The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 182

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 182-Finally, it was Bella’s turn to present her birthday gift.

When the antique rosewood chair was brought up, the appraisers and antique enthusiasts in the venue were excited.

“Good stuff! This is a top-notch treasure!” “Oh, my! I’m itching to touch it!” “Aside from the porcelain teacups, this chair is the most precious birthday gift that Old Master Nigel received today!” “Where is Ms. Brown from? She just gave out 17th-century antique furniture just like that?! It seems like Mr. Salvador’s ex-wife is a recluse tycoon!” Justin felt his heart shrink. His dark eyes were deep as he stared at his ex-wife.

He did not expect Anna would be able to give Nigel something that the Thompson family bought at the charity auction. It was worth $100 million!

This showed how much the Thompson family doted on her.

Unexpectedly, Bella’s next words made Justin feel more suffocated.

“Grandpa, this is a gift from me and Asher. May you be blessed with a lifetime of happiness and good health.” Bella wished Nigel a happy birthday with a cheerful voice and bright eyes.

Asher bowed with his hands to his chest and said in a gentle voice, “Old Master Nigel, I wish you would be in the pink of health for as long as the moon and sun exist. Here’s to hoping all your wishes will come true.” Bella and Asher looked so elegant and dignified standing side by side.

They were a match made in heaven.

Justin’s heart trembled violently. He subconsciously raised his hand to cover his heart. However, he removed his hand soon for fear of being discovered.

“Oh, my dear child! This gift is too expensive!” Nigel was eternally grateful, but he nagged at her. “Anna, Grandpa will like whatever you give me, so there is no need to spend so much money on my gift. Asher, you’re really too kind!” Asher smiled and said, “Old Master Nigel, Anna and I only thought about making you happy when we prepared this gift.” “Oh, Grandpa, just keep it. Ms. Brown is using Mr. Thompson to give you such an expensive gift.” Bethany smiled coldly. “It’s definitely easier to tag along one’s name on a gift. That way, she won’t have to buy it, and she’ll still win praise from everyone. Ms. Brown, you’re such a shrewd and thrifty woman.” Bella curled her red lips and said calmly, “I won’t take advantage of Asher like this, so I also prepared a small gift for Grandpa. But it’s really nothing compared to Asher’s gift.” Bethany was shocked. ‘This bitch actually has a back-up gift?!’ “Oh? Anna, what else have you got for Grandpa? Come and show it to me!” Nigel immediately became interested again.

Bella’s charming eyes shone with a mysterious light. Then she clapped her hands.

Soon, Steven, who was dressed formally, walked in with a glass box in hand.

In the box was a magnificent landscape carved from the finest colored jade. The mountains and rocks were intricately detailed and pleasing to the eye.

“Oh! It’s really amazing!” Everyone marveled.

Justin and Ryan were also attracted by this exquisite carving. Only a pair of skillful hands could carve such a natural and intricate work.

“Oh! This is…” Nigel’s eyes shone with excitement. He pointed at the jade carving with trembling hands.” Isn’t this Master Jayden’s ‘A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains’?! Anna, where did you get this?!” Master Jayden was the late master sculptor who was internationally renowned for his rare works of art.

finest-colored “Grandpa, you think too highly of me. I can’t possibly get Master Jayden’s art piece…” Bella scratched her head in embarrassment, and her cheeks blushed. “This is a replica that I made… ‘A Hundred Miles of Rivers and Mountains’. I carved it very carefully, but it’s still a far cry from Master Jayden’s work. This is just a poor attempt in honor of Master Jayden.” Everyone looked at this beautiful girl with surprise.

Poor attempt? What a joke!

Only a skilled carver could condense such details onto a piece of jade. This extremely detailed craftsmanship and technique made it easy for people to mistake it for Master Jayden’s work, especially from a distance.

Who was this girl? She had such hidden talents! Was she a hidden apprentice of Master Jayden?

Everyone looked at Bella with wonder and admiration.

Only Shannon and Bethany looked like they had swallowed a cockroach. ‘Anna is completely different since she left our family. She’s truly unstoppable!’ “Anna, my dear, you are Grandpa’s treasure!” Nigel was so happy that he did not want to let go of Bella’s hand.

“To have a wife like this, what more could a man ask for?” Ryan looked at Bella and sighed dreamily.

Justin could not help but glare at Ryan. ‘What wife? She’s not yours!’ He once again looked at Anna with red eyes. Everyone admired her like she was a goddess. However, Justin felt like he was growing more distant from her, even though he had been her husband for three years.

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