[The Man Decree] A Man Like None Other Chapter 3862

a man like none others

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3862-“Who are you scolding?” Demon Lord Chiyun was angry: “How dare you compare my Sky Swallowing Beast with the Five Elements Beast. The Five Elements Beast is just an ordinary monster in the heaven.”

“With just one sneeze from my sky-swallowing beast, the five-element beast will be wiped out. Although this ancestor of the Mu family is from the heaven, he should not be very strong in the heaven. He is just the lowest level of loose immortal.”

“But even the most rubbish monster in the world is not something you can deal with now.”

“Fortunately, this Five Elements Beast is just an illusion, not the original Five Elements Beast. It shouldn’t be difficult to deal with!”

After listening to Demon Lord Chiyun’s words, Chen Ping’s head was buzzing!

It seems that even if this is a dimensionality reduction attack, an ordinary monster in the heaven will become a top existence in the heaven and human world!

Even if the lowest level immortal in the heaven is injured, he can spread his branches and become a huge family in the world of heaven and humans!

I just don’t know if this ancestor of the Mu family is dead or has returned to heaven!

If he was still alive and living in the Mu family, then Chen Ping might as well commit suicide!

His strength is difficult for even the Mahayana realm to deal with, let alone the immortals in the heaven!

At this moment, the Five Elements Beast has launched an attack!

On the ground, pillars of earth rose high, causing Chen Ping’s figure to be in mid-air in an instant!

Then walls of water appeared all around, completely surrounding Chen Ping!

At the same time, countless vine branches in mid-air, like hundreds or thousands of tentacles, were entangled towards Chen Ping!

There were more blazing flames mixed with the sound of golden roar, wrapping up Chen Ping!

“Mr. Chen……”

When Binglu saw this scene, she couldn’t help shouting!

The faces of all the saints were solemn, and they could also feel that the monsters transformed by Mu Nayi were all very powerful!

“Hey, the monsters that have never been seen before probably do not belong to the world of heaven and humans. Now, Fellow Daoist Chen is in trouble.”

“Isn’t this a celestial monster? Each one has its own five elements. If they could be combined, it would be terrifying.”

“With the strength of the Mahayana realm, I can transform into monsters in the heavens. There is no doubt about it this time.”

When Ouyang Zhenhua and others saw this scene, they knew that Chen Ping was finished!

Mu Nayi looked at the scene in front of her, her eyes full of anger and unwillingness!

In order to let Chen Ping die, Mu Nayi paid everything!

She also knew that after Chen Ping died, she would probably die soon. She had already used all her cards and even sacrificed her own life, so that the Five Elements Beast was transformed!

But as long as Chen Ping can be killed, everything is enough. Chen Ping’s humiliation to her makes her alive a burden!

As the eldest daughter of the Mu family, she has no shame in being alive after being looked down upon by everyone!

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have died with Chen Ping!

The Five Elemental Beasts are constantly attacking Chen Ping, but Chen Ping is trapped in them with no way to escape!

But just when everyone thought Chen Ping was bound to die!

Suddenly, a black shadow appeared in mid-air, and then the black shadow got bigger and bigger!

Only then did everyone realize that it turned out to be a big bell!

There is actually a dragon circling around the big clock!

Everyone was stunned, wondering why a big bell suddenly appeared here!

What is this big clock for?

Just like that, under the gaze of everyone, the big bell fell from the sky and directly trapped Chen Ping inside!

This time, all the attacks from the Five Elements Beasts hit the big clock, but they could not cause any harm to Chen Ping!

“What’s happening here?”

“Could it be that Fellow Daoist Chen used the big bell to lock himself up?”

“This bell is really special!”

Everyone kept exclaiming!

Chen Ping is hiding in the dragon pattern clock, leisurely and contented!

Since he knew that Mu Naiyi could not hold on for long, Chen Ping used the dragon pattern bell to lock himself up. When Mu Naiyi’s aura faded and she was half dead, he would come out to deal with her!

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