Punished by His Love chapter 10

Punished by His Love

Punished by His Love chapter 10-Sabrina froze in place.

She heard Selene’s insult. She wanted to scratch and disfigure Selene’s face.

However, she could not act impulsively.

If she were to make her move, the fight would inevitably be violent. She was afraid she might hurt the baby in her belly.

She laughed and asked, “Are you interested in this kind of business?” “Tsk!” Selene sneered smugly. “I was just worried for your health, don’t get infected with all sorts of filthy diseases! You would taint my house and create a foul atmosphere.” “Then why did you invite me to your house, and insist that I stay for dinner? I thought you’re interested in that particular kind of business,” Sabrina spoke calmly, but it was enough to make the whole Lynn family blood boil.

Nobody noticed that at this moment, Sebastian was staring deeply at Sabrina with a pair of sharp eyes that radiated a cold light.

After a moment, he picked up his keys, stood up, and left.

“Darling Sebastian, were you angry…” Selene chased after him.

“If you have contact with this kind of woman again, I would compensate you with a portion of the money, and cancel our engagement!” Sebastian was cold, and he did not even turn his head back.

“I understand, Darling Sebastian, but it’s not worth it for you to be angry at this woman. Let me send you off, Darling Sebastian…” Selene staggered as she chased after him.

“You’re a cursed child! You deliberately drove Selene’s fiancé away, didn’t you?

Get out! Get the hl out!” Jade wished she could slap Sabrina to d*h.

Sabrina turned around and tried to walk away.

“Stop!” Jade shouted aggressively again.

Sabrina turned and looked at Jade, but did not speak.

“Send me 50,000 USD tomorrow.” “On what grounds?” Sabrina was worked up and asked.

“On the grounds that the Lynn family had raised you for eight years. 50,000 USD for eight years, we didn’t cheat you.” Jade knew that Sabrina could not take out even a 1,000 USD, not to mention 50,000 USD.

Jade wanted to force Sabrina into a d**d end.

Lincoln was even shocked by Jade’s actions.

Sabrina was so furious, she laughed. “Two years ago, I took your daughter’s place and served her a sentence for her, wasn’t that to pay my debt? A month and a half ago, you made me stay with a d***g man, wasn’t that to pay my debt? I haven’t owed you anything since a long time ago!” Jade sneered coldly, “As long as you are not afraid that your mother’s grave would be dug out or your mother’s corpse may be exposed in the wilderness, you could choose not to pay.” “You…” Sabrina clenched her hands into fists and glared at Jade.

After a few seconds, Sabrina forcefully suppressed her anger and said, “Tomorrow! I would send you 50,000 USD!” As soon as she finished her sentence, she turned around and left.

After leaving the Lynn family’s main entrance, she had tears rolling in her eyes, but she unyieldingly lifted her chin, and did not allow herself to cry.

It was useless to cry.

She had to get 50,000 USD immediately.

50,000 USD was truly a small sum for others, but for her, it was as hard as reaching for the sky.

Outside of the Lynn Residence, Selene pulled Sebastian’s arm while swaying side to side, acting cute. Sabrina pretended not to see them as she walked past them and continued to walk on.

She never expected Sebastian to give her a lift even though they were heading the same way and stayed at the same house.

Selene also did not see Sabrina as she was busy pretending to be wronged with tears pouring down her face. “Darling Sebastian, I know I did not deserve you. I have angered you, haven’t I? I didn’t think of marrying you, I only wanted to save your life that day. I wouldn’t force you if you don’t like me. In the worst case, I would find an old, ugly man in the future who wouldn’t mind my tainted being. I only wanted you to be happy…” The man knew that what she said was some repeated tactics.

However, when he recalled how she endured everything so weakly and tenderly, he said, “Don’t think nonsense. In two months, our wedding would go on as usual.” Selene stopped crying and smiled.

The man spoke again, “I like to keep a low profile for everything. You must get used to this if you would like to be involved with me. Understood?” “I understand, Darling Sebastian. I will remember to keep a low profile for everything!” Selene nodded her head repeatedly.

Sebastian drove off in his car.

After the car was long gone, Selene sneered on the spot and said, “Sabrina, you want to ruin my happiness? No way! One day, I would let you know that I got my happiness by trading off your body and dignity!” Not far ahead, Sabrina was still walking towards the bus stop. A car zipped past her but did not slow down at all.

Sabrina only arrived at Sebastian’s old residence at around ten o’clock that night.

She thought Sebastian would have already gone to rest, but she would never have expected Sebastian to be sitting alone in the living room. Instead, he had a cigarette between his fingers, and the living room was filled with the smell of smoke.

The air, however, was filled with extraordinary chills.

The dimmed light flickered on Sebastian’s cold and handsome face.

He watched as Sabrina entered, then the man asked, “How long have you had your eye on the Lynn family?” “What do you mean?” Sabrina looked at Sebastian with puzzlement.

“I went to the Lynn family for the first time to discuss my marriage with Selene, and you were at her house. Are you telling me that it’s a coincidence?” Sebastian looked aggressively at Sabrina.

He had truly underestimated this woman. Looking at how she ate so comfortably at the Lynn’s, she had truly mastered and perfected being thick-face and shameless.

“Then what would you want to warn me about?” Sabrina asked without beating around the bush.

“Selene is different from you. She is simple, kind, and completely not your match at all. Whatever intentions you have, you could tell me, don’t harass Selene and her family, or else, I would make you understand what it means when d***h is better than living…” “So, you would be willing to pay me 50,000 USD to keep me from harassing Selene and her family, right?” Sabrina asked.

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