The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 858

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 858-“Dr. Larson is a renowned neurologist from Meridan. I brought him to Savrow to treat your sequela,” said Bella.

“You may leave now. I don’t need treatment,” Justin responded curtly, his gaze lowered in rejection.

“Do you think I’m seeking your approval, Justin?” Bella’s eyes widened with indignation.

“And did you think I would approve of it, Bella? My health is none of your concern. You need not bother,” Justin retorted icily, his tone devoid of emotion.

“You!” “If you wish to continue attending the event, please proceed to the banquet hall. If your sole purpose here was to discuss this matter with me, you can leave with your companion now.” As Justin finished his sentence, he turned around expressionlessly and walked away without hesitation.

“You fool! Have you lost your mind?!” Bella yelled after him.

However, Justin continued walking.

“Justin! Stop right there! Justin Salvador!” As he moved farther away, his imposing figure vanished into the night.

Bella stood still in place, allowing the cold wind to batter her slender frame. She felt the chill seeping into her core, permeating every fiber of her being….

A profound sense of loss crept up her legs, winding its way through her and making it impossible to evade.

“Someone once offered me $1 billion to treat them, but I didn’t agree to it. Now that I’ve personally come to see Mr. Salvador, he wouldn’t even spare me a glance. Heh.” Arnold leaned against the tree trunk, chuckling playfully. “Well, should we call Mr. Salvador a tough guy, or should we say that he’s just plain dumb?” “He’s just plain dumb.” Bella’s eyes welled up with tears.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought too. I just didn’t want to say it.” Arnold watched Bella’s trembling figure quietly, then asked softly, Hey, do you still love him?” Bella felt a sudden jab in her heart. She clasped her fingers tightly.

What did you just say?” “I’m asking if you still love Justin.” “Does that have anything to do with you?” “You still love him.” Arnold’s fox-like eyes narrowed. “Your lack of a direct answer is an answer in itself.” “Arnold, now that you’ve seen all this, I’ll just tell you about it.” Bella turned to face Arnold, speaking each word carefully. “I once loved him very, very much. I even thought my heart could beat a lifetime for him. Even if he didn’t love me, I was willing to be there for him for a lifetime. But now, all I feel is guilt toward him. I don’t want to owe him anything anymore. That’s all.” With a graceful smile and a casual wave, Bella strode forward confidently. “Let’s leave the past behind.” Arnold’s heart skipped a beat, his smile fading slowly.

He was not one to believe in true love, but if he ever encountered it, he would deeply respect it.

  • Meanwhile, in the underground parking lot…

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