The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 755

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 755-Similar to Nigel Salvador, Logan Hoffman did not live with his sons.

Instead, Logan lived in his own manor. Although it was slightly smaller compared to the Salvadors Tideview Manor, it could still be considered one of the top ten estates in the country.

By now, the entire Hoffman family was aware of the scandal. Even the servants gossiped about Zoe’s scandal during their tea breaks.

With Justin and the Salvador family keeping quiet, it made Zoe seem like a cheap product discarded after use. She was stripped of her dignity as the Hoffman family’s cherished heiress.

“Hey, has Ms. Zoe arrived?” The maids whispered among themselves.

“She’s here in Old Master Logan’s study, crying her eyes out.” “What good will crying do? As the heiress of the Hoffman family, she should understand the importance of upholding her reputation. A woman’s reputation is very important. It seems that she has an illicit relationship with Mr. Salvador. She was even photographed nake the reporters! Who would risk marrying a woman with such a tarnished reputation in the future?” “Mr. Salvador will surely take responsibility. After all, they even booked a room together. Now that it’s out, he’ll have to step up.” “Hmph! I doubt he’ll take responsibility. He hasn’t shown any sign of it yet. It seems like he’s trying to avoid the problem.” “Mr. Ryan and Mr. Salvador are still good friends, right? It’s going to be awkward when they meet.” “Shh! Stop talking. Mr. Liam is coming!” The servants quickly backed away, bowing respectfully. “Good day, Mr. Liam!” He had neatly groomed hair and was dressed in a stylish navy- colored designer suit. His eyes gleamed with intelligence. This was Liam Hoffman, Logan’s second son and Ryan’s uncle.

As Liam walked past them, he flashed a smile and left them with al playful warning. “I can ignore your gossip, but if my nephew catches wind of it, you might lose your tongues.” The maids fell silent, trembling.

“Grandpa… Grandpa! You must stand up for me! I can’t show my face in public now!” Zoe cried, throwing herself into Logan’s embrace.

“Don’t cry too much, dear. It will only make your eyes swollen.” Logan comforted Zoe, gently patting her back. His heart ached for her.

Don’t worry. If your mother and Ryan can’t handle this matter, Grandpa will speak up for you! Our family has always been respec We will not tolerate such injustice!” “Dad, you’re absolutely right,” Liam affirmed as he entered the roo with a serious expression. “Zoe is my brother’s precious daughter You’ve always favored Zoe the most. We can’t just let it slide with the Salvador boy.

“Uncle Liam..” Zoe sobbed even harder.

Chap 365 From a young age, Zoe had always seen her uncle as kind and generous. Unlike her father, who was strict and limited her spending, her uncle was different. He often spoiled her with gifts and a generous allowance, which boosted her self-esteem. This positive impression of him remained unchanged over the years.

Logan’s expression turned sour. “Liam, you’re aware of the situation too?” Liam sighed heavily. “Dad, you know the extent of our family’s influence in Savrow. Even minor issues will stir up the entire city.”

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