The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 119

The Day I Kissed An Older Man

The Day I Kissed An Older Man Chapter 119-Yash adjusted his necktie and rejected Corinne’s proposal. “Psh! We won. Why should we compete again? I don’t have the time.” Corinne did not panic either. She calmly took out her phone to play the video she took minutes ago.

“I recorded you guys where you guys ganged up to hit Sunny. If you don’t agree to compete one more time, I’ll report this to the police. I’d like to see if your parents would support you to obtain. ownership of Lunar Century Manor, or if they’d beg us to close the case because they don’t want you boys to have a bad record.” “You…” Yash did not have a choice.

He already tried once, and they could not defeat her. Heck, they could not even get close to her! “Fine! Let’s compete one more time! You won’t beat us in the game anyway!” Corinne stayed calm. “Since there’s no gaming room here, let’s play a mobile game. What about ‘ Guardian of the King’?” “Sure!” Yash smiled confidently after hearing Corinne pick the game. “First thing first, I agree to compete, but I want to increase the bet!” Corinne asked, “What?” Yash said, “If you win, I’ll hand over the paper and let you guys tear it up. But if we win, you have to delete the video in front of us, give me the ownership of Lunar Century Manor, and have Sunny bark like a dog in a live stream!” Corinne agreed instantly. “Sure, no problem.” Sunny was shocked to hear this. “Corinne! Who gives you the right to agree on my behalf? Do you think I’m not embarrassed enough?” Corinne glanced at him in disgust. “It’s not going to be worse than now.” Sunny was so ashamed that his face reddened in anger. “Lunar Century Manor means a lot to my family,” he enunciated lowly.

“We’ll never give it to someone else!” Corinne teased, “Then why did you gamble with it?” Sunny was speechless. “I…” He was starting to suspect if Corinne was here to help him, or if she was a spy Yash sent.

Since everyone agreed to compete once more, they tidied their appearance and went back into the banquet hall. They found a quiet area and sat on the couch.

Yash had five people to form a team. Corinne and Sunny only had two people, so they would get random players. There was a higher chance they would be paired with beginners, too.

Sunny sat beside Corinne as he felt the pressure gaining on him. He leaned in on her and asked.

How good are you at the game? What level are you now?” Corinne answered faintly, “Not very good. I’m a beginner.” Sunny was stunned and had a terrible look on his face. It looked uglier when he was crying. “Oh my g*d! Why did you request a rematch, then?! Are you deliberately trying to make things worse for me?” Corinne smiled. “Don’t worry. What if we’re paired with an expert?” This, of course, did not console Sunny. ‘Argh! This is so annoying!’ he grumbled internally.

The chance of having teamed up with experts was no higher than having food dropping from the sky. Although he was confident with his skills, he did not know how he was going to win the game. with Corinne pulling his leg.

If the random players he got to join the team were all beginner-level, he would surely lose again!

How was he going to face his father and brother if he could not scratch off the previous bet? Not to mention, he had to bark like a dog on a live stream!

‘F*cking heck! What the hell is Corinne thinking?’ he scolded in his heart.

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