The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 844

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 844-After hearing that, Roza felt a wave of relief wash over her.

Over the years, Bella has become more than just a beacon of hope during tough times. She was not only a friend but also family to Roza.

Roza did not want to burden Bella or add to her troubles.

Just then, Roza’s phone rang. She glanced at the screen, and her expression immediately darkened. Her knuckles turned white as she clenched the phone tightly.

Axel clearly sensed that her mood had turned sour, so he tactfully left the room and closed the door behind him. However, instead of leaving immediately, he lingered outside, trying to eavesdrop on the muffled sounds from within.

He knew it wasn’t entirely ethical to eavesdrop, but for some reason, he felt a strong urge to look out for Roza. Besides, he couldn’t shake the feeling that Roza hadn’t been completely honest with him from the start. As a seasoned prosecutor, Axel developed a keen eye and easily saw through her little tricks at a glance.

In the room, Roza hesitated for a while before answering, breathing heavily.

“Dad.” “What happened tonight?” Her father’s voice came from the other end of the phone, without any warmth or emotion. It was just the usual questioning, tinged with anger.

“There was a situation, so the drinking session ended early.” “What situation? Can’t you distinguish your priorities?” At this moment, a woman’s sharp voice came from the other end. It was Roza’s stepmother. “Heh, I told you already. How could she help you with anything? That daughter of yours is already doing you a service if she doesn’t squander all your money.” Roza clenched her fists tightly, her face as pale as paper.

There was one thing that no one else knew, not even Bella. Roza was the illegitimate daughter of Cole Walker, the Chairman of Walker Corporation, but the Walker family had never acknowledged her identity.

When Roza was sixteen, she was raped by her father’s friend. In a fit of anger, her mother stabbed the man to death. The Walker family was afraid of the scandal spreading, so they hired the best lawyers to help her mother with the lawsuit. Thus, her mother was spared from prison and sent to a psychiatric hospital instead.

Over the years, the Walkers held this secret over Roza, manipulating her at every opportunity. Despite Roza’s success as a fashion designer, she remained under the Walkers’ control.

Roza’s stepmother, Regina, had a son and a daughter. Her son was the heir of Walker Corporation, and her daughter was the apple of their eye.

As for Roza, she had always been a mere pawn to the Walker family, or perhaps even less than that. To them, she was simply a tool to be used.

In order to get away from the Walker family, Roza came out on her own, never asking the Walker family for a single penny. She struggled in the design world under tremendous pressure and made a name for herself. Despite all that, she was still unable to completely control her own life.

“Where are you now?!” Cole Walker asked sternly.

“I’m at a friend’s place.” “Tomorrow, you are coming with me to apologize to the two CEOs in person. Make sure to prepare two generous gifts!” Roza’s stomach churned at the memory of being coerced into drinking by the two older men, who had even attempted to molest her.

She gritted her teeth and replied, “I’m not going. If you want to go, go by yourself.” “What did you say?!” Cole was furious. “You caused such a big mess tonight, and they got hurt because of you! How can you not come out to solve it?!” “That’s right!” Regina also chimed in. “Roza, you should know that if this deal doesn’t go through, the Walker family will lose a $300 million project! How are you going to make up for this? Are you going to use your life to make up for it?!” “I will find a way to compensate for the loss suffered by the Walker family.” Regina didn’t hide her mockery. “Compensate? How exactly do you plan to do that? Are you going to use the money you earn from selling clothes?” From the other end of the phone, there was a peal of laughter coming from someone else. Roza immediately recognized that it was her half- sister, Wendy Walker. That evil girl had never missed an opportunity to mock her ever since they were young.

Chairman Walker’s voice thundered through the phone. “Come home right now!”

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