The Man Decree Chapter 3770

The Man's Decree

The Man Decree Chapter 3770-“It’s her. She’s actually still alive…” Jared reeled back his spiritual sense, his face etched with profound shock. He hadn’t expected that Yuliya would actually succeed in escaping from the snowcloud beasts.

“Mr. Chance, who is it?” Bianca hurriedly asked.

“The person in charge of your Lunarius Palace’s registration office in Southedge City, Yuliya,” Jared said.

“Yuliya! She’s actually still alive?” Upon hearing this, Bianca seemed somewhat agitated.

“Let’s hurry. We have to stop her before she enters the polar region. Given her current condition, she’ll definitely die if she ventures there.” After Jared finished speaking, his figure suddenly vanished.

He had used Blazing Stride to travel several kilometers away in the blink of an eye.

Upon seeing that, Bianca and the others hurriedly chased after him.

Yuliya felt someone hot on her heels, leaving her no choice but to grit her teeth and run as fast as she could.

However, the presence behind her was drawing closer and closer. Left with no choice, Yuliya abruptly turned around and swung a palm out desperately.


Snowflakes whirled up to the sky, showing how much power she had put in the strike.

However, Jared easily defused her attack.

“Ms. Liemann, it’s me,” Jared quickly said.

Upon recognizing Jared, Yuliya immediately breathed a sigh of relief. However, she was unaware that Jared had come with the holy maidens of Lunarius Palace.

“What brought you here?” Yuliya was taken aback. After all, with Jared’s capabilities, venturing into the polar region was akin to a death wish.

Moreover, how did Jared manage to cross the territory of the snow-cloud beasts?

“Yuliya!” At that moment, Bianca and her companions also arrived.

Upon seeing Bianca and the others, Yuliya finally let her guard down completely. However, with this relaxation, all she felt was a wave of dizziness washing over her before she fainted.

She was merely running on fumes just moments ago, but now that Bianca and the others had arrived, Yuliya finally allowed herself to relax!

Jared stepped forward to examine Yuliya, then said with his expression serious, “Her injuries are severe. She must receive medical attention immediately.” Glancing around, Bianca uttered, “Mr. Chance, we’re about to enter the polar region and are surrounded by nothing but snow. We don’t have the conditions to provide medical treatment.” “Everyone, gather around and shield her from the cold wind. I’ll tend to her wounds immediately. If we delay any longer, she might not make it. Her internal organs have already been permeated by frost energy.” Jared instructed Bianca and the other holy maidens to form a circle. Then, using his own aura, he held off the chilly winds that were blowing from all directions.

Immediately, the holy maidens gathered around before releasing their auras.

This collective aura formed a protective shield, safeguarding Yuliya within it.

Just as Jared was about to start the treatment, he suddenly halted, then cautiously started sensing his surroundings.

“Damn it, someone’s following us from behind. We have to go!” Jared could sense that several people were closing in on them. He guessed that it must be the Mueller family, so he picked up Yuliya.

If he continued administering treatment here, he feared none of them would be able to leave once the Mueller family arrived.

After seemingly crossing a barrier, Jared and his companions found themselves in the midst of the polar region.

However, the scenery within was just like anywhere else.

“Quick, let’s find a secluded spot to treat Ms. Liemann first,” Jared urged.

Jared, cradling Yuliya, headed toward a small hill. Blanketed by heavy snow, it resembled a massive tombstone.

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