The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 897

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 897-Wyatt listened silently to Christopher, not saying a word. Only the sound of his heavy breaths, filled with hatred, could be heard in the car.

“Uncle Wyatt, try not to let your anger consume you. Please take care of yourself.” Christopher’s eyes were full of concern.

“That Salvador bastard! How much longer does he plan to torment my daughter?” Wyatt pressed his hand on his chest, trying to stop the pain surging in his heart.

“Although some bad things happened to Bella, it’s all in the past. I’ll make sure to protect her from now on.

Christopher looked at Wyatt, his eyes ablaze. “Uncle Wyatt, I love Bella. I will make her the happiest woman in the world. I swear that I love Bella with all my heart. It has nothing to do with her being your daughter or my situation in the Iverson family. I have loved her as a person since I was young. No one can replace Bella’s place in my heart.” Wyatt looked shocked, staring at Christopher’s eyes, which were gleaming with sincerity. Before this, he had his own opinions about Christopher and the entire Iverson family. He had never experienced so-called business marriages, so he naturally didn’t want Bella to marry someone she didn’t love and be miserable for life.

But it seemed that Christopher’s feelings for Bella were genuine. Wyatt was an experienced person, and he could tell that the love in Christopher’s eyes when he mentioned Bella was impossible to fake.

1/3 Chapter 897 2/2 Wyatt thought, ‘Maybe I shouldn’t spoil Bella anymore. She has always said she wants to find her own happiness. But in the end, what did she find? A scumbag who can’t even control his own lust!’ “Chris.” Wyatt rarely addressed him so affectionately, but his gaze was very serious. “You know Bella’s current situation. She loved Justin so deeply and gave him everything. It may take a long time. before she can heal the pain in her heart and be open to your feelings. No matter how serious or passionate you are, she may not see you as a romantic partner.” He continued, “Bella is my daughter, and I know her temperament better than anyone. Maybe you can persist like this for a year or two, but what about ten years or even twenty years? Can you continue waiting for her like this? Won’t you regret it?” “I know that she still has feelings for Justin, but I don’t care.” Christopher’s eyes were filled with passion and wet with tears. Behind them, his eyes showed signs of relief and sincerity. “I want to marr her, despite everything she’s been through. I’ll only marry Bella in thi lifetime.” Wyatt’s brows furrowed deeply. It would be a lie to say he wasn’t moved at all.

“Uncle Wyatt, I beg you to give me a chance. Please!” *

When Wyatt arrived at the hospital, Bella was already asleep.

Wyatt felt pent-up and had been holding back the words he wanted to say to his daughter all along. But now that he saw her haggard, sleeping face, he choked up, unable to say anything. He wanted to stay by her bedside quietly and accompany her.

What more could be said? Everything that happened in the past could not be undone. Saying anything further would only add salt to her wounds.

In the early hours of the morning, Asher and Axel walked in together.

Asher said softly, “Dad, go back and get some rest. Bella will be discharged tomorrow, and we’ll take her home.” “I’m not tired.” Wyatt’s tone was cold. It was obvious he was mad at them.

“Dad, we were wrong this time. We really shouldn’t have kept it from you.” Axel sighed heavily. “But we also did it for your sake, and besides, you raised so many sons. Isn’t this the time for us to support you? We can take care of Bella.”

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