Remember, you only have three days to leave the country or I’ll kick you out myself!”

Soon, all of Erudia heard about Levi’s conspiracy with the Blood King Palace, and the entire nation was in an uproar.

Everyone hurled abuse at Levi for being the biggest traitor in the country’s recorded history.

Some of the people took matters into their own hands and found where Levi was currently residing.

They gathered outside the house and shouted at him.

“Erudia has no room for traitors!”

“Get out of here, you b*stard!”

Zoey was on the verge of breaking down when she heard the angry mob outside.

“What do we do, Levi? Are we going to just let them have their way? Is leaving Erudia really our only option?” She asked.

Sylas shook her head. “There’s nothing else we can do right now.”

“Sylas is right. Given how determined they are to get rid of me, I’d say resistance is futile.”

Levi was rather calm and collected.

“So we’re just gonna leave, then?”

But… This is unfair! It’s so unfair!

“Yes, for the time being.”

“In that case, we’re going together!” Zoey said.

“No, you guys stay here. I’ll bring you guys over once I’ve settled down. You’ll be a lot safer here with the protection of the Lehman family.”

“But isn’t it dangerous for you to be out there all by yourself?” Zoey was very worried.

“There’s a very safe island that I can go to lay low. Given my current physical condition, I doubt they’d even deem me a threat worth killing. Besides, I’ve got Hades to protect me!”

After a lot of coaxing, Levi was able to persuade Zoey into staying behind.

“We’ll leave tomorrow!”

Again, word got out really fast about the God of War being banished from Erudia the next day.

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