The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 861

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 861-Justin did not even raise his head to look at Cecily. He sipped on his wine and said casually, “It’s nothing. I didn’t take it to heart.” “Cecily, don’t be so reckless and clumsy anymore. You are also representing the Thompson family. How is this behavior proper?” Cameron criticized his daughter sternly. “You should learn from your cousin. You keep saying people like her more, but even as your father, I’m starting to find you inferior!” “I’m sorry, Dad. I will learn from Bella.” Cecily bit her lip, tears shining in her eyes. “If I try harder, Bella will eventually approve of me, right? She wouldn’t look down on me like before.” “Look down on you?” Justin’s eyes darkened, and he raised his brows. “I was married Bella, and I know what kind of person she is. When she was with she never looked down on anyone. Why would she look down on cousin?” Ryan nodded on the side.

Although Ryan had a foul mouth and acted like a bastard sometimes, he knew when to be serious.

“I… I don’t mean that…” Cecily was embarrassed, and her face flushed.

“I know Bella, so I won’t believe your words. But I’ll advise you not to Chapter 861 talk about her like that when you’re outside if your relationship with her is as close as Mr. Cameron says.” A sharp light flashed across Justin’s eyes. He did not threaten Cecily, but his words brought a strong sense of intimidation.

Cecily panicked, signaling desperately to Cameron with her eyes.

“Cecily, you don’t even know how to talk. Look, Mr. Salvador has misunderstood!” Cameron could only intervene. “Cecily, offer a toast to Mr. Salvador and apologize! Mr. Salvador, please don’t blame Cecily. She speaks before she thinks, and she lacks in many areas. Can you not be angry with her for Bella’s sake?” Cameron could not be more humble, but he had no choice. If he did not put himself in a lower position, Justin might just leave!

Justin respected Wyatt, and Cameron was Wyatt’s brother, after all.

At this moment, a waiter brought over a tray with several glas champagne.

Cecily simply took two glasses for herself and Justin. “Mr. Salv please accept my apologies. I will be more careful in the future.” Coincidentally, Justin had finished his champagne and was thinki about getting another glass. He took the glass Cecily offered him an downed the drink.

Cecily smiled and gracefully finished her glass of wine.

“Mr. Hoffman, I have a few business partners of KS Group that are interested in working with the Hoffman Group. Why don’t you come Chapter 861 with me for a small chat? Perhaps we could work together.” Cameron extended an invitation to Ryan like a kind senior.

Ryan’s eyes lit up as he heard it.

He was interested in women and money, seizing any business opportunity he sensed. After all, if he wanted to stand against his uncle, he needed to expand his connections in the business field. It was his main purpose for coming here tonight.

“Justin, I’m heading over there!” After that, he left with Cameron, leaving Justin and Cecily alone. Justin’s face darkened.

“Mr. Salvador, there will be a dance later. Do you mind…” Cecily’s eyelashes fluttered as she took the opportunity to invite Justin.

However, before she could finish her sentence, Justin shot her a cold glare.

She was terrified and dared not express her intentions any furt

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