The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 133

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 133-In the general manager’s office of the KS World Hotel, the supposedly busy Bella was playing video games at the moment. In the game, Bella was a butcher with a chainsaw who started to chase the survivors.

There was beer and fried chicken on the table, which were her favorite things to eat while playing games.

To Bella, nothing could compare to the simple things in life, such as a barbecue in the summer nights, a cheese fondue in the winter, and fried chicken while playing games.

Bella suddenly thought of the time she married Justin. She endured her smoke allergy and wore a mask to cook the most exquisite dishes for him for three whole years.

She remembered seeing how Aunt Celeste captured Wyatt’s heart with her excellent cooking skills. So Bella thought that she could do the same thing and make Justin praise her if she could cook well. Maybe then he would be able to notice her.

For this reason, Bella secretly went to Savrow’s top culinary school to learn cooking. She was the only girl in her batch.

After the course, Bella’s cooking improved so much that she had even surpassed her teacher. Her teacher wanted to keep her as an apprentice because he thought she was naturally talented. With some guidance, Bella could make a name for herself as a world-class chef.

In the end, Bella failed to capture Justin’s attention through her cooking, let alone his heart.

Back then, Justin had only eaten at home a handful of times. During the few times he ate at home, he did not make any comments either.

Who could possibly bear having their hopes dashed repeatedly? But Bella endured it for three years.

Bella dejectedly grabbed another fried chicken and took a bite, imagining it was Justin’s neck.

Fortunately, she no longer had to suffer so much.

If only there was a time machine, Bella would go back in time to take back her love. Instead of wasting her efforts on Justin, she wished she would have spent that time with Wyatt and her family.

There was a knock on the door, and Steven walked in.

“Ms. Bella, I’ve delivered the gift and relayed your message.” “Okay. He didn’t agree to a private settlement, huh?” Bella looked indifferent.

“Yeah… He wants you to hand over Drew. Otherwise, he won’t compromise.” “Tsk, tsk! He really thinks he’s so high and mighty that he can make any demands, huh?” Bella won another round and exited the game. She held a fried chicken in her left hand and a beer in her right hand, looking as casual as if she were at home. “I investigated the scene and didn’t find any surveillance cameras nearby. So, he has no evidence to prove that Drew assaulted him. Even if he brings this to court, he won’t be able to charge Drew with anything.” Everyone in the Thompson family was smart and overprotective of each other. They would never let their family members suffer a loss.

“But I feel like Justin has noticed something.” Steven walked to her side and lowered his voice worriedly. “When I went to see Justin, I saw the military academy’s graduation photo album on his bedside table. He must have noticed something if he suddenly took the photo album out.” Bella was shocked. She narrowed her charming eyes and fell into deep thought.

“It doesn’t matter. The military academy and Drew have encrypted Drew’s information. Drew has never appeared in KS Group’s public events, so no one will find out that he’s related to the Thompson family. Anyway, I will protect my fourth brother. If Justin wants to check it out, let him be. He’ll probably die of exhaustion before he finds anything.” At that time, Bella’s biological mother, Yara Brown, gave birth to quadruplets. Among them, Asher and Axel took their father’s last name, while Declan and Drew took their mother’s last name.

Asher and Axel were identical twins, but Declan and Drew were fraternal twins and looked nothing like Asher and Axel.

This served as a good cover for Drew.

“I also asked Justin about the press conference.” “What did he say?” Bella’s eyes flickered.

“He said that this was the Salvador family’s private matter and that we had no business knowing. He glared at me like I owed him a million dollars!” Steven snorted in displeasure.

Bella narrowed her eyes and took another bite of the fried chicken. “I know Justin fairly well. Although he’s a scumbag when it comes to relationships, he’s quite righteous in other aspects. If he didn’t do it, he would have told you straight up. It seems like he really did it.” Steven widened his eyes in surprise. “What is he trying to do? He’s the president of Salvador Corporation. It won’t do him any good to smear the Salvador family’s reputation.” Bella suddenly remembered how Justin pulled her into his arms and kissed her domineeringly.

She could not help but blush at that scene.

Then she threw the chicken bone into the trash can with great precision.

“Hah! Who knows? Maybe he has some sort of neurodegenerative disease that I didn’t know about while married to him for three years.”

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