The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6636

The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6636-James managed to keep up by performing the Terrastride Step and Dawnblaze Form.

He unleashed the Marcials Power fully.

The purplish-gold powers and James’ tricolored powers collided in the air nonstop. The force of those collisions destroyed nearby star clusters almost instantaneously.

At the side, Yegor and Herodias frowned as they watched the battle.

James was capable of fighting Seventh Xaeclon Rank cultivators even though he had only reached the Fifth Xaeclon Rank.

However, the mysterious, dark figure who just appeared was holding up against James’ attacks fairly well. The couple could tell that James had met a strong opponent.


As James and the mysterious person threw their fists at each other, the tricolored power and purplish-gold power radiated to the surrounding space.

Herodias and Yegor quickly conjured a wall of light consisting of the Tirta Power before them. However, cracks formed over the wall as the powers of different colors washed over the structure.

“That’s an immense amount of power.” Herodias gasped.

“It has the potency of an attack generated by a cultivator of the Historial Power at the Seventh Xaeclon Rank at the very least.”

Yegor continued, “James was right. It was a good thing he did not try to force his way to the next level.”

Meanwhile, James and his opponent stood on two sides as they stared at each other.

The gray, black, and white energies flowed around James’ body.

On the other hand, the mysterious figure emanated a bright purplish-gold light all over.

“The Ying World has finally produced a competent cultivator, huh?” The mysterious person said, “I haven’t been able to enjoy an intense battle for a long time.”

“Your Historial Power is not bad either.” James smiled. “You’ve achieved the Seventh Xaeclon Rank. Am I right?”

“Are you trying to belittle me?” The dark figure raised their voice. “Young man, I’ll show you the true forms of the Historial Power today!”

The figure extended its arms. In a flash, a tremendous amount of gray energy radiated from its body.

The gray energy moved dozens of the star clusters nearby and shot toward James.

It almost felt like the sky was about to collapse onto James.

James curled his lips. He conjured the Judgment Scythe and the Nether Demonic Sword.

With a few quick swings, James generated countless sword energies that glowed with a dark golden light.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The star clusters hurled toward James were instantly destroyed by the sword energies.

Without a pause, James demonstrated the Terrastride step. As he took seven steps, everything in that space came to a halt due to an immense amount of Marciais Power.

James performed the Dawnblaze Form next and re-emerged next to the mysterious figure. He swung his sword forcefully at them.

However, the dark figure transformed into several balls of purplish-gold light and dispersed themselves.

James narrowed his eyes and performed the Dawnblaze Form again.

Right after he teleported away, countless palms formed from the Historial Power struck the very spot James was standing at earlier.

The impact of the attack caused huge cracks in that space.

The mysterious figure materialized somewhere not too far away. ‘The Terrastride step and Dawnblaze Form were Yianni’s specialty attacks. No one has been able to perform those techniques so skillfully. If you’re not from the Ying World, then who are you?”

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