My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 160

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate

My Professor Is My Alpha Mate Chapter 160-I wasn’t sure if I would be able to walk once, we got to the theatre. I couldn’t believe we pulled that off without William spotting us.

It was meant only to be our last kiss but turned into something much more. Even after the climax, I felt hot all over, so I knew my body was probably very pink. Once I was off Enzo and adjusting myself back into my dress, he was tucking himself back into his pants.

I couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed because I wanted so much more of him. I was ashamed of myself for even thinking that thought. It was entirely out of character for me.

I could still taste Enzo on my lips, and I brought my fingers to my bottom lip to feel how swollen it was from his biting and sucking. I couldn’t help but smile at the memory.

We said nothing as we made our way to the theatre; it was a ballet because we knew Connie enjoyed watching the dancing. It wasn’t something I enjoyed specifically, but we already got the tickets.

The theatre was crowded, which wasn’t surprising considering this was the biggest and most famous theatre in the world.

William parked the carriage just outside the doors so we could get out and I felt myself blushing as he smiled at me. I knew he couldn’t hear or see anything happening but knowing he was present while Enzo and I had sex caused me to be embarrassed easily.

Enzo held his hand out for me to take as he helped me out of the carriage. He gave William another tip before thanking him. William tipped his hat and went back to the carriage while we went towards the entrance of the theatre.

I wasn’t fully dressed for a theatre date; we weren’t planning on coming here. The most we were planning on doing was spying on Connie and Tyler at dinner and then we were going to leave them alone for the evening.

We had pretty good seats, close to the front, so we could see the stage clearly. Enzo motioned for me to sit down before he sat down with me.

After a while the lights dimmed and gorgeous dancers appeared on the stage. The music was loud and boomed across the theatre, and the outfits the dancers wore were captivating and kept everybody’s attention.

I found myself in awe of them, though I was having trouble concentrating as Enzo sat beside me and the memory of the carriage ride invaded my mind. I wondered if he was thinking the same thing or if it was on his mind at all.

I glanced over at him, and I saw him watching the show intently like he was studying.

I wondered if he liked this kind of thing. It was never a thing we discussed before but then again; I never really made it a mission to get to know him on that personal level.

There was a tightness in my throat as his scent filled my nose.

Before I could grasp what was happening, Enzo was wrapping an arm around my shoulders and pulling me close to him. I felt heat rising in my features. His eyes were still fixated on the show. My heart raced rapidly against my chest, and I wondered what he was going to do. I wondered why he felt the need to hold me so close.

Then, his hand started to move down my waist, and I felt the blood draining from my body. He was lowering his hand until it was under my butt, and he cupped it tightly, making me jump in surprise.

“Enzo—” I tried to protest but I felt the bottom of my dress being moved upward.

It was just dark enough that nobody would notice this if we were careful, but we had to be exceptionally quiet because there were a lot of quiet moments during the dance.

Without taking his eyes off the stage, he leaned down and whispered for only my ears, “I want to have my way with you.” Heat tickled the back of my neck, and I could only imagine how I must have looked to him.

“Are you insane?” I asked, peering up at him. “We can’t right here.” “Then, let’s go the bathroom,” he murmured against me.

I opened my mouth to protest against that risky plan, but my wolf’s excitement stopped me. She wanted to be with our mate more than anything and she didn’t want me to deny him.

“Right now?” I asked, raising my brows at him.

The sexy smirk on his lips told me everything I needed to know, and I felt my heart nearly jump into my throat.

I swallowed down the lump in my throat as he pulled the bottom of my dress back down. He stood up just then and took my hand, pulling me along with him.

Thankfully, we didn’t get too much attention as we left the theatre hall and stumbled into the quiet and vacant halls. Only some security remained at the front entrance along with the ticket booth workers.

We managed to slip past them and make it to the female bathroom.

I went in first to make sure nobody was in the stalls; when I saw the bathroom was empty, I opened the doors and gave him the okay to enter.

He instantly locked the doors.

Excitement filled me as he turned to face me.

“We shouldn’t take long,” I said, my tone coming out as a squeak.

“Oh, this won’t take long,” he said with a devilish grin as he rushed toward me.

He was soon wrapping his hands around my waist and putting me on the sink; I wrapped my legs around him and kissed him deeply. He tasted so good, and I couldn’t get enough of him. He didn’t waste much time teasing me and I was glad for that.

He was sliding my white panties down my legs, and I allowed them to drop to the ground. He soon positioned himself between my legs and I gasped as I felt his tongue running circles around my center.

I held onto the sink for dear life, worried that I might fall.

He was licking every ounce of juice that fell from me and I nearly combusted with pleasure. My legs grew weak as my body trembled uncontrollably. He held my legs tightly, making it impossible for me to move them on my own.

He spread them further, completely exposing me to him.

I could see the pure hunger in his eye, and it was completely turning me on.

Just as I was feeling my rising climax, he stopped and began trailing his kisses up my body until he reached my neckline. He started to kiss and lick my neck, nibbling on my ear gently as I ran my fingers through his thick dark hair.

He was such a beautiful man, and, at this moment, he was completely and utterly mine. But for how long afterward, I wasn’t sure.

He adjusted himself so his manhood was completely freed from his pants and wedged between my legs. I had the memory of putting it in my mouth in the carriage and my features grew hot. It was so big I couldn’t even get it halfway into my mouth before it made me gag.

I sighed with satisfaction as he slid himself into me, thrusting hard. This time, I allowed myself to moan out his name softly. It’s not like anybody could hear me.

It was torture not being able to moan in the carriage and I knew he felt it too.

He buried his face into my neck, and I felt his teeth grazing my shoulder blade. Did this mean he wanted to mark me and claim me as his own? Did he decide not to reject me after graduation?

I could feel my wolf’s eagerness and I decided I wasn’t going to stop him if he chose to mark me right now.

But the mark never came; instead, he put his canines away and kissed the spot gently before trailing his kisses back to my lips.

I stared around his face while he kissed me, and I could almost see the trouble in his eyes. He was struggling against something, and I wanted so badly for him to let me in. I wanted to see the demons he battled but something was telling me he was never going to show me those demons.

As he picked up the pace and continued to thrust deeply into me, I felt my rising climax and I couldn’t help but moan even louder. He muffled the sounds with his lips and sucked on my bottom lip as he often does.

Soon, my entire body was trembling against his and my legs had gone weak. I fell against him, gasping for breath as I orgasmed.

After a few more thrusts, he pulled out of me and finished in the sink.

We remained heavily breathing for a long while until we heard a loud knocking on the door startling us both.

“Hello? Is anyone in there? I need to go to the bathroom! Unlock the door!” Then another voice came from down the hall; it was a worker.

“That’s odd that it’s locked. Hold on, I have the key.”

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