The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6664

The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6664-Yuldra maintained a faint smile, his composure unyielding as the purple-blue light vanished.

At that moment, Galen and Sasha appeared drained of their cultivation and collapsed to the ground with a heavy thud.

Yegor and Herodias let out relieved breaths, dispersing their powers.

Suddenly, Yuldra said, “I understand your reasons, young man. But still, I hope you grasp the strength disparity between you and Yehria.”

“I understand. The Daeclon Rank truly is terrifying.”

“I must tell you that I’ve descended in rank now and am merely at the lowest Xurxo Daeclon Rank. In the past, I ascended the Thirty-Third Heaven while at the Yitro Daeclon Rank and fought Yehria. Even then, I was severely injured before we exchanged a hundred moves and struck down from the heavens.

“If the Law of Paths, Wesley, had not intervened, I might never have returned to the Tai Chi World.”

Yuldra fixed his gaze on James and said, “That was two hundred thousand entrapochs ago. Can you imagine how strong she is after so much time has passed?

James clenched his fists and said, “No matter how strong my opponent is, I will never yield.”

“Your resolve is steadfast. I never questioned it. Yet, determination alone won’t suffice. You must possess great strength as well.” Yuldra sighed.

James nodded solemnly in response.

Yuldra solemnly stated, “Marciais Power is capable of transcending boundaries.

If you master it and seamlessly merge it with Yianni’s Marciais Soul, you’ll be invincible against those under the Daeclon Rank. There’s no doubt.

“But should you aspire to contend with those at the Daeclon Rank, you must also ascend to their rank.”

Just as James prepared to respond, Yuldra raised his hand and interrupted. “Let Galen and Sasha escort you to see Faela to get freshened up first.”

Then, he turned to Herodias and Yegor, saying, “Meanwhile, the three of us shall head to the outer battlefield’s fifth level. Upon our return, we shall bestow upon you a significant gift.”

After speaking, he closed his eyes, and a mysterious force surrounded Herodias and Yegor, carrying the entire mountain away. Soon enough, they were out of sight.

James, standing atop the mountain just a moment ago, found himself in mid-air.

He murmured in astonishment, “So this is the strength of the Supernatural Power belonging to someone at the Daeclon Rank? He effortlessly took them away.”

“The Daeclon Rank in beyond our grasps. Not only is our energy level not determined, but even just obtaining a golden body takes countless entrapochs,”

Galen remarked, joining James with a soft sigh.

Sasha eyed James and said, “You’re at the Xaeclon Rank but already have a golden body. I envy you.”

James smiled gently and replied, “You’ll have yours soon enough.”

Galen and Sasha glanced at each other, keeping their thoughts to themselves.

After a brief pause, Galen gestured for James to follow him. “Come with us.”

Sasha cautioned, “Faela probably hasn’t accepted you yet. After all, your arrival might very well shatter her dream of mastering both Marciais and Historial Power. You should be careful.”

James nodded in response, then left with the couple.

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