The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 902

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 902-Bethany was all flustered.

It was unexpectedly quiet on the other end of the line.

“Mom? Mom! Are you there? What should we do now?” “We have to get rid of the maid.” Moments later, Shannon said grimacingly, “Just act like this never happened. Don’t spook her, and keep an eye on her. When the time is right, we’ll make sure our problem disappears off the face of the earth.” Bella rested and recuperated before she was released from the hospital.

On the day of her discharge, the Thompsons, except for Drew, who did not want to run into Wyatt, were there for her. Even all three of Wyatt’s wives made the trip from Hatchbay.

The women in the family nearly wept as the apple of the family’s eye had lost a lot of weight.

“You had it rough, child.” Celeste, the most sentimental of the bunch, cried her eyes out and gave Bella a tight hug. “We didn’t do a good job protecting you. I’m sorry, child.

“I should be the one to apologize, Aunt Celeste.” Bella hugged Celeste back, anguish washing over her. “Have you been feeling better? Did Wyatt buy you bags, clothes, or jewelry? Oof. Don’t tell me Wyatt has been stingy with money and didn’t get you anything.” “Celeste isn’t into that kind of stuff. She brought a lot of uncommon groceries and local specialties to be your chef for the next few weeks.” Putting her arm around Mila’s waist, Sasha spoke with a smile.

“Huh? I’m fine. Honest.” Bella waved her arms frantically. She loved Celeste’s cooking, but all that food would go to her belly.

It would take a lot of kayaking to shed the pounds.

Across the street, Justin stood in the cold woods and stared intently at Bella. His burning gaze never left her smiling face.

Upon learning of her hospital discharge, Justin blew off an important meeting and made his way there.

However, he hid in the shadows to gawp at the woman who was once his.

She used to be the closest person to him.

Now, Bella was unreachable.

The long-absent smile on Bella’s beautiful face brought Justin back to the day she screamed hysterically at him. She even got physical with him.

The man held his chest shakily.

Chapter 902 The pain ripped through his chest repeatedly, leaving him breathless and agonized.

He had no one to blame but himself.

Were Rosalind or Christopher responsible in any way?

No, the only one at fault was him.

“Bella… Bella…” Caught in a moment, Justin let his instincts take over and took a step toward her.

A fancy car approached and pulled up in front of Bella.

It was Wyatt’s ride, an old, classic Rolls Royce. It was one-of-a kind and pretty flashy.

Quentin got out of the car and opened the door to the back seat.

Thinking her dad was getting out, Bella was stunned by what she saw A gentleman in a suit stepped out of the vehicle.

It was Christopher.

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