My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 161

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 161-Lila’s POV I felt a wave of panic hearing the knocking on the door. Soon, they would be unlocking the door, and Enzo and I would be exposed.

I quickly slid off the counter and adjusted my dress to cover me once again, my fingers trembling as I pulled on my underpants.

Enzo adjusted himself as well, but he didn’t look as concerned. He took his time as he tucked himself into his pants, almost bored.

“We can’t be seen in here together,” I said in a harsh whisper, my voice feeling strained.

He nodded his head only once.

“I need you to trust me,” he said, meeting my eyes.

His demeanor was so calm and unbothered that I instantly started feeling better. I knew at that moment that he had a plan.

Without saying anything he looked up at the window that rested on the top of the wall on the far side of the bathroom.

Was he seriously thinking about climbing through the window?

The footsteps only grew louder; our time was up.

Enzo was already standing on a platform and pushed the window open. He moved with such ease that I was amazed by him. He looked down at me and held out his hand.

“We don’t have time,” he said in a low tone. “We have to go.” I looked at the bathroom door just as the key was inserted.

I quickly turned back to Enzo and grabbed his hand. With his help, I could climb on the platform and slide out the window. It wasn’t a far drop to the ground, but I managed to climb down with Enzo closely behind me.

Just before we got to the ground, I heard the bathroom door opening.

“That’s odd…” the worker said. “I thought I heard voices.” Enzo grabbed my hand again and we ran as fast as we could away from the theatre. We only got a few strange looks as we ran into the busy streets and down the long sidewalks. I began to laugh as we picked up speed; Enzo looked back at the building to make sure no one was looking out the window we had just escaped from.

When he didn’t see anybody there, he started to laugh too.

Enzo laughed so rarely that it made my heart skip a beat whenever I got to see it. It made me smile that much more to watch him loosen up and allow himself to have a little fun.

Even if it was naughty fun.

We finally stopped running and I fought to catch my breath while Enzo got us a cab to take us back to the resort.

Once we returned, I was surprised to see that Connie wasn’t there.

It was very late in the evening; we left her alone with Tyler hours ago. I assumed she would be back by now.

“I’ll try her cellphone,” Enzo said with that worried look in his eyes.

He grabbed his phone and called her but frowned immediately.

“Straight to voicemail.” “Should we go looking for her?” Just as that question left my lips, the door swung open, and Connie stood there with a dazed smile on her face. Her clothes appeared dirty from the sand at the beach and her hair was messy. I had never seen her look so unkempt before.

She also reeked of boos, so I knew she was intoxicated.

“Connie, what happened to you?” I asked before Enzo had the chance.

“I had the time of my life is what happened,” Connie chuckled, her face reddening slightly as she staggered into the suite. “Tyler was so sweet and so handsome…” She breathed, nearly falling over.

“He wanted to walk me to the room, but he was so drunk, and I told the cab driver to just bring him home.” “You were with Tyler this entire time?” I asked, raising my brows at her.

Hours ago, she was saying she wanted to reject him; it looked as if she had changed her mind.

Connie chuckled again.

“I didn’t want to leave him,” she cooed. “Oh, I wish I knew him sooner. Maybe I wouldn’t have made the terrible mistakes I’ve made. I’m so sorry, Enzo. For all the shit I put you through. I know how important a mate is now. I understand your feelings for Lila. It’s like no other!” Enzo gave me a look and I felt the heat rushing to my face instantly; I quickly averted my eyes.

Enzo grabbed onto Connie’s arm before she fell over and helped her to the couch.

“You are very drunk, Connie. You should sleep it off. Tell us about your date in the morning.” “I will,” she breathed, setting in on the couch. “But Enzo, a word of advice,” she started to say as her eyes drifted shut. “You should tell Lila how you feel… she’s your mate and you love her. Just like I love Tyler. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or says about it. You should…” her voice faded out and telling from the light snoring that replaced her words, she was asleep.

Enzo and I just stared at her, dumbfounded, at what she had just said. I chanced a look at Enzo and he returned the look.

Both of us were silent and unsure of what to say. I knew Connie was talking about me being a Volana.

Enzo was afraid others would judge our relationship if we were to pursue one. Plus, he had told me not long ago that he could never truly be with a Volana.

I wasn’t sure why Connie was suddenly going on about Enzo and my relationship.

“I should get to bed. I have to work in the morning,” I told him, brushing my fingers through my hair awkwardly.

Enzo nodded, but his eyes never left my face.

“Good night, Lila,” he finally said after a long pause.

“Good night, Enzo.” … It’s been a few weeks since the night of that date. Enzo and I haven’t really spoken about what Connie said. I think it was a mutual agreement that she was wrong.

We couldn’t bring this relationship back with us anyway, so it was a moot point. What we had was only in Monstro. It was an incredible experience, and it was nice knowing what it felt like to have a mate. But after I graduated from this school, Enzo was going to reject me. I had to face the fact that he might be my mate, but we aren’t destined to be together.

I still had hope for my second chance mate though.

It sucks that he won’t be my first kiss or have my virginity though. But I couldn’t change what had happened.

I can only work to be better for both me and my wolf.

It’s been an incredible trip; I’ve learned so much and done a lot of work. I feel like I have a great footing when it comes to my career. Cassidy-Ann sold millions of dollars worth of art and really put her name out there for the world.

All-in-all it was a successful trip, but it was time that we got back to reality and went home.

We have a flight this afternoon to catch. My family was set to meet us at the airport, and I was so excited to see them. It’s been too long since I’ve had a hug from my mother and father.

I spent most of the morning packing my things while Enzo was getting everything ready for our flight.

“Have you seen Connie?” Enzo asked, leaning against the door frame of my room. “She didn’t come home last night. I’m assuming she was with Tyler.” “She’s been with Tyler almost every night these past few weeks,” I said, a hint of a smile on my lips.

“She’s smitten by him.” “Yeah, for someone who claimed she couldn’t be with an omega, she hasn’t left his side,” Enzo said, shaking his head but I saw the humor in his eyes.

We were both silenced when we heard the main door opening and then shutting.

“Speak of the devil,” Enzo said, turning to greet Connie who had just returned.

I stopped what I was doing so I could go with him. Connie had a wide grin on her face when we entered the living room.

“Was starting to worry. We have a flight to catch in a couple of hours and you have a lot to pack,” Enzo said, staring at her smiling face.

“I’ll pack,” she said, staring between the two of us. “But I’m not going with you?” “What?” Enzo and I said in unison.

Connie laughed happily.

“I’m staying!” She announced. “Tyler asked me to live with him in his pack and I accepted!”

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