The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 4

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 4-Pow! Pow! Pow!

The air in the room cracked.

Yara struck with power and determination, exchanging over a dozen blows with Frank in no time at all.

The latter had no intention to hurt, however, merely doing enough to defend himself.

Even if he was not in peak condition, Yara was never going to best him.

“Stop it, Yara,” Vicky snapped from the bed just then.

Yara did as she was told, though she was also giving Vicky a wounded look.

“That brat…” “That’s enough,” Vicky said flatly. “Show some manners—Mr. Lawrence is here to help me.” In reality, Vicky was upset with Frank as well, since Yara’s father was her mentor.

However, as the heiress to her family legacy and herself a martial arts prodigy, she should stay calm at all times.

Moreover, she could immediately tell that Frank’s abilities were outstanding when he exchanged blows with Yara, and that he was clearly holding back.

That was why she told Yara to stop—Yara would definitely lose if he went all out.

Naturally, Yara would not disobey Vicky, and she quietly backed away.

Vicky then turned toward Frank and asked, “Since you’ve stated the cause of my condition, Mr. Lawrence, what treatment are you suggesting?” Walter and Trevor turned as well, only to find Frank lowering his head, stroking his chin in thought and frowning.

“Mr. Lawrence, could there be some difficulty?” Trevor asked gingerly.

“No, it’s a minor condition that can be treated quickly,” Franks replied as he slowly looked up and turned to Vicky. “I didn’t expect the technique you learned to be so rubbish. You can walk again, but all your progress would be lost… That said, I’ve already perfected that technique, so just train in the way I instruct you to and you’ll be in peak form within the year.” Yara’s knuckles clenched as she glared at Frank. “Even if it’s rubbish, you were powerless against my clan’s technique.” Even Trevor was left feeling awkward—Frank was being too frank! He could at least spare the heiress of Boltsmacker some dignity because she was standing right there!

Nonetheless, Frank turned toward Yara and said bluntly, “I’m only showing this once. Watch closely.” As he directed his Ki with both hands, his clothes began to flap loudly.


Frank took a step forward and suddenly shot toward Yara like a bullet!

Yara smiled—he was the one attacking. She never forced him!

She charged her palm with Bolstmacker, meeting Frank’s attack instantly!

“Don’t hurt him, Yara!” Walter cried.

“Please hold back, Mr. Lawrence!” Trevor exclaimed at the same time.

At the same time, Vicky was staring fixedly at Frank, her mouth hanging wide open. “I-Is that Boltsmacker?!” There was no mistaking it when she practiced it for over a decade. Frank actually used a secret technique of the Quills—but when did he learn it?!

And as she observed him, she could see that he was clearly wielding it over a thousand times more effectively than Yara!


On the other hand, Yara’s face fell as she felt the agony in her arm when she caught Frank’s palm.

It was like a tidal wave with the crushing force of a mountain, and it seemed endless—Yara was sent flying and crashing into the wall behind!


Her cheeks left flushed as her Ki flared, while she almost vomited her guts out.

Walter was left turning slowly toward Trevor with a look that seemed to ask what on earth Frank was.

Trevor certainly noted Walter’s confusion, but he had no idea what to say in reply either.

Still, he wiped the sweat from his brow and heaved a long sigh of relief, thankful that Frank held back. If he actually hurt Yara, there was definitely going to be a serious grudge after!

As Yara leaned against the wall with a look of shock and confusion, she snapped, “W-When did you steal my clan’s technique?” “When you used it just now,” Frank replied nonchalantly.

Vicky was left gasping—all it took was one look?

And he improved it in no time at all!

That acumen for martial arts was exponentially above hers!

On the other hand, Yara could almost black out.

It took Vicky a year, and herself five years to learn the Boltsmacker, only for this brat to learn it in an instant?!

Talk about frustrating!

“Hahaha!” Walter suddenly laughed.

He was no martial artist, but even he could see how easily Frank bested Yara.

And seeing that Frank was no average Joe, he was no longer holding contempt like he did when Frank first arrived.

“You’re as amazing a healer as you are a martial artist, Mr. Lawrence! See, Yara? You never know a man until you’ve exchanged blows, but that can wait for now… Is Vicky’s condition treatable right now, Mr. Lawrence?” “I would need acupuncture needles to clear Ms. Turnbull’s veins,” Frank replied.

“Not a problem—we have every medical equipment possibly needed.” Walter smiled and promptly told a servant to fetch it.

After Frank got the box, he said, “Now please undress, Ms. Turnbull.” “What?” Vicky’s expression stiffened in shock.

“H-Hold on,” Walter quickly butted in as well. “Why? Is this necessary?” “I need to reanimate Ms. Turnbull’s Ki with at least forty-nine needles,” Frank explained. “That can’t be done with her clothes on.” Walter frowned. “Is there no other way?” “I can extract her stagnated Ki, but it won’t disperse with her clothes on,” Frank replied, shaking his head. “It might ultimately flow back into her body, making the entire treatment pointless.” “Walter, Mr. Lawrence is helping Ms. Turnbull here,” Trevor reasoned. “As a healer, he won’t do anything out of line.” “Yes.” Walter agreed but remained hesitant nonetheless. “But Vicky’s engaged…” “That’s enough,” Vicky snapped, frowning. “Treatment has nothing to do with engagements.” She especially hated it when her father mentioned the engagement, and she had been working hard to free herself from that. If anything, her family and her father’s attempts to indoctrinate her about the boons of a strategic marriage only made her even more resistant.

And right now, she wanted to recover as soon as possible instead of staying bedridden or allowing someone else to dictate her life.

“I’m counting on you, Mr. Lawrence,” she said and turned to Yara. “Help me get changed.” Walter did not press the issue, knowing that she was upset. Sighing, he quietly led Trevor out of the room.

Yara walked up to Vicky in turn, slowly lifting her blanket—Vicky’s thin white silk pajamas barely hid her perfect figure.

After Yara undressed her and Vicky lay naked before Frank, his pupils dilated.

He could not help being impressed by her perfect body, and even if he had seen plenty himself, he could not help ogling

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