Punished By His Love Chapter 104

Punished by His Love

Punished By His Love Chapter 104-She was alone.

In order to protect herself, to protect the child in her stomach, Suzi thought about it last night. Whoever wants to approach her and harm her, she will shoot someone to death with a brick.

This trick really worked, and Lanita was scared away.

Suzi immediately threw the bricks away.

This time I used slabs, but it won’t work the next time. There are other self-defense things in her bag.

Watching Lanita walk away, Suzi also went to work on the construction site.

After a day of chores, Suzi didn’t feel tired either. Instead, he felt that this place was more treacherous than in the office, worried that this would exclude her, and worry that the work environment that would exclude her would be much easier.

Working here is a bit dirty and tiring, but not tiring.

Moreover, the canteen here provides a lot of food, and she eats full and fragrant.

After get off work in the evening, Suzi came to the bus station and waited for the bus. This is a suburban area. It takes half an hour for the bus to leave. She wants to go back early to see how Aunt Xia’s situation is. Is there any fever? Because I was in a hurry, I kept looking in the direction of the car.

Before the car came, Suzi saw another person.

She asked with a cold smile on her face: “Your daughter came and threatened me in the morning, now you are here, Uncle Lin, I want to ask you, what do I owe you the Lin family? You are going to die.

Force me?” “Pop!” Jarod raised his wrist and hit Suzi hard on the face. At this bus stop, only Suzi was waiting for the bus. Jarod slapped Suzi unscrupulously. While beating, Jarod cursed: “You white-eyed wolf, wolf- hearted, vindictive thing! You actually wanted to smash to death with a brick. The child in Lanita’s belly?

I tell you, Master Fu will not kill you, I will kill you first!” After cursing, Jarod will take another round to beat Suzi with his fists.

Raising his fist, Jarod stopped in the air.

He saw that Suzi had a hand-made pencil sharpener of twenty years ago in his hand. To be precise, the knife was longer than the pencil sharpener, and it looked cold and extremely sharp.

Suzi took a knife and stabbed Jarod severely. The mobile phone here has dialed a set of numbers:

“Hey, the police station, I’m reporting the case, I’m at the south city bus station, and someone hit me here… “ Jarod turned and ran away hurriedly.

Not long after running out, he stopped and looked back at Suzi: “You have no conscience, you wait for me!” Suzi watched Jarod walk away, tears in his eyes instantly.

Deep down, she has feelings for Jarod, because of the eight-year tuition, every semester, Jarod personally pays her tuition. In those eight years, how much did she hope that Jarod was her father?

But that’s just a fantasy.

For his own daughter, Jarod will kill Suzi.

Suzi’s tears flowed all over his face.

After Jarod returned home, he still yelled: “That evil obstacle still has a murder weapon in his hand. It is a brick that she is going to smash Lanita. When I went to slap her, she still had a knife in her hand and even stabbed me. Do you think she is committing evil, rebellious!” Moira smiled coldly and said: “I have a better way to make her desperate. It depends on you?”

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