[The Man Decree] A Man Like None Other Chapter 3865

a man like none others

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3865-These cold mist spirit snakes were cut off, but there was no way to stop them. They would condense and fuse again!

It can’t be burned to death, it can’t be cut down!

Chen Ping has a headache!

“Don’t worry about these cold fogs. As long as the person who casts them dies, these cold fogs will disappear.”

Demon Lord Chiyun reminded him!

Chen Ping’s eyes lit up, and then he used the Fire Control Step, and his figure disappeared instantly!

When Chen Ping’s figure appeared again, he was already in front of Mu Nayi!

“go to hell……”

Chen Ping waved his sword and headed towards Mu Nayi!

Mu Naiyi did not dodge, but said with a ferocious laugh: “Hahaha, you want to kill me, you are so delusional…”

After saying that, Mu Nayi’s body swelled rapidly, as if he was about to self-destruct!


With a loud noise, Mu Naiyi’s body exploded instantly, and blood-red cold air filled Chen Ping’s body!

At this moment, everyone was stunned!

I don’t understand how this Mu Nayi could self-destruct?

But Chen Ping knew that this guy didn’t self-destruct at all, but integrated himself into the blood mist!

Chen Ping exerted his spiritual consciousness to the extreme, but he couldn’t capture Mu Nayi’s aura at all!

When Chen Ping saw this, he could only retreat desperately, trying to get out of the cold fog!

But the cold air followed him like a shadow, as if it had life, directly wrapping Chen Ping’s body!

Chen Ping only felt that his movements began to slow down and his body became a little stiff!

“The strength of the Mahayana realm is indeed great, it is too difficult to deal with…”

Chen Ping’s movements became slower and slower, and frost began to appear on his body!

These frosts are actually blood red!

Soon, Chen Ping turned into a bloody man, but the blood was not his own!

Seeing this scene, Binglu and others were very worried!

Ouyang Zhenhua and many monks also looked desperate!

If Chen Ping loses, can they still escape?

Seeing Chen Ping being frozen, the blood mist began to gather in the sky, and Mu Nayi’s figure appeared in mid-air again!

“It’s your turn…”

Mu Naiyi looked at Ouyang Zhenhua and others coldly!

This time, these people were frightened!

How could they escape the cold mist of Mu Nayi’s blood!

Their faces were filled with fear. They wanted to run away, but their bodies seemed to be out of control, and their legs were extremely stiff!

Ouyang Zhenhua and others could only watch helplessly as the cold fog continued to sweep towards them!

And they can only sit back and wait for death, with no way to do anything, not even the ability to resist!

Seeing that everyone was about to be covered by the cold mist, suddenly thousands of rays of light emanated from Chen Ping’s body, and the entire Wuji Holy Sect was filled with warmth!

Immediately afterwards, a golden light flew out, and the frozen frost on Chen Ping’s body was shattered in an instant!

Everyone’s eyes widened, looking at the golden light!

Even Chen Ping was surprised and looked at it in disbelief!

Mu Nayi’s face was solemn and her expression became complicated!

No one knows what that golden light is, not even Chen Ping himself!

The golden light slowly converged, and everyone saw clearly that what was in the mid-air was a jade slip!

After the golden light converged, the jade slip suddenly fell and fell directly into Chen Ping’s hands!

Chen Ping, holding the jade slip in his hand, was also confused!

This is the Wuji Order given by the Wuji Holy Sect Grandmaster, which contains the Wuji Holy Sect’s inheritance!

This is just a recording thing, how can it fly out on its own?

Just when Chen Ping couldn’t figure it out, the words “Wuji Ling” actually shone with light!

The light traveled on the Wuji Order, and then a strong aura storm was generated!

I could only hear the howling wind, and all the breath between heaven and earth was shaken by the storm!

A huge vortex began to form, and the huge suction force seemed to suck the entire Wuji Holy Sect into it!

The spiritual energy of heaven and earth, the immortal energy, the cold energy…

All the breath was sucked into this Wuji Order, and even the void was sucked into distortion!

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