The Man Decree Chapter 3776

The Man's Decree

The Man Decree Chapter 3776–When Jared heard Yuliya’s explanation, he indeed realized that these snow bear beasts hadn’t attacked him at the time. They had merely tried to scare him off to make him leave.

It was Jared’s proactive approach for the sake of the polar stones that sparked the conflict.

As a result, all those snow bear beasts were killed.

A touch of guilt surprisingly stirred within Jared’s heart.

“How did it go for you guys? Did you find any polar stones?” he asked.

“We only found a few. We encountered a demon beast and two holy maidens got injured,” Bianca replied.

Upon hearing that two holy maidens were injured, Jared asked, “Is the injury severe? Let me take a look…” “It’s not serious, just a superficial wound,” Bianca said.

“Let you take a look? Who can handle you undressing and touching them?” Yuliya muttered.

She was still dwelling on it.

Upon hearing this, Jared gave an awkward laugh, choosing not to say anything further.

“Mr. Chance, how’s your harvest?” Bianca quickly changed the subject.

“There should be hundreds of them, but it’s not substantial. We need to locate the polar stone mine. At this rate, I’m afraid we won’t find enough to meet the requirements of Lunarius Palace even in a year,” Jared said with a slight frown.

“I remember Ms. Nieva mentioning that the closer one gets to the border of the chaos dimension, the more abundant the polar stones are. However, it’s incredibly dangerous. If one were to accidentally get caught in the chaos dimension, it would undoubtedly be a death sentence,” Bianca said.

“Let’s not rush. After all, only we and the Mueller family know about the polar stones. Everyone else is still searching for the immortal’s tomb. Moreover, the polar stones don’t serve much purpose in the hands of other cultivators. Let’s rest for a few hours before we continue our search…” After Jared finished speaking, he took out some pills from his Storage Ring and handed them to Bianca. “Have everyone take these. While they won’t enhance their abilities, they will quickly restore their energy.” Bianca had everyone take the pill and start to rest, while Jared sat cross-legged, engrossed in studying Immortal’s Pointer.

Back then, the elder of the Seizon family had stated that only those who had comprehended time nascence could master Immortal’s Pointer.

While Jared was engrossed in studying the skill, he suddenly sensed a stir within his Storage Ring.

He hurriedly probed with his spiritual sense. What he found was so shocking that it nearly gave him a heart attack.

The Celestial Devourer had awakened at some point and was devouring the polar stones.

By the time Jared discovered it, hundreds of polar stones had already been devoured completely.

“Darn it! Do you realize how much effort I put into finding them, and you’ve eaten them all? Spit it out! Spit it out for me!” However, it seemed the Celestial Devourer hadn’t heard a thing. It simply fell into a deep sleep after filling its belly.

Jared looked at the Celestial Devourer, unable to do anything.

Looks like I can’t keep the polar stones in the Storage Ring anymore!

“Kid, why are you so stingy? My mount is still young. What’s the big deal if it eats a bit? Once my memory returns and I regain my strength, I’ll repay you. It’s no big deal. Do you understand that what you’re doing now is an investment?

Once we reach the celestial realm, I’ll take care of you. The celestial gems and spiritual plants there are far superior to these stones.” Seeing that Jared was upset, Vermilion Demon Lord quickly tried to console him.

Jared let out a sigh, feeling quite helpless.

Oh well, the Celestial Devourer once saved my life. It can have them all!

Several hours swiftly passed by.

However, guided by the metal rod, Jared and his companions gradually approached the border of the chaos dimension.

As it was nightfall, Jared and his companions failed to notice this

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